Friday, October 4

One More Day!

The excitement kicks in,
Anxiety brewing,
And a whole lot of mess tangling in my mind right now.

Wiseman used to say, to know what happiness is, you have to first experience suffer. Well, for once, i have to agree with this. Nothing is perfect in life, and when it comes to wedding preparation, every little details are important. Matters relating to traditions, customs, superstitious beliefs of two families have to be handled with utmost care. (I have to admit i did fail in this section). 

Dream weddings seems so near, yet so hard to achieve with so many people, factors and situation to deal with. Nonetheless, me and Jian braved through all those moments and now, we are ready to tie the knot!

Tomorrow will be our wedding reception in Melaka@ Royal China Grand Ballroom, Melaka. Can't wait!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wah cantiknya u..tahniah yer..nasib baik buat kat melaka..kalau kat sini akak pergi terjah tau :)