Friday, August 30

Tanda Putera - Before & After Special Effects Video

Tanda Putera, a current controversial movie, is being aired in the cinemas. Controversial because it touches on the dark side of our Malaysian history- the 13th May 1969. I haven't watch this movie, but I sure am interested. I hope that Astro First will air it soon. *fingers crossed*

Anyway, I stumbled across a pre-production video of before and after the making of Tanda Putera, nonetheless I feel impressed. Wah, Malaysia boleh, bro. HAHA.. Hope you enjoy this little entertainment.

Whatever movies or drama aired are most likely fictional. Watch it with a pinch of salt. We don't have to believe everything the movie tells us and treat it for entertainment purpose only.

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, August 28

[TVB] "Always and Ever" Theme Song by Shirley Kwan

As everyone is hyped up about Triumph In The Skies II (TITS II), I find that another TVB drama is more pleasant to watch - Always and Ever featuring Esther Kwan and Bobby Au Yeung. It has been utter truth that TITS II has mediocre themesong, Always and Ever on the other hand has a very beautiful, melancholic love song that has become my ultimate favourite.

However, my lackings in the Chinese Language Department has made my understanding towards the meaning of this song limited. Hence a good friend of mine who declined to be named, translated the lyrics for me.

For non-chinese literate Malaysians like me, here's the translated meaning of the song. I hope you can enjoy and admire the lyrics as well as meaning as much as I do.

*PS: kindly enjoy the hilarious translation.

就像海風 like ocean wind 碰上了鮮花 meet fresh flower
站在日光中stand under matahari 看到了火花 see firework
長年的巧合 years of coincidence 造就了炎夏 made summer

就像天色like sky color 偶爾變得差 sumtime change to bad
令大地風景made earth view 也偶有偏差 also got different
而難得身旁but since next to me 日月已經過day n nite already passed 仍然是你嗎 issit still u?

*人與人太多people and people too many (direct translate LOL!) 混亂之間 in between chaos
兜兜轉轉經過太多途人之間 turning around, passing by too many people
千百次遇著亦是緣慳 thousand hundreds times meet also is fate (三數百萬碰面亦緣慳 3mil meeting oso fate) 
某個人從此不賞一眼 since then, someone dun give an eye ever
唯獨是你共我一直行 only you with me walking straight

從我們結識 since we know each other 直路轉彎 straight road corner road (bite)
相親相爭起跌太多仍然支撐 too many love, fight, up , down,  still keep up
哭過以後笑臉又重返 after crying smiley face back again (bite, beh tahan my sub, wakakakakka)
看放完後煙花都消散 see after fireworks all dissappear
而我們跌撞過始終可繼續逛* but we pernah jatuh still continue jalan

就像一早 like early morning 已有過一生 already pass a life
浪漫幸福得 romantic blissful 要再有這生 wanna hv tis life again
神奇的巧合magical coincidence 像命裡指引like fated live guiding 和緣份對等 meet the fated one

By the way, if anyone found pinyin lyrics or better translation, kindly drop me a note. Thank you~

Enjoy the song!


Friday, August 23

The Mystery of Altantuya Shaariibuu

"Azilah, Sirul freed of Altantuya murder charge"

(Malaysian Insider, 23 August 2013)

read full article here.

Disclaimer: I'm writing this as an ordinary Malaysian, who knows nothing about the Malaysian law and politics. 

A long time ago, to be exact, 18 October 2006, a beautiful maiden from Mongolia came to Malaysia to look for his lover. Then she went missing, until her blasted remains were found near a dam in Puncak Alam. So, it was a high profile murder case, and linked to high profile individuals of our government. (read more here)

Why was she murdered?

How was she murdered?

what murdered her?

Who murdered her?

With this direction, investigations unfold... and the primary suspect will be her Malaysian lover. But he claimed nothing to do with her death, and walked away free. To murder with a gun, is hard enough 6 years ago, what more a bomb. Hence, this brings us more leads.

So they identified the bomber, or suspected bomber, but the bomber had no motive of exterminating her. So they walked free as well. To add twist to this mystery, her immigration record of entering Malaysia was deleted. Meaning that, there's no such person in Malaysia on 18th October 2006. While another statement from a private investigator claims to know more and to reveal Altantuyaa's death, seems to bring light to this case, the private investigator went into exile and died of heart attack. (read more here)

So all in all, her death remains a mystery.

So all the while, we were steered into the direction that she was murdered. Well today, it was raised that it is probable she bombed herself. 

Possible yeah? Nothing is impossible if you have the will to do it (or if you are in Malaysia)

Here's how I imagined Altantuya commit suicide.

