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Mohd Fahmi and Nor Fazira - The 13 Year Old Bride Seeking Divorce,Claiming Rape and Abused

So, OKlah, MsXeRoZ want to berceloteh (translation: chattering) already. This is because lately the news about 13 Year Old girl being divorced have been circulating like wild fire. So, I've decided to dig out some news to find out what is the hype all about.

Here's the summary:-
1) November 2012 - A 12-year-old girl, Nor Fazira, married a 19-year old boy, Mohd Fahmi. 
Their move to get married at such a young age was applauded by the nation for bravery to commit themselves to marriage to avoid any immoral activities, such as sex before marriage. (full story here)

2) At about 11 months to their 1st anniversary, the newly weds decided to divorce. The divorce cause an uproar when it was stated that the husband declared "Talak 3".
NOTE: Talak 3 is the most extreme case of divorce, as in no turning back. A man who has declared Talak 3 is not allowed to remarry his wife, should there be chance of reconcilliation.

3) At the height of the uproar, the husband and his family, defended their decision for the divorce, and reiterated that the 12-year old wife was rude towards the elderly and have never fulfilled her responsibility as a daughter in law.

4) Nor Fazira's family retaliated that she was never fed, abused mentally and physically by her husband and inlaw.

5) Nor Fazira's father reveals that he marry her at such a young age because she was gang raped by Mohd Fahmi and friends in June 2012. Mohd Fahmi's family has begged him to withdraw the reports againts Mohd Fahmi, and allows her daughter to marry off as a compensation. *gasp* (read news here)

6) Husband Mohd Fahmi denies raping her. Explains that the crack in the relationship was due to Nor Fazira having an affair with another man. He also denies that he declared "Talak 3" and instead stated that he declared "Talak 1" which allows reconcilliation.  (read news here) 

Basically that was what happened. Nasty publicise divorce case, but this time involves not-so-intelligent parents. That's why-lah I said that I need to 'berceloteh panjang' already. 

12 years old. What does a 12 years old girl know about the world? I was 12 years old 15 years ago (wtf), let me share with you my 12-year old experience. At 12 years old, I do not even know what is LOVE. 12 years old, I was in standard 6 of SK Convent, Ipoh. Me and my peers only have crush. I don't even know what is a 'puppy love'. The guy that I was determined to marry was Nick Carter (from BSB). Laugh at me, you find it ridiculous too right? I even find myself ridiculous! But hey, that is what 12 year olds will think! Their minds are all about fantasies, filled with handsome guys whom they have a crush on. Only time can will eventually change us. 

To get marry at 12 years old for a 12-year old seems like a fun idea. But shouldn't her parents know better what a marriage is all about? Marriage is about commitments, responsibilities, and I'm-still-figuring-what-marriage-is-all-about, so what makes a parent think their daughter is suitable for marriage? 

Alright, she got raped it seems, as alleged by Nor Fazira's father. She was raped by Mohd Fahmi that her dad had no choice but to marry her off to him. APAKAH KEBODOHAN YANG TAK BERTAPIS INI? Which parent, in the right mind, would marry off their daughter to a RAPIST? You don't need to be raped to know that rape is trauma. Rape is never okay! From what I understand, rape is an act of forced sex, without the willingness of the victim. So, how can you expect your precious daughter to MARRY a RAPIST?

The stupidity of this case is so extreme that no words can be used to describe the whole scenario. A father allowed his daughter to marry a rapist, that earns RM1000 a month. It's like cursing her to a life of poverty. 

As for Mohd Fahmi, if he really raped Nor Fazira then he is such a jerk, but seemed that the turns of events have helped him escaped punishment. 

This is a series of unfortunate events for both kids, and families. They will definitely be the topic of gossip in their respective kampung, town, district, and nationwide. The whole Malaysia will know of their stupidity. They shall live in shame for the rest of their lives. 

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