Friday, November 29

Mohd Fahmi and Nor Fazira - The 13 Year Old Bride Seeking Divorce,Claiming Rape and Abused

So, OKlah, MsXeRoZ want to berceloteh (translation: chattering) already. This is because lately the news about 13 Year Old girl being divorced have been circulating like wild fire. So, I've decided to dig out some news to find out what is the hype all about.

Here's the summary:-
1) November 2012 - A 12-year-old girl, Nor Fazira, married a 19-year old boy, Mohd Fahmi. 
Their move to get married at such a young age was applauded by the nation for bravery to commit themselves to marriage to avoid any immoral activities, such as sex before marriage. (full story here)

2) At about 11 months to their 1st anniversary, the newly weds decided to divorce. The divorce cause an uproar when it was stated that the husband declared "Talak 3".
NOTE: Talak 3 is the most extreme case of divorce, as in no turning back. A man who has declared Talak 3 is not allowed to remarry his wife, should there be chance of reconcilliation.

3) At the height of the uproar, the husband and his family, defended their decision for the divorce, and reiterated that the 12-year old wife was rude towards the elderly and have never fulfilled her responsibility as a daughter in law.

4) Nor Fazira's family retaliated that she was never fed, abused mentally and physically by her husband and inlaw.

5) Nor Fazira's father reveals that he marry her at such a young age because she was gang raped by Mohd Fahmi and friends in June 2012. Mohd Fahmi's family has begged him to withdraw the reports againts Mohd Fahmi, and allows her daughter to marry off as a compensation. *gasp* (read news here)

6) Husband Mohd Fahmi denies raping her. Explains that the crack in the relationship was due to Nor Fazira having an affair with another man. He also denies that he declared "Talak 3" and instead stated that he declared "Talak 1" which allows reconcilliation.  (read news here) 

Basically that was what happened. Nasty publicise divorce case, but this time involves not-so-intelligent parents. That's why-lah I said that I need to 'berceloteh panjang' already. 

12 years old. What does a 12 years old girl know about the world? I was 12 years old 15 years ago (wtf), let me share with you my 12-year old experience. At 12 years old, I do not even know what is LOVE. 12 years old, I was in standard 6 of SK Convent, Ipoh. Me and my peers only have crush. I don't even know what is a 'puppy love'. The guy that I was determined to marry was Nick Carter (from BSB). Laugh at me, you find it ridiculous too right? I even find myself ridiculous! But hey, that is what 12 year olds will think! Their minds are all about fantasies, filled with handsome guys whom they have a crush on. Only time can will eventually change us. 

To get marry at 12 years old for a 12-year old seems like a fun idea. But shouldn't her parents know better what a marriage is all about? Marriage is about commitments, responsibilities, and I'm-still-figuring-what-marriage-is-all-about, so what makes a parent think their daughter is suitable for marriage? 

Alright, she got raped it seems, as alleged by Nor Fazira's father. She was raped by Mohd Fahmi that her dad had no choice but to marry her off to him. APAKAH KEBODOHAN YANG TAK BERTAPIS INI? Which parent, in the right mind, would marry off their daughter to a RAPIST? You don't need to be raped to know that rape is trauma. Rape is never okay! From what I understand, rape is an act of forced sex, without the willingness of the victim. So, how can you expect your precious daughter to MARRY a RAPIST?

The stupidity of this case is so extreme that no words can be used to describe the whole scenario. A father allowed his daughter to marry a rapist, that earns RM1000 a month. It's like cursing her to a life of poverty. 

As for Mohd Fahmi, if he really raped Nor Fazira then he is such a jerk, but seemed that the turns of events have helped him escaped punishment. 

This is a series of unfortunate events for both kids, and families. They will definitely be the topic of gossip in their respective kampung, town, district, and nationwide. The whole Malaysia will know of their stupidity. They shall live in shame for the rest of their lives. 

Thursday, November 28

Social Experiment - Revealing More Personal Info Than Intended

The Social Experiment seems to be a popular phrase in Malaysia. It was notably raised by a blogger named DustyHawk, who had himself in a series of unfortunate controversy. Lest, I do not want to describe further on what happened, but if you are still curious about the controvery which landed upon him, there are two suitable websites that you can refer to: & LightYoruichi 

I'm not here to determine how the social experiment works on determining who are your friends or enemy. I am more concerned about how social media usage has been manipulated. DustyHawk's controversy clearly proves that obtaining illegal photos from social media or internet is as easy as A,B,C,  while republishing those photos again, just D,E,F for anybody.  