1. Come in to Malaysia.

2. Hack into immigration and delete her own entry to leave no trace (She must have wanted to die without anyone knowing)

3. Penetrate the millitary and took out a C4 bomb from military (She must be highly skilled like James Bond or Ethan Hunt)

4. Hike to the forest near the dam in Puncak Alam. (She must have own a satellite,  smartphone or compass or a google map for Malaysians like me don't even know such location exist)

5. Bomb herself in the forest. 

Possible right? The only mystery left is perhaps why did she choose Malaysia? Perhaps to bid her so-called lover goodbye before dying? So at the end of the day, Altantuya's death case will be closed as there's no further leads available. 

I can't even swallow the bullshit-ness of my bullshit imagination, yet alone to convince others that this suicide theory is possible. 



Wednesday, August 21

Damn! Almost Fell Into Trap

Everyday before I start work, I will check on my emails. Usually I will select all, until I saw something from Maybank2u.

Happily, I thought someone transferred money to me. So I previewed the email.

Hmm.. The website given looks legitimate, the sender email address also looks legitimate. I wanted to click on it lah, since the email is asking me to VALIDATE my account to keep it safe from online threat.

Thankfully my senses got the better of me. I kept thinking, how do I know if the website is true or not. I hover on the link, and click on a right click. 

COPY LINK ADDRESS --> paste on somewhere else.


I know lah, this is not a very intelligent blog post. But you see, not every citizens of Malaysia are born intelligent like most of you out there. There are people who are same or maybe lower intelligence level like me OK?

There's also semi-computer literate uncles and aunties, ahpek and ahsoh (translate: old uncle and old aunties) that don't know how to verify whether the email is legitimate or not. These are the age-group people who in need of assistance, as they have placed their hard earned money in the bank, and definitely do not want to fall victim to online scam/hack.

Actually I write this a.s.a.p because I know my dad and mom read my blog. And being 200km apart, I cannot be assisting them all the time. You know lah, their money is my money, my money is my money, so I have to take care of their money so that I can mintak from them LOL Jk!

Gotta Run. Baiizz!


Saturday, August 17

Pre Wedding Jitters

I have not been blogging for sooooo long that even my blog don't recognise me anymore. Sorry! Each time i switch on the computer I was drifted away by RunningMan & now chasing 2 TVB dramas- Triumph In The Skies IIAlways and Ever. So sorry blog I've neglected you once again.

Many people will ask me how is my wedding preparations going? 

To be frank, there is nothing much to prepare but yet for me there's a lot of things to do! See, I am being contradicting again! The truth is there are  many little things to do. Things that money can solve but since i am lacking in that department so, i had to do up all the small small stuff lah! 

The freaky part is that perhaps my body is suffering from some weird kind of stress internally. I have been suffering from worst bout of breakouts (this severity level of breakouts usually happen after i go to the seaside or beach for holidays).

My menstrual cycle also go haywire, perhaps explains the bad skin. To make matters worse, i prick on the pimples because i cannot contain myself seeing those white bulbous heads poking 3D high definition on my face. 

My hair fall, thankfully did not aggravate. Haha can't believe i feel grateful for this lol.

What else?oh ya i contracted UTI (urinary tract infection) over the weekend. I think most likely caused by me drinking 2 glasses of water before sleep and i didnt bother to wake up and pee when i had the urge, so i slept until my bladder almost burst out leaking then ended up i had UTI. I tried flushing out by downing liters of liquid, but i almost drowned myself from drinking too much. Feels so suffering struggling to gulp water down your throat and at the same time the pee sensation is always there! So i went to see a doctor and the doctor assumed that i did too much sex and didn't pee after that. The doctor was whispering about sex and I misheard about me "drinking too much water and didn't pee". So imagine that awkward moment and my enlarged eyeballs staring at the doctor when he repeat about sex wtf! Anyway i'll keep in mind his advice and sex tips! 

Such depressing update ain't it? Anyway before Raya, i received email from Nuffnang that my Iphone5 prize from Astro On The Go Explorer Contest has arrived, so here i am blogging through my new phone! 

Since 24th Dec 2010, i have been faithfully using the windows phone HTC HD7 given by Maxis 10 project. It was a good, lag free phone until its sensor spoil and touchscreen had some blind spots. Then i used my sisters old phone as backup. 

I want to thank Astro, Nuffnang, my sister , family and friends for supporting me throughout this troubled times. 

I promise to take care of my health, drink more water, do not prick on my pimples and find a beautician. 

I will keep my words true otherwise i will look like a baldy minion on my wedding day!

Baldy fatty minion msxeroz!