Friday, November 15

F'ck My Life I Updated to iOS7!

I'm so f'cked up right now...

I thought that I have been patient enough to wait for the OS (operating system) to stable down, then only update my iPhone 5. It's already been version iOS 7.0.3, and I have heard of people complaining that it drains the battery, but I never thought that my handphone will turn into a battery sucking vampiPhone (Vampire-iPhone).

Oh wait...I was so busy that I forgot to blog about this, YES! I won an iPhone 5 from Astro On-The-Go Live Explorer Event!!! (Read my blog post here for the event)


 It was on May that I sacrificed my fishing trip to embark on a journey of adventure.

Because my HTC HD7, which had followed me for 3 years decided to fail upon me. I will always miss the HTC HD7 because I got it for my Maxis 10 review project. (read blogpost here).

Come to think of it, blogging has always been my blessing in life. Whenever I'm happy or sad, lucky or unfortunate, my blog makes me happy.

The iPhone 5 that I won was a damn good gadget. I no longer blog using email, I can blog using the Blogger Apps (which is unavailable in Windows platform when I was using the Windows phone previously). I enjoyed new stuff (for me) such as Instagram. Facebook, Twitter and Line Games have been smooth. It was a fantastic device that I officially call myself an iFag. I even ask Mr. Soon to buy iPhone for himself, because he keep hijacking my phone for games.

So, how did I ended so f'cked up?

I was installing iCloud when I saw the function "Find My iPhone" only available on iOS 7. Without hesitation, I upgraded the OS. Then my nightmare began. The new OS is cool and all that, but I'm not impressed at all, because I HAVE TO DISABLE ALL THE NEW FUNCTION AS IT SUCKS UP MY BATTERY!

I first noticed it was yesterday, when I woke up from sleep, the battery was 27%, so I drove to office and the battery became 18% (my office is only 40mins drive). Then I used a little Facebook and Instagram, the % dropped to 9!!!

Then I started charging, but seems like the energy bar doesn't increase unless I switch it off or put on Airplane mode! WTF!!! Then I kill all apps, charged it at 50% when I go lunch, and it dropped at 1%-2% every 5mins. WOAH....this is crisis man!

So I spammed google with " iPhone iOS7 Battery", "iOS7 Battery draining" etc etc...Gosh felt so tired. But I have nothing left but remorse. It was like I found a damn good boyfriend and suddenly we broke up, and I felt so lost without him (iOS 6).

It doesn't just end there.
I woke up late today. Coz my alarm didn't ring. Coz the battery died! U FAILED ME iOS7!!!!! Even my HTC HD7 no battery also will save some to ring the alarm for me! 

I'm so desperate now...desperate to have my good iPhone 5 back. A device that I can rely my life with. Damn! *Takes slippers and whack the iOS 7"

MsXeROz is frustrated!

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