Tuesday, November 12

Cat and Snake

I almost stepped onto the snake... Thank God, I didn't because if I did, the title of this blogpost shall be "Shit u snake, why the hell did u bite me!". That is, if I were to survive the bite. (I should be surviving because it's a tiny baby snake) 

This happened during an eventful public holiday when I went to repair my car at Melaka. Mr. Soon was working in Melaka so i met him in Dataran Pahlawan, went for a walk, bought a dress and happily return to the car to head for dinner nearby. My car was parked outside, between the school and the mall (along the road where you can see A Farmosa).

I was supposed to walk alone, as Mr.Soon and me drove separate cars. Then I saw something flying, and the cat (actually is kitten) jumped as high as my waist! What some more! I also jumped lah, as a reflex action! Then feeling stupid that I jumped at the cat jump, I saw the heir of slytherin (ok, the snake) attacking the kitten! 

"SNAKE!!" I shouted!!! Mr. Soon came and have a look. Snaaaakeee!! Blame me not, when you see baby snakes around, the first thing that came across my mind is 'Run!! The Mother of All Snakes must be lurking nearby'. But as I said that, my hand automatically reached for my pocket and pulled out the iPhone 5 (no S)     . Apa lagi, snap photo lah! Haha...

Then there's passerby who didn't notice the snake, and I stood there heroically to warn them to avoid the snake. The kitten has been provoking the snake by biting and clawing the snake's neck, and the snake has been in attacking mode and delivered several counter attacks to the kitten as well. To be able to save (warn, to be exact), my karma-meter  must have escalated   tremendously that night. (And then it dropped down because I boasted about it LOL).

Anyway, it doesn't feel good at all. Seriously, to see a living thing being injured and not able to help, is a suffering for me. The kitten, in this case, clearly overpower the snake. But, i felt so helpless seeing the snake injured, and weak. I don't know what happened to the snake after that, because the mall's maintenance team came to have a look already and I left. 

Last I heard, there were several cases where snakes were seen there. So beware on where you are walking! 

P/s photo blur not coz Iphone 5 sucks, but because i'm too scared to go near and use flash! This snake can fly u know!!!


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