And what he did was republishing those photos, what isn't revealed is the even more private details of the girls - such as home addresses or phone numbers.

My aunties and uncles have been very vocal about my cousins revealing too much info on Facebook or Twitter. Opening a blog where I blah about my personal thoughts are deemed notorious to them. I don't know whether they take a peek at my blog or not, but I know that revealing personal stuff to the world wide web is a bad thing to them. I had always thought that they are "kolot" (translation: outdated). But come to think of it, they are right in some sense. That is, the consequences that will happen when one publicise their life for free.

Then as time pass, I noticed more and more of my cousins are into Facebook. They were really young, a blooming teenager. Their statuses can be categorised in 2 categories - 1) selfie/camwhore; or 2) emo. In which, both I can summarize as LOA (Lack of Attention) statuses. Whenever they post up a selfie, there will be 172 likes, 15 shares,  and the 85 comments are "chio", "hou leng", "pretty", "love ur body", "love ur smile", "love you laopo"...All these likes and comments gave these young teenagers the boost of confidence to upload even more aggressively. So, from a simple selfie, the photos will evolve to be more and more brave to satisfy the demands of their friends, and even some to out-do their peers. Popularity is the world to them. All for the sake of attention.

This is one reason why can never run out of photos to publish.

I have the habit of uploading random photos of myself, places that I've been. It's addictive, I can barely stop myself. I was very ignorant about posting statuses as public. Up to one time when I wasn't home, I had posted that I was away for holiday, when night falls, I began to worry whether my house will be broken into or not, because PEOPLE KNOW THAT I'M NOT AROUND.

My cute rabbits!

They could have broken into my house, torture my rabbits, ransacked my treasures and steal my undergarments (I have psychopath imagination)! I'm getting more and more paranoid with things that happen around because Malaysia is not a safe place.

So here's a list of precaution one person can practice to avoid revealing more personal info than intended:-

1) Facebook profile set to restricted access (NEVER set as public)

2) Do NOT reveal your address/hp number/ work location (Use the Private Messaging if you need to inform people about these information)

3) Do NOT snap photos of your home address. Why? The place you live in, can determine what class of citizen are you in. You can either be kidnapped for ransom or be an easy target for home burglary.

4) Do NOT update that "nobody's home tonight". Why? It has been revealed that most burglars use Facebook and Twitter status to target a home to break in. Read more here.

5) Do NOT snap degrading photos of yourself in compromised positions. What goes to the internet, remains in the internet forever. You never know one day your grandchildren find nude photographs of you. EWW...

6) Do NOT sync Facebook with your location. Disable that. 

7) Restrict yourself with 4sq, you can use them occassionally, but not all the time. People do not need to know whether you are in the jamban or the bank.

I'm not frightening you. This is all real! You are not as safe as you think you are.


Tuesday, November 26

TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013

 TVB Star Awards 2013

TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013 ((TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮2013)  is just around the corner! 

Date: 1 December 2013
Time: 8PM (Sunday)
Venue: Level 15, Star Stage @ Kenanga Wholesale City Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Fortunately for me, my sister got me a pair of ticket to the event. She knows I enjoyed watching TVB drama. Unfortunately for me, I have not watched every series which were broadcasted, due to my wedding plans. Previously, this award show was called Astro-On-Demand Awards, and I'm glad they changed the name into a more prestigious one. 

