Friday, November 1

A Cold, Stressful MsXeRoZ Day


Today was supposed to be a fantastico friday but everything was screwed up for me. At least office is calm and cool that today it became my safe place. 

Safe place = office?
What an unlikely thing to say LOL... That is why some people say, the most dangerous place could be the safest! 

What happened early in the morning was, this:
*lazy to type again* 

Early in the morning my car tyre punctured again. It was my 9th time punctured since before my wedding. Something is freaking wrong with my tyres! Every time I brought to the mechanic, they removed it and soak the whole tyre inside a bucket of water, no bubble emerge! Then they told me, no punctures, and my tyre is OK!

But every 3 days I wake up with a flat tyre! 

So today was the last call for me because of the above-mentioned encounter with a typical Malaysian idiot. I decided to go to another tyre shop during lunch. I walked right into a crocodiles' mouth. 

What a luck! Ok according to this crocodile mechanic, my tyres 'cannot' so I thought cannot be repaired. But when I go to retrieve my car, he said he will do the internal sealing for me. Whatever it is, since can still use it, I agreed. Then he insisted I change my brake oil, then change wipers. Er, hello Mr. Crocodile, I only want to check my tyre. 

So he said, internal sealing of tyre is RM 45 + balancing. So I thought OK lor. As long as it can be repaired. I was kind of happy because finally someone figured out the freaking problem with the leak. But come to think of it, its freaking expensive lah! I thought balance 4 tyres, but the balancing only involve that particular tyre! Normal patching tyre is only RM 5. Kanasai betul. I've checked forum and the mushroom plug seal method is only RM 30-35! Mr Crocodile kept insisted that his patch have warranty! Grrgrrrr 

It was raining now, everything felt even gloomier. And cold! I used to have a cardigan in the office, but last month as I went to Mamak for lunch, I accidentally dipped my cardigan in chicken curry. Apart from making me smell delicious that day, the cardigan was beyond washing, despite all the detergents that i used. Sigh! I was thinking of going Summit to grab one but sis has been telling me about the questionable quality of clothes there. Maybe I should go online shopping at Zalora Malaysia. I've spotted one which I really like! Should I?

Brrrrrrrrruuu... It's really cold here. Two more hours before holiday officially starts! I gotta go make myself a hot coffee!!! *cardigan, where art thou?* 

Wishing for a fantastico weekend to come!

Unlucky MsXeRoZ today! 

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