Wednesday, June 12

My 1st Time - Brazilian Wax with CherryCo

"Do you know what is a Brazilian Wax?" a friend of mine asked me this question one day. So, I frowned and say, yeah..of course I knew what was it, confidently. And I told my friend, I have never waxed any part of my body before. I mean, what is there to wax when, all you need is a shaver, right?

And I treated my shaver like a god-sent item, placing it on the shelf of my bathroom where I can see it everyday. It happened that one day, my friend told me that I should try waxing. I have noticed that every time website deals page promote about waxing, and the advertisement is always the picture of a bikini-clad, hot chick that makes every guys' eyes' glued upon her body. AHHH.. I thought to myself, "Brazilian wax must be some wax made in Brazil". I thought it was some technique or something that hails from Brazil. So this technique is used to wax the whole body (I really don't know!) because the models skin surfaces on their abs, armpits, long legs are shiny and hairless. The reason why the models are in bikinis are to show the sexiness after wax.

So, I thought, maybe I should give waxing a try. After all, I'm getting married and being hairy is the last thing I wanted. You know, even plants are trimmed occassionally, what more the "bushes" that are being ignored for so long. So I went to CherryCo, a beauty parlor located at Taman Desa.

I was told of this place by Ruby, and with no-experience of waxing, let alone, the misconception about what Brazilian wax is all about, I entered with a blank mind. It's my first time here and this place reminds me of Candyland from Wreck-It-Ralph's (movie)! The shelves are decorated with jars of sweets like marshmallows, Menthos, Candy bars and many more!

Then, I had a peek of the beauty parlor's rooms and it was very candy-themed as well! Hehe... There, they provide waxing services, manicure and pedicures, facials as well as vajazzling, which is something new to me. I wiki-ed what's vajazzling all about, and seems like it is defined as "genital decoration"  - the act of applying glitters and jewels on bikini area for aesthetic purposes. *WUAHHHH* It never fails to amaze me how much a woman does for the sake of beauty!

So, as I was brought to this room for my waxing, I was still thinking that "oh, maybe they're gonna wax my legs using the brazilian technique". I was shown what to wear and how to lie down. Then I realised, OHHHHH, brazilian wax is the act of waxing "that" part. OMG I was so embarrassed, but since I'm up for it, I steady-lah and go for it!

*The Experience* (words only! No photos available)

OK. I admit I was anxious... As I mentioned before, I never pluck my body hair before. At most was during facials, and the beautician trimmed my eyebrows, which I can consider as one of the most hellish experience ever. Anyway, the girl that did my waxing was Joanne, and she is still a trainee. Nonetheless, her bubbly character made me happy at the same time.  The first obstacle is to OVERCOME EMBARRASSMENT. Well, a private part is, show it to someone else, is...difficult! But it's the same as we go for Thai Oil Massage, where we strip naked and give people to 'massage' our body. Both, to me are equally embarrassing!

There was two types of waxes being used. One is orange-ish, and another is pink-ish. Both, are used for different areas.

*The Sensation*

What I experienced was WARMTH during the application of wax---PICKLY when the pressure is applied for the wax to stick---NOTHING when the wax is left to dry---1,2, OUCH when the wax was removed! CherryCo also offers their customer to eat sweets, as it is believed that the sweet will remove the focus on the pain. I ate 6 menthos altogether!!! LOL!

The pain was 1 second quick, then nothing is felt. It doesn't hurt anymore. That's it. Because of my shaving habits, I had rough, course hair that is difficult to remove, so I was given EXTREME mode (lol) and had to go for more applications T_T

*The Aftermath*

Nothing happens after that. No stinging sensation, and no pain. I was really careful because I thought maybe there's injuries, but nothing. Just I had to endure laughter and gasps from my other non-waxing friends who were shock at my courage. (one of them felt what I did was disgusting LOL) I did felt disgusting initially to be bare, but as days passed, I felt easy, breezy, comfy, and no poking problems anymore! I even went swimming the next day *bikini confident*!

Will I do It Again?
I am surprised to say, YES. As disgusting as one may think it is, or as painful as it seems, this experience isn't that terrible at all. Plucking eyebrows are even more torturous!

I hope that waxing will become a strong beauty trend, so that the price will be more affordable for all the women out there! For those who had thought of waxing, and afraid to take the first step, fear no more! You are not alone out there. Everyone has their first time, it is not only me.

"I shall now disclose that I have never done Brazilian Wax before and at Strip, they call people like me virgins! Oh how much will you pay to hear that again? (haha). Having a virgin forest, I was feeling nervous about my first time. Things like will it be painful? will the lady run after I show it all? will she ask me questions about my past? (well it's like a history down under right?) how long do I need to bare it all on the table? bed." - by Plus Size Kitten (June 2012)

Blogger Kiasubridezilla says that there will be some itchiness after 3 days. Thankfully, I have not felt anything. She also mentions about in-grown hair, so, I hope it doesn't happen to me too! haha..

For first timers, I survived this ordeal, and came out even more courageous! I overcame my fear of pain and embarrassment. Imagine, nothing is even more embarrassing than having "bulu terpacak" when you go holiday on a bikini. 

You can try CherryCo for their services, visit their website here. They are located near the junction opposite The Scott's Garden (Old Klang Road).  You can look for Joanne, she's really delicate, but fast! 

CherryCo is a newly opened salon, neatly decorated with sweets and all the cute candy colours. The place can be enhanced even further with "candy-like" scents and soothing music to make the customers even more comfortable!

If I ever go back there and try their other services, I'll let you know and share it all again *wink*. Till then, Goodnite~ *hugsss*



Life's like this ♥ said...

Hahahah! you must be shocked when you realised it's for 'that part'! omggg but overall everything's great, right? :D

atreyustrange said...

there will be in grown hairs if you go back to shaving.. so from now onwards, must religiously do waxing ya. -_-