So, who are 2013 Nominees for the TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013?
最喜愛TVB電視劇集 My Favourite TVB Drama Series
1.老表,你好嘢! Inbound Troubles
2.戀愛季節 Season Of Love
3.仁心解碼 II A Great Way To Care II
4.情越海岸線Slow Boat Home
5.好心作怪 A Change Of Heart
6.熟男有惑 Awfully Lawful
7.衝上雲霄 II Triumph In The Skies II
8.情逆三世緣 Always And Ever
9.神鎗狙擊 Sniper Standoff
10.巨輪 Brother’s Keeper
11.法外風雲 Will Power
12.On Call 36 小時 II The Hippocratic Crush II
最喜愛TVB男主角 My Favourite TVB Actor in a Leading Role 
1.郭晉安 (老表,你好嘢!) Kwok Chun-On (Inbound Troubles)
2.王祖藍 (老表,你好嘢!) Wong Cho-Lam (Inbound Troubles)
3.黃宗澤 (好心作怪) Bosco Wong (A Change Of Heart)
4.吳鎮宇 (衝上雲霄II) Francis Ng (Triumph In The Skies II)
5.張智霖 (衝上雲霄II) Julian Cheung (Triumph In The Skies II)
6.吳卓羲 (衝上雲霄 II) Ron Ng (Triumph In The Skies II)
7.陳展鵬 (巨輪) Ruco Chan (Brother’s Keeper)
8.蕭正楠 (巨輪) Edwin Siu (Brother’s Keeper)
9.陳 豪 (法外風雲) Moses Chan (Will Power)
10.黎耀祥 (法外風雲) Wayne Lai (Will Power)
11.馬國明 (On Call 36小時II) Kenneth Ma (The Hippocratic Crush II)
12.吳啟華 (On Call 36小時II) Lawrence Ng (The Hippocratic Crush II)
最喜愛TVB女主角My Favourite TVB Actress in a Leading Role
1.陳敏之 (法網狙擊) Sharon Chan (Friendly Fire)
2.胡定欣 (戀愛季節) Nancy Wu (Season Of Love)
3.李司棋 (心路GPS) Louise Lee (Reality Check)
4.周麗淇 (好心作怪) Niki Chow (A Change Of Heart)
5.萬綺雯 (好心作怪) Joey Meng (A Change Of Heart)
6.陳法拉 (衝上雲霄 II) Fala Chen (Triumph In The Skies II)
7.胡杏兒 (衝上雲霄 II) Myolie Wu (Triumph In The Skies II)
8.關詠荷 (情逆三世緣) Esther Kwan (Always And Ever)
9.徐子珊 (神鎗狙擊) Kate Tsui (Sniper Standoff)
10.鍾嘉欣 (巨輪) Linda Chung (Brother’s Keeper)
11.田蕊妮 (巨輪) Kristal Tin (Brother’s Keeper)
12.楊 怡 (On Call 36 小時 II) Tavia Yeung (The Hippocratic Crush II)
最喜愛TVB男配角 My Favourite TVB Actor in a Supporting Role
1.蕭正楠 (仁心解碼 II) Edwin Siu (A Great Way To Care II)
2.王浩信 (好心作怪) Vincent Wong (A Change Of Heart)
3.單立文 (熟男有惑) Sinn Lap-Man (Awfully Lawful)
4.羅仲謙 (衝上雲霄 II) Him Law (Triumph In The Skies II)
5.鄧梓峰 (衝上雲霄 II) Patrick Dunn (Triumph In The Skies II)
6.敖嘉年 (情逆三世緣) Pierre Ngo (Always And Ever)
7.黃智賢 (情逆三世緣) Ben Wong (Always And Ever)
8.阮兆祥 (巨輪) Louis Yuen (Brother’s Keeper)
9.陳智燊 (法外風雲) Jason Chan (Will Power)
10.袁偉豪 (On Call 36小時 II) Benjamin Yuen (The Hippocratic Crush II)
最喜愛TVB女配角 My Favourite TVB Actress in a Supporting Role
1.高海寧 (法網狙擊) Samantha Ko (Friendly Fire)
2.王菀之 (老表,你好嘢!) Ivana Wong (Inbound Troubles)
3.湯盈盈 (老表,你好嘢!) Angela Tong (Inbound Troubles)
4.苟芸慧 (仁心解碼 II) Christine Kuo (A Great Way To Care II)
5.黃智雯 (好心作怪) Mandy Wong (A Change Of Heart)
6.王君馨 (熟男有惑) Grace Wong (Awfully Lawful)
7.胡定欣 (衝上雲霄 II) Nancy Wu (Triumph In The Skies II)
8.江美儀 (衝上雲霄 II) Elena Kong (Triumph In The Skies II)
9.朱晨麗 (情逆三世緣) Rebecca Zhu (Always And Ever)
10.岑麗香 (神鎗狙擊) Eliza Sam (Sniper Standoff)
TVB最具潛質男藝員 My Favourite TVB Promising Actor
1.陳智燊 (幸福摩天輪 / 法外風雲) Jason Chan (Missing You / Will Power)
2.翟威廉 (戀愛季節 / 衝上雲霄II / 神鎗狙擊) William Chak (Season Of Love / Triumph In The Skies II / Sniper Standoff)
3.沈震軒 (初五啟市錄 / 好心作怪 / 情逆三世緣) Sammy Sum (The Day of Days / A Change Of Heart / Always And Ever)
4.楊明 (初五啟市錄 / 情越海岸線 / 師父‧明白了) Mat Yeung (The Day Of Days/ Slow Boat Home / Karma Rider)
5.袁偉豪 (好心作怪 / 情逆三世緣 / On Call 36小時 II)Benjamin Yuen (A Change Of Heart / Always And Ever / The Hippocratic Crush II)
TVB最具潛質女藝員 My Favourite TVB Promising Actress
1.黃翠如 (心路GPS / 師父‧明白了)Priscilla Wong (Reality Check / Karma Rider)
2.姚子羚 (情越海岸線 / 好心作怪) Elaine Yiu (Slow Boat Home / A Change Of Heart)
3.王君馨 (熟男有惑 / On Call 36小時II) Grace Wong (Awfully Lawful / The Hippocratic Crush II)
4.朱晨麗(衝上雲霄 II / 情逆三世緣) Rebecca Zhu (Triumph In The Skies II / Always And Ever)
