Thursday, October 10

Plants Vs Zombies 2 Available on iOS and Android Now!

YEAH.. Plants Vs Zombies 2 hits town finally. I have always been a fan of Plant vs Zombies (PvZ), my WHOLE FAMILY plays PvZ. This game is truly a game for all.

I happened to download PvZ 2 on my iPhone (without realising it wasn't released on Android yet). I even asked my friends to download and play, unfortunately, they told me they can't search it. Then, I realised that I had the privilege to explore this game first before them! 

(To set the record straight, I'm really bad at games. When I say bad, it means REALLY BAD). 

So, I'm dedicating this blogpost to all PvZ lovers (especially my friend, Koko), an introduction about PvZ 2 In Plants Vs Zombie 2, we were teleported to the ancient world of Zombgypt (Zombie + Egypt).  We have to pass every stage, in order to unlock new plants.

Occassionally, there's a locked path, and some stages have to be repeated in order to fight Yeti Zombie or to obtain the keys to unlock the route. In every stage, to obtain a star, you need to fulfil the requirement. Hence, adding a little difficulty in PvZ 2 compare to the older version. In PvZ, every stage is almost similar except for the different terrains and monsters.

Like the old times, Crazy Dave is still crazy! He's so crazy that I'm suspecting he could be my biological father. LOL! jk -.-

Plants available are also very similar with the older version. As I had just started playing, I only have a handful of plants to defeat the zombies.

Although the maps are as complicated as spiderwebs, the added comedic feature such as the look of the zomb-sphinx ( zombie + sphinx) is funny!

I really love the little details of fun in this game. Here's a PyraHouse (pyramid + house).

Performance wise, this game has been running smoothly on my iPhone 5. So far no problem such as lagging, hang, or crash. 

If I'm not mistaken, the Android version is out now! Check it out here.  Hope that everyone will enjoy the game as much as I do.

WATERMELON SMASH!!!! *jiuuuuuuu*

Zombified MsXeRoz

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