Wednesday, August 21

Damn! Almost Fell Into Trap

Everyday before I start work, I will check on my emails. Usually I will select all, until I saw something from Maybank2u.

Happily, I thought someone transferred money to me. So I previewed the email.

Hmm.. The website given looks legitimate, the sender email address also looks legitimate. I wanted to click on it lah, since the email is asking me to VALIDATE my account to keep it safe from online threat.

Thankfully my senses got the better of me. I kept thinking, how do I know if the website is true or not. I hover on the link, and click on a right click. 

COPY LINK ADDRESS --> paste on somewhere else.


I know lah, this is not a very intelligent blog post. But you see, not every citizens of Malaysia are born intelligent like most of you out there. There are people who are same or maybe lower intelligence level like me OK?

There's also semi-computer literate uncles and aunties, ahpek and ahsoh (translate: old uncle and old aunties) that don't know how to verify whether the email is legitimate or not. These are the age-group people who in need of assistance, as they have placed their hard earned money in the bank, and definitely do not want to fall victim to online scam/hack.

Actually I write this a.s.a.p because I know my dad and mom read my blog. And being 200km apart, I cannot be assisting them all the time. You know lah, their money is my money, my money is my money, so I have to take care of their money so that I can mintak from them LOL Jk!

Gotta Run. Baiizz!



Henry Lee said...

Hehehe... maybank2u will never send this kind of things but I always do check the link :)

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

YALOH! thats y I almost kena tipu!