5.岑麗香 (衝上雲霄 II / 神鎗狙擊 / On Call 36小時II) Eliza Sam (Triumph In The Skies II / Sniper Standoff / The Hippocratic Crush II)
最喜愛TVB螢幕情侶 My Favourite TVB On Screen Couple
1.郭晉安,萬綺雯 (老表,你好嘢!) Kwok Chun-On, Joey Meng (Inbound Troubles)
2.張繼聰,王菀之 (老表,你好嘢!) Louis Cheung, Ivana Wong (Inbound Troubles)
3.黃宗澤,周麗淇 (好心作怪) Bosco Wong, Niki Chow (A Change Of Heart)
4.吳鎮宇,陳法拉 (衝上雲霄 II) Francis Ng, Fala Chen (Triumph In The Skies II)
5.張智霖,陳法拉 (衝上雲霄 II) Julian Cheung, Fala Chen (Triumph In The Skies II)
6.吳卓羲,胡杏兒 (衝上雲霄 II) Ron Ng, Myolie Wu (Triumph In The Skies II)
7.羅仲謙,胡定欣 (衝上雲霄 II) Him Law, Nancy Wu (Triumph In The Skies II)
8.歐陽震華,關詠荷 (情逆三世緣) Bobby Au Yeung, Esther Kwan (Always And Ever)
9.陳展鵬,鍾嘉欣 (巨輪) Ruco Chan, Linda Chung (Brother’s Keeper)
10.馬國明,楊怡 (On Call 36小時II) Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung (The Hippocratic Crush II)
最喜愛TVB劇集歌曲My Favourite TVB Drama Theme Song
1.圍牆 (仁心解碼 II)
主唱 : 蕭正楠 圍牆 (A Great Way To Care II) Edwin Siu
2.明白了 (師父‧明白了)
主唱 : 胡鴻鈞 明白了 (Karma Rider) Hubert Wu
3.衝上雲霄 (衝上雲霄 II)
主唱 : 林子祥 衝上雲霄 (Triumph In The Skies II) George Lam
4.意想不到 (情逆三世緣)
主唱 : 敖嘉年 意想不到 (Always And Ever) Pierre Ngo
5.續集 (On Call 36小時II)
主唱 : 容祖兒 續集 (The Hippocratic Crush II) Joey Yung
最喜愛TVB電視角色My Favourite Top 15 TVB Drama Characters
1.陳敏之 飾 艾美辰 (法網狙擊) Sharon Chan – NGAI MEI-SUN (Friendly Fire)
2.王祖藍 飾 蔡芯 (老表,你好嘢!) Wong Cho-Lam – CHOI SUM (Inbound Troubles)
3.郭晉安 飾 吳嘉儀 (老表,你好嘢!) Kwok Chun-On – NG KA-YEE (Inbound Troubles)
4.王菀之 飾 吳芝晴 (老表,你好嘢!) Ivana Wong – NG CHI-CHING (Inbound Troubles)
5.李司棋 飾 劉翠雲 (心路GPS) Louise Lee – LAU TSUI-WAN (Reality Check)
6.方中信 飾 高立仁 (仁心解碼II) Alex Fong – KO LAP-YAN (A Great Way To Care II)
7.唐詩詠 飾 梅妹 及 司徒男 (神探高倫布) Natalie Tong – MUI MUI & SZETO NAM (Bullet Brain)
8.蔡少芬 飾 湘菱 (金枝慾孽貳) Ada Choi – SEUNG-LING (Beauty At War)
9.黃浩然 飾 張寶生 (情越海岸線) Raymond Wong – CHEUNG PO-SANG (Slow Boat Home)
10.陳茵媺 飾 鄭抱抱 (情越海岸線) Aimee Chan – CHENG PO-PO (Slow Boat Home)
11.苗僑偉 飾 方自力(好心作怪) Michael Miu – FONG CHI-LIK(A Change Of Heart)
12.黃宗澤 飾 姚日山 及 姚月山(好心作怪) Bosco Wong – YIU YAT-SHAN & YIU YUET-SHAN (A Change Of Heart)
13.周麗淇 飾 阮小吉(好心作怪) Niki Chow – YUEN SHIU-GAT(A Change Of Heart)
14.萬綺雯 飾 唐善行(好心作怪) Joey Meng – TONG SIN-HANG(A Change Of Heart)
15.李思捷 飾 余多春(熟男有惑) Johnson Lee – YU DOR-CHUN(Awfully Lawful)
16.吳鎮宇 飾 唐亦琛(衝上雲霄 II) Francis Ng – TONG YIK-SUM, SAM (Triumph In The Skies II)
17.張智霖 飾 顧夏陽(衝上雲霄 II) Julian Cheung – KOO HA-YEUNG, JAYDEN (Triumph In The Skies II)
18.陳法拉 飾 何年希 (衝上雲霄 II) Fala Chen – HO NIN-HEI, HOLIDAY (Triumph In The Skies II)
19.胡杏兒 飾 顧夏晨 (衝上雲霄 II) Myolie Wu – KOO HA-SUN, SUMMER (Triumph In The Skies II)
20.吳卓羲 飾 唐亦風 (衝上雲霄 II) Ron Ng – TONG YIK-FUNG, ISSAC (Triumph In The Skies II)
21.胡定欣 飾 凌卓芝 (衝上雲霄 II) Nancy Wu – LING CHEUK-CHI, COCO (Triumph In The Skies II)
22.歐陽震華 飾 袁金昌 (情逆三世緣) Bobby Au Yeung – YUEN KAM-CHEONG (Always And Ever)
23.關詠荷 飾 楊夕雪 (情逆三世緣) Esther Kwan – YEUNG TSIK-SUET (Always And Ever)
24.敖嘉年 飾 袁規 (情逆三世緣) Pierre Ngo – YUEN KWAI (Always And Ever)
25.謝天華 飾 李浩揚 (神鎗狙擊) Michael Tse – LEE HO-YEUNG (Sniper Standoff)
26.張兆輝 飾 高晉堅 (神鎗狙擊) Eddie Cheung – KO TSUN-KIN (Sniper Standoff)
27.周海媚 飾 王若玲 (神鎗狙擊) Kathy Chau – WONG YEUK-LING (Sniper Standoff)
28.徐子珊 飾 上官明珠 (神鎗狙擊)Kate Tsui – SHEUNG KOON MING-CHU (Sniper Standoff)
29.陳展鵬 飾 喬天生 (巨輪Ruco Chan – KIU TIN-SENG (Brother’s Keeper)
30.蕭正楠 飾 羅威信 (巨輪)Edwin Siu – LAW WAI-SHUN (Brother’s Keeper)
31.鍾嘉欣 飾 卓靜 (巨輪) Linda Chung – CHEUK CHING (Brother’s Keeper)
32.田蕊妮 飾 姚文英(巨輪) Kristal Tin – YIU MAN-YING (Brother’s Keeper)
33.陳豪 飾 李名揚 (法外風雲) Moses Chan – LEE MING-YEUNG (Will Power)
34.黎耀祥 飾 余英偉 (法外風雲) Wayne Lai – YU YING-WAI (Will Power)

