Thursday, October 10

Complain To MPSJ

Yesterday, I almost met with an accident. And as I was about to sleep, I witnessed an accident through my windows. I've decided do my part as a community member, and lodge a complain to MPSJ about the road conditions around my neighbourhood.

My area has been experiencing streetlamps blackouts since the machines have been placed there. Coincidentally or not, I don't know. But in Malaysia, even brightly lit areas can be a hotspot for crimes to happen, what more a darkened street like this. I pity those pedestrians that have to use this road to walk home, as the bus stops along the main road. I pity those car owners who have to park outside and walk home in such a dark conditions.

The only occassional lights that we have for this 2 weeks was from passing vehicles. To make matters worse, the junction was blocked by machines (both sides: left and right hand of junction). The machines are left there, unattended for at least 1 week already. 

The barricades makes drivers almost impossible to spot incoming car, when they want to turn right? The little space for vehicles to stop, before turning into the junction was taken up by the machines and barricade, and incoming cars will STOP RIGHT AT THE ENTRANCE (the gap/mouth) of the junction. This is totally unpredictable because outgoing car, will not expect incoming cars (can't see their signals due to the barricade) to SUDDENLY STOP at the narrow entrance/exit gap!

I have experienced this before, yesterday, I wanted to turn right, I looked left, right, ok clear, as I stepped on my pedal, suddenly a kelisa stopped right at the junction, blocking my way! I couldnt blame her, as she cant see me, and I cant see her. After all, she has no space to stop, as the machines and barricade took a large space at the shoulder of her side of road.

I have never opposed any development or road upgrading works. But I have been very vocal in voicing out dissatisfaction on poor work planning. The execution of works and traffic planning to make way for LRT construction was very poorly executed. A portion of the road were taken up, without leaving residents alternatives or new routes to exit the particular area, especially during peak hours. 

I sincerely hope that there will be no more accidents to happen in my neighbourhood again.

hoping of MPSJ to take action.

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