Saturday, August 17

Pre Wedding Jitters

I have not been blogging for sooooo long that even my blog don't recognise me anymore. Sorry! Each time i switch on the computer I was drifted away by RunningMan & now chasing 2 TVB dramas- Triumph In The Skies IIAlways and Ever. So sorry blog I've neglected you once again.

Many people will ask me how is my wedding preparations going? 

To be frank, there is nothing much to prepare but yet for me there's a lot of things to do! See, I am being contradicting again! The truth is there are  many little things to do. Things that money can solve but since i am lacking in that department so, i had to do up all the small small stuff lah! 

The freaky part is that perhaps my body is suffering from some weird kind of stress internally. I have been suffering from worst bout of breakouts (this severity level of breakouts usually happen after i go to the seaside or beach for holidays).

My menstrual cycle also go haywire, perhaps explains the bad skin. To make matters worse, i prick on the pimples because i cannot contain myself seeing those white bulbous heads poking 3D high definition on my face. 

My hair fall, thankfully did not aggravate. Haha can't believe i feel grateful for this lol.

What else?oh ya i contracted UTI (urinary tract infection) over the weekend. I think most likely caused by me drinking 2 glasses of water before sleep and i didnt bother to wake up and pee when i had the urge, so i slept until my bladder almost burst out leaking then ended up i had UTI. I tried flushing out by downing liters of liquid, but i almost drowned myself from drinking too much. Feels so suffering struggling to gulp water down your throat and at the same time the pee sensation is always there! So i went to see a doctor and the doctor assumed that i did too much sex and didn't pee after that. The doctor was whispering about sex and I misheard about me "drinking too much water and didn't pee". So imagine that awkward moment and my enlarged eyeballs staring at the doctor when he repeat about sex wtf! Anyway i'll keep in mind his advice and sex tips! 

Such depressing update ain't it? Anyway before Raya, i received email from Nuffnang that my Iphone5 prize from Astro On The Go Explorer Contest has arrived, so here i am blogging through my new phone! 

Since 24th Dec 2010, i have been faithfully using the windows phone HTC HD7 given by Maxis 10 project. It was a good, lag free phone until its sensor spoil and touchscreen had some blind spots. Then i used my sisters old phone as backup. 

I want to thank Astro, Nuffnang, my sister , family and friends for supporting me throughout this troubled times. 

I promise to take care of my health, drink more water, do not prick on my pimples and find a beautician. 

I will keep my words true otherwise i will look like a baldy minion on my wedding day!

Baldy fatty minion msxeroz! 

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