Wednesday, June 12

Good, Good Day!

12th June 2013!

I woke up later than usual today =) because I need to go to the bank (yeay!). Then I stopped by at the petrol station to pump air on my pity 4 tyres (which hadn't had a breath of fresh air since 2 months ago, yeay!). Coincidentally, there's a McD adjacent to the station and I ordered a Weekday Breakfast Set (RM4.75, yeay!). As I turned out of the petrol station, there was a slight traffic jam, but with my breakfast in hand, I chomped my way through the jam (yeay!). I arrived at the bank finally, and found a parking nearby in an instant (YEAY!!!). There's not many people at the bank, no need to queue and got my thing done (SUPER YEAY) in 5mins.

I came to the office worrying there's no parking space left. I found one (YEAY), and made a U-turn to the parking space. Just as I U-turn, a van banged a car (Oh Ou), and the car parked at the space that I found earlier (Oh Ou!!!), so i drove on and found another space in front of my office! *YEAY!!!!*

Such a happy morning, worth documenting.

Back to work. 


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