Wednesday, August 28

[TVB] "Always and Ever" Theme Song by Shirley Kwan

As everyone is hyped up about Triumph In The Skies II (TITS II), I find that another TVB drama is more pleasant to watch - Always and Ever featuring Esther Kwan and Bobby Au Yeung. It has been utter truth that TITS II has mediocre themesong, Always and Ever on the other hand has a very beautiful, melancholic love song that has become my ultimate favourite.

However, my lackings in the Chinese Language Department has made my understanding towards the meaning of this song limited. Hence a good friend of mine who declined to be named, translated the lyrics for me.

For non-chinese literate Malaysians like me, here's the translated meaning of the song. I hope you can enjoy and admire the lyrics as well as meaning as much as I do.

*PS: kindly enjoy the hilarious translation.

就像海風 like ocean wind 碰上了鮮花 meet fresh flower
站在日光中stand under matahari 看到了火花 see firework
長年的巧合 years of coincidence 造就了炎夏 made summer

就像天色like sky color 偶爾變得差 sumtime change to bad
令大地風景made earth view 也偶有偏差 also got different
而難得身旁but since next to me 日月已經過day n nite already passed 仍然是你嗎 issit still u?

*人與人太多people and people too many (direct translate LOL!) 混亂之間 in between chaos
兜兜轉轉經過太多途人之間 turning around, passing by too many people
千百次遇著亦是緣慳 thousand hundreds times meet also is fate (三數百萬碰面亦緣慳 3mil meeting oso fate) 
某個人從此不賞一眼 since then, someone dun give an eye ever
唯獨是你共我一直行 only you with me walking straight

從我們結識 since we know each other 直路轉彎 straight road corner road (bite)
相親相爭起跌太多仍然支撐 too many love, fight, up , down,  still keep up
哭過以後笑臉又重返 after crying smiley face back again (bite, beh tahan my sub, wakakakakka)
看放完後煙花都消散 see after fireworks all dissappear
而我們跌撞過始終可繼續逛* but we pernah jatuh still continue jalan

就像一早 like early morning 已有過一生 already pass a life
浪漫幸福得 romantic blissful 要再有這生 wanna hv tis life again
神奇的巧合magical coincidence 像命裡指引like fated live guiding 和緣份對等 meet the fated one

By the way, if anyone found pinyin lyrics or better translation, kindly drop me a note. Thank you~

Enjoy the song!


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Unknown said...

Hello, thank you for translating the lyrics, it was a big help! But I would like to request pinyin lyrics; as it'd be fun to sing along! I can't find pinyin lyrics anywhere, so I hope you'd so kindly post them. Thank you again!