Saturday, May 11

I Am The Unstoppable Explorer!

Everyone was busy about the 13th General Elections, and I think I am being quite random on blogging about being The Unstoppable Explorer. But heck! Because of my unstoppable-ness, I've decided to post this up anyway!

Check out my UNSTOPPABLE story as an UNSTOPPABLE EXPLORER here!

I had to stab myself to stop my self from making a 27,625 hours length video on how UNSTOPPABLE I am. So, after sharing with you one of my UNSTOPPABLE story, I guess you wonder, what makes me UNSTOPPABLE after all?

If I think I can, then I can!
Then I will have the passion, the positivity, and will-power to strive through!

To be a basic explorer, you need COMMON SENSE.To go further than that, you need to apply wisdom, and intelligence for survival!

The last, and most important key characteristic is to be RESPONSIBLE. An explorer must be responsible in ensuring the safe of themselves and others too! Love your life!

Challenges as explorer? Gah! We, explorers not internet explorer attract challenges like how a magnet attracts to the north and south pole!

During my last trip to a small island, as I was having my romantic dinner by a hut, located right beside the seaside. It was the most delicious dinner I have ever had!

Suddenly! The whole island blackout! And it's not even an election period!  I had chosen for a weekend getaway in a secluded island without internet and television! Little did I expect there will be no electricity too! 

 On the positive side of it, the dinner turned to a candle light dinner.

On the bad side of it, this is what we see with our naked eyes. Pure darkness. So we played with our toys. Which was quite fun, initially!

Until the battery died, and we are back to this sight!

So I went to the beach and stares at the sand.

And then I realised my sister and her boyfriend were playing with their DSLR drawing wings on me.

How did we overcome the long, dark night? We used our laughter! Laughter heals almost everything. And of course, with the battery in our smartphone, we managed to kill boredom with a pinch of Facebook time.

This also makes me think about, what will be the MOST ESSENTIAL GADGET for travel? Mobile phones have limited screen size, and you hurt your eyes from squinting.

What gadget allows you to phone, but has functions more than that? Yups, I came to a conclusion that a tab will be the most essential gadget for an UNSTOPPABLE EXPLORATION.

This also means that IF, i get stranded in a dark island again. I will definitely enjoy a peaceful night of a TV show! Not only that, a tab has built in camera, with photo editing software, and we can facebook or instagram alllllllll the way~~~~ WoooHooo!

On the other hand, I also list down 3 of the explorer must-haves items:-

The ultimate must-haves for an exploration. Smelly explorer are air pollutants!

Explorers need to walk a lot! Sometimes you need to climb and use up all your muscles. Don't ruin your travel with pain! Counter it before it counters you!

Explorer talks, walks and rarely drinks enough water. Prevent cracked lips and smile a confident smile! You don't wanna ruin your travel photos with stiff smile, right?

Astro On The Go revolutionize the exploration. After a hard day of physical exploration, I can unwind myself with my favourite program and Best Of Astro on bed.^.^ Best of all, whenever I'm on the go, I can watch my favourite Running Man on One HD~!! This variety show really makes me laugh until I am at the brink of passing out!

Life is a never ending exploration. Don't you think so?


Henry Lee said...

woot woot! good luck miss explorer! i also wanna join... hope u win good stuff ya! :D

Henry Tan said...

hahaha perseverance one very cute! lpol

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

I also hope i win good stuff. my handphone comatose last two week! I dont know i can survive the battles using the not very smart phone that i have now. hope to see u too!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Yaka? Shyyyy lol