Wednesday, July 31

Panic Stricken Tuesday

Just like any other Tuesdays, I woke up from sleep, dragged my feet to the bathroom, and head to work after that. As usual I will put my handphone (or what I thought it is) in my working bag, and head out. Just as I opened the door, the voice of a high-pitched shrilling aunty sister came across "Ei, take the rubbish bag down". So I took the rubbish bag and go entered the lift.

While waiting the lift to arrive at 2nd floor (where my car is parked), I remembered about my phone. So, to take out my phone, I opened my working bag and saw my bright blue portable hard disk instead. Feeling elated, but confused at the same time on how the hard disk drive came into the bag, I totally ignored the confusion and can't help feeling happy coz with the hard disk drive, I can browse at my wedding pics for selection process.

*sidenote: Me and XeRoz took another set of wedding photographs over the last weekend.

Hence, I throw the rubbish and drove off. It was until I reached the kampung road then I realised the lack of "Yo! Pororo" message ringtone over the morning. Dangerously I reached for my bag, and dig dig dig for the handphone.  The kampung road was a toll-free road and it will be a crawl at that particular stretch. After queuing up until the last point of making a U-turn, i decided to make a U-turn and head home. I was worried sick.

The handphone I am currently using is the one being loaned by my sister, RedButtockz. To lose a phone is already a crime, to THROW AWAY a loaned phone will definitely ended up with DEATH. You see, I suspected that I throw away the phone with the rubbish, because I remembered opening my working bag to retrieve something! And I also remembered that.... the cleaner empties the rubbish bin at 8.30am!

So I sped all the way home, and rushed to the rubbish bin. I used my company phone to call my own phone. I opened the stinky bin and look for my plastic bag. THERE'S NO RINGING TONE! Did someone picked it up already? I turned and the cleaner looked at me with a puzzled look.

OK. I calmed down and return home. Praying that maybe I left the phone on sofa or somewhere else. I opened the door and my housemate shove the handphone to me!


Kanasai! Should have realised I accidentally keep my hard disk drive in my bag, instead of my phone. The panic was terrifying because my spare phone was not secured by any Pin / Password. Gotta create one soon.

So, in the end... I was late for work. T_T


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