35.伍詠薇 飾 陸思凝 (法外風雲) Christine Ng – LUK SZE-YING (Will Power)
36.吳啟華 飾 洛文笙 (On Call 36 小時II) Lawrence Ng – LOK MAN-SAN (The Hippocratic Crush II)
37.馬國明 飾 張一健 (On Call 36小時II) Kenneth Ma – CHEUNG YAT-KIN (The Hippocratic Crush II)
38.楊怡 飾 范子妤(On Call 36 小時II) Tavia Yeung – FAN TZE-YU (The Hippocratic Crush II)

39.羅仲謙 飾 楊沛聰 (On Call 36小時II)Him Law – YEUNG PUI-CHUNG (The Hippocratic Crush II)
40.黃智雯 飾 洪美雪 (On Call 36 小時II) Mandy Wong – HUNG MEI-SUET (The Hippocratic Crush II)
最喜愛TVB綜藝節目 My Favourite TVB Variety Program
1.搵食 Shop & Chop
2.玩嘢王 Office Of Practical Jokes
3.超級無敵獎門人終極篇 Super Trio Maximus
4.星夢傳奇 The Voice of the Stars
5.走過浮華大地Pilgrimage Of Wealth
最喜愛TVB資訊節目 My Favourite TVB Enrichment Program
1.一手造成 From Hand To Art
2.走過烽火大地 Pilgrimage of Hope
3.順峰順水 Hong Kong So Blessed
4.學是學非 Sidewalk Scientists
5.極地狂奔 Xtreme Marathon
最喜愛TVB節目主持 My Favourite TVB Host in Variety Program
1.Maria Cordero – 搵食 (Shop & Chop)
2.李思捷 Johnson Lee – 玩嘢王 (Office Of Practical Jokes)
3.曾志偉Eric Tsang, 錢嘉樂 Chin Ka-Lok, 林曉峰 Jerry Lamb, 陳小春 Jordan Chan, 阮兆祥 Louis Yuen, 金剛 Kong King、
江欣燕 Elvina Kong, 蘭茜 Nancy Lan Sai, 王志安Otto Wong – 超級無敵獎門人終極篇 (Super Trio Maximus)
4.洪永城Tony Hung, 黃翠如Priscilla Wong – 走過浮華大地 (Pilgrimage Of Wealth)
5.鄭裕玲Carol Cheng, 崔建邦Amigo Choi – 星夢傳奇 (The Voice of the Stars)
I didn't watch the Variety Programmes so, I cannot judge. But I have highlighted a list of my favourite drama stars! Hope they win!

