Friday, June 7

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

When the wedding date approaches, the first thing that comes in mind will be, who will be my bridesmaids and grooms-men. As for me, i had already decided not to make a fuss. My bridesmaid selection are pretty easy. I chose 6 of my close friends and those who stayed nearby. I am sure that on my actual day, my cousins will be here too.That pretty much adds up the number. After all my little house is so small, that it will be overcrowded if we have too many Bridesmaids and Grooms-men.


It is about 3.5 months left. What's left was confirming guests, sending out invitation cards, ready for Betrothal, and most importantly, a hunt for the bridal car. My husband-to-be has no state of urgency in hunting a proper car. *sigh...* He was thinking that borrowing a car is inappropriate because car is like a man's "wife". So do not disturb somebody's "wife". So any of you here who wanna sponsor me your "wife" for my wedding car please let me know. HAHAHA.

Thanks to my sister (Redbuttockz Wern), and bridesmaids for agreeing to be with me on my Big Day. Your help, moral support and contribution will be deeply appreciated.

Thank you once again.


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