Tuesday, November 19

Typhoon Haiyan Aftermath: Compassion Through Actions

Photographs from Internet

Lots of rain, gushing
Strong wind, blowing
Just a storm, everyone was thinking
Soon, it will be subsiding, 

Kids were playing
and some were sleeping
water levels were  rising
winds continued howling
roofs started flying
and the house started shaking

 Adults started frowning
Teenagers, panicking
Excitements turns into worry
Amazements turns into fear

Typhoon strikes, and they were sheltering
what if their shelters fall crumbling?
Should they start running?
Should they start hiding?
But they can do nothing
So, they started praying
While the typhoon came smashing

-Typhoon Haiyan @ Phillipines, November 2013-
written by MsXeRoZ

Photographs from Internet
Super Typhoon Haiyan strikes Phillipines last week, and the devastation caused was tear-provoking. The massive force hits town and flatted the land. Buildings crumbled, leaving a town full of debris. Dead bodies were flung at almost every part of the city affected.

Photographs from Internet
I could only watch from afar, seeing how the crazy mother nature's destruction is. I can never imagined how these people there pass through this tragic moment. To deal with destruction, death, and live without water, food, electricity and communication. 

Photographs from Internet
 There's so many people suffering now, and help couldn't be distributed fast enough. Roads were blocked with debris, many people were injured. The survivors have to endure hellish moments of thirsts, starvation, pain from injuries and horrible stench of the decomposing bodies. This is a traumatic experience that one would ever have to go through.

Photographs from Internet 
 Every one of us in the world, contributed to the cause of Typhoon Haiyan's Power. Yes, you and me alike. Earth's increasing climate was the caused of Typhoon Haiyan's source of power. As Earth's climate increase, the oceans become warmer, and when there's the cool air over that hot ocean, a TYPHOON is formed.
Photographs from Internet.
This map from the NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory shows the amount of heat energy available to Typhoon Haiyan between Oct. 28 and Nov. 3. Darker purple indicates more available energy. Typhoons gain their strength by drawing heat out of the ocean. The path of the storm is marked with the black line in the center of the image

 So did we not contribute to the Earth's climate increase?
 Did we not switch on our airconds everyday? 
Did we not pollute the Earth with our rubbish? 
Did we not chop down trees for development? 

Photographs from Internet
This morning, I heard the Red.FM discussion session with Joanna, Lil' Kev and Malaysian Red Crescent Disaster Action Directors. They were describing the intensity of the situation post-Typhoon Haiyan, where their army plane had difficulty landing due to lack of electricity and landing facility. There's no water, no electricity, no internet! It was very tear-jerking to know that my life goes on as usual, unaffected, but there are people out there who risk themselves to reach out to the victims of the disaster.

I am shameful. I'll spread the word for donation (not to me of course) to my friends and family.

and as what I heard from Red.FM (Facebook page),

Star Radio Group, together with Tropicana City Mall and the Malaysian Red Crescent will be collecting items to aid the victims of the recent Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. If you would like to contribute , here are the details and a list of items needed: 

Collection Corner
Date : 18 – 20 November 2013 (Monday – Wednesday)
Time : 10.00am – 10.00pm
Venue : Beside the entrance towards Tropicana Office Tower, (Next to Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie and opposite Studio Lounge) Ground Floor

Items needed:
a) Blankets
b) Tarpaulins (to use as shelter, to cover leakage from the roof)
c) Raincoats
d) Foldable canopies
e) Clothes
f) Socks
g) Shoes
h) Non –perishable food items (packed biscuits/energy bar)

All items preferably to be packed in carton boxes and properly tape (please separate non-food & food items)

Thank you for your support.

Photographs from Internet

I was in Melaka over the weekend and I saw Tzu Chi Volunteers asking donation. I am deeply touched when I read that the moment disaster strikes, Tzu Chi Disaster Relief Team was already on standby to help. They were the first two organizations approved by UN to enter Philippines. I will be donating cash to Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia. If you are looking for somewhere reliable to donate to, here's their website with online transaction. (Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia website). 

Thank you for your kind help.


Friday, November 15

F'ck My Life I Updated to iOS7!

I'm so f'cked up right now...

I thought that I have been patient enough to wait for the OS (operating system) to stable down, then only update my iPhone 5. It's already been version iOS 7.0.3, and I have heard of people complaining that it drains the battery, but I never thought that my handphone will turn into a battery sucking vampiPhone (Vampire-iPhone).

Oh wait...I was so busy that I forgot to blog about this, YES! I won an iPhone 5 from Astro On-The-Go Live Explorer Event!!! (Read my blog post here for the event)


 It was on May that I sacrificed my fishing trip to embark on a journey of adventure.

Because my HTC HD7, which had followed me for 3 years decided to fail upon me. I will always miss the HTC HD7 because I got it for my Maxis 10 review project. (read blogpost here).

Come to think of it, blogging has always been my blessing in life. Whenever I'm happy or sad, lucky or unfortunate, my blog makes me happy.

The iPhone 5 that I won was a damn good gadget. I no longer blog using email, I can blog using the Blogger Apps (which is unavailable in Windows platform when I was using the Windows phone previously). I enjoyed new stuff (for me) such as Instagram. Facebook, Twitter and Line Games have been smooth. It was a fantastic device that I officially call myself an iFag. I even ask Mr. Soon to buy iPhone for himself, because he keep hijacking my phone for games.

So, how did I ended so f'cked up?

I was installing iCloud when I saw the function "Find My iPhone" only available on iOS 7. Without hesitation, I upgraded the OS. Then my nightmare began. The new OS is cool and all that, but I'm not impressed at all, because I HAVE TO DISABLE ALL THE NEW FUNCTION AS IT SUCKS UP MY BATTERY!

I first noticed it was yesterday, when I woke up from sleep, the battery was 27%, so I drove to office and the battery became 18% (my office is only 40mins drive). Then I used a little Facebook and Instagram, the % dropped to 9!!!

Then I started charging, but seems like the energy bar doesn't increase unless I switch it off or put on Airplane mode! WTF!!! Then I kill all apps, charged it at 50% when I go lunch, and it dropped at 1%-2% every 5mins. WOAH....this is crisis man!

So I spammed google with " iPhone iOS7 Battery", "iOS7 Battery draining" etc etc...Gosh felt so tired. But I have nothing left but remorse. It was like I found a damn good boyfriend and suddenly we broke up, and I felt so lost without him (iOS 6).

It doesn't just end there.
I woke up late today. Coz my alarm didn't ring. Coz the battery died! U FAILED ME iOS7!!!!! Even my HTC HD7 no battery also will save some to ring the alarm for me! 

I'm so desperate now...desperate to have my good iPhone 5 back. A device that I can rely my life with. Damn! *Takes slippers and whack the iOS 7"

MsXeROz is frustrated!

Tuesday, November 12

Cat and Snake

I almost stepped onto the snake... Thank God, I didn't because if I did, the title of this blogpost shall be "Shit u snake, why the hell did u bite me!". That is, if I were to survive the bite. (I should be surviving because it's a tiny baby snake) 

This happened during an eventful public holiday when I went to repair my car at Melaka. Mr. Soon was working in Melaka so i met him in Dataran Pahlawan, went for a walk, bought a dress and happily return to the car to head for dinner nearby. My car was parked outside, between the school and the mall (along the road where you can see A Farmosa).

I was supposed to walk alone, as Mr.Soon and me drove separate cars. Then I saw something flying, and the cat (actually is kitten) jumped as high as my waist! What some more! I also jumped lah, as a reflex action! Then feeling stupid that I jumped at the cat jump, I saw the heir of slytherin (ok, the snake) attacking the kitten! 

"SNAKE!!" I shouted!!! Mr. Soon came and have a look. Snaaaakeee!! Blame me not, when you see baby snakes around, the first thing that came across my mind is 'Run!! The Mother of All Snakes must be lurking nearby'. But as I said that, my hand automatically reached for my pocket and pulled out the iPhone 5 (no S)     . Apa lagi, snap photo lah! Haha...

Then there's passerby who didn't notice the snake, and I stood there heroically to warn them to avoid the snake. The kitten has been provoking the snake by biting and clawing the snake's neck, and the snake has been in attacking mode and delivered several counter attacks to the kitten as well. To be able to save (warn, to be exact), my karma-meter  must have escalated   tremendously that night. (And then it dropped down because I boasted about it LOL).

Anyway, it doesn't feel good at all. Seriously, to see a living thing being injured and not able to help, is a suffering for me. The kitten, in this case, clearly overpower the snake. But, i felt so helpless seeing the snake injured, and weak. I don't know what happened to the snake after that, because the mall's maintenance team came to have a look already and I left. 

Last I heard, there were several cases where snakes were seen there. So beware on where you are walking! 

P/s photo blur not coz Iphone 5 sucks, but because i'm too scared to go near and use flash! This snake can fly u know!!!


Friday, November 1

A Cold, Stressful MsXeRoZ Day


Today was supposed to be a fantastico friday but everything was screwed up for me. At least office is calm and cool that today it became my safe place. 

Safe place = office?
What an unlikely thing to say LOL... That is why some people say, the most dangerous place could be the safest! 

What happened early in the morning was, this:
*lazy to type again* 

Early in the morning my car tyre punctured again. It was my 9th time punctured since before my wedding. Something is freaking wrong with my tyres! Every time I brought to the mechanic, they removed it and soak the whole tyre inside a bucket of water, no bubble emerge! Then they told me, no punctures, and my tyre is OK!

But every 3 days I wake up with a flat tyre! 

So today was the last call for me because of the above-mentioned encounter with a typical Malaysian idiot. I decided to go to another tyre shop during lunch. I walked right into a crocodiles' mouth. 

What a luck! Ok according to this crocodile mechanic, my tyres 'cannot' so I thought cannot be repaired. But when I go to retrieve my car, he said he will do the internal sealing for me. Whatever it is, since can still use it, I agreed. Then he insisted I change my brake oil, then change wipers. Er, hello Mr. Crocodile, I only want to check my tyre. 

So he said, internal sealing of tyre is RM 45 + balancing. So I thought OK lor. As long as it can be repaired. I was kind of happy because finally someone figured out the freaking problem with the leak. But come to think of it, its freaking expensive lah! I thought balance 4 tyres, but the balancing only involve that particular tyre! Normal patching tyre is only RM 5. Kanasai betul. I've checked forum and the mushroom plug seal method is only RM 30-35! Mr Crocodile kept insisted that his patch have warranty! Grrgrrrr 

It was raining now, everything felt even gloomier. And cold! I used to have a cardigan in the office, but last month as I went to Mamak for lunch, I accidentally dipped my cardigan in chicken curry. Apart from making me smell delicious that day, the cardigan was beyond washing, despite all the detergents that i used. Sigh! I was thinking of going Summit to grab one but sis has been telling me about the questionable quality of clothes there. Maybe I should go online shopping at Zalora Malaysia. I've spotted one which I really like! Should I?

Brrrrrrrrruuu... It's really cold here. Two more hours before holiday officially starts! I gotta go make myself a hot coffee!!! *cardigan, where art thou?* 

Wishing for a fantastico weekend to come!

Unlucky MsXeRoZ today!