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Explorer On The Go with Astro On-The-Go (Post-Event Blog Contest)

This is a story of my exploration last weekend. It was  a bright Saturday morning of May 18th, 2013 when I headed to Sunway Pyramid.  Remember I wrote about I Am The Unstoppable Explorer. Yes, you got it right! I was selected to be the final 50 explorers in the quest to complete missions of the day.

Explorers-Bloggers (Bloggers who explore) from around the nation gather on this very day. We were all given an Ipad + a MiFi for the mission. We move in teams of pilot and co-pilot. My pilot of the day is Captain Dusty Hawk, who has almost a decade of trainings in missions like this. As for me, I am ready and have 6 years shopping in Sunway Pyramid on field experience. This is not an easy task for us, but we have all buckled up and ready to fly!

Adrenaline level was high, as soon as MC Jin Lim (JinnyBoy from Astro) waved the checkered flag, we sped off like the racing cars of Formula 1. (Side note: Speaking of Formula 1, tonight will be the Monaco Grandprix at 7.45pm, so stay tuned to Channel Star Sports Channel 813.)

So off we sped, and arrived at the first challenge station - Which is the most challenging one for me. This is also the BEST PART of all the challenges, as this is the only physical challenge available amongst all 10 stations. After answering the question, each of us have to KICK THE SOCCER BALL 3 CONTINUOUS TIMES (like sepak takraw). I've seen this move 100 times, but I never laid my hands on a soccer ball before (HONEST)! I've seen Running Man juggling the shutter cock on the Great Wall of China and I have seen Park Ji Sung doing this as easy as ABC. And I thought, OK, I can't be that hard, right?

I kicked the ball across the mall. The ball flew about 3 feet high, almost hitting a baby pram, rolled across the path an elderly man, and hit on the glass of a nearby shop. I looked in horror!

I juggle again. This time it hit the person in charge.

Again! *NEVER GIVE UP* This time before I kick, I said SORRY EVERYONE! and after 4th try, I succeeded!

Then we started walking really quickly again to catch up with other explorers.

From one station to another, we were guided and hosted by organizer's cool team members. Friendly, helpful, fun and all dressed up in exciting costumes. I even had a chit chat with Abang Nara, who were hoping to be a part of the exploration too!

We went on and on, holding our Ipad tightly, until we met a crazy-looking gladiator in front of McDonald's. He refused to let us pass without answering the question, and looked at us grimly. It was most unfortunate that my MiFi dongle died not functioning at this point, and I have to pakai tembak guess my answer through. Haha I got it right.

I have been speaking a lot about Astro On The Go, but did not mention clearly about it. My bad... So here's a brief introduction on what's Astro On-The-Go (AOTG). AOTG is an apps (Application) on your smartphone, tablets, and PCs. I guess there's no need for Astro introduction, because Astro has become a well-known household name. So, AOTG is the mobile version of Astro.

1) Live Sports and Events
2) Video on Demand (VoD)
3) Catch-Up TV
4) TV Channels.

With AOTG, you can watch live sports, purchase movies, watch past-aired programmes, and currently showing programmes too! Currently AOTG offers 20+ channels and 9 radio channels for its subscribers.

To be an AOTG Subscriber, you can be:-

A) Current Astro User - (i) with Super Pack  - Subscription for AOTG is FREE!
                                        (ii) without Super Pack - top up for RM25/month only.

B) Non-Astro User - Monthly subscription of RM30, you can choose to subscribe either:-
                                    (i) Pack 1: Astro Ria Plus, Astro Bella, Astro Warna, and Astro Oasis
                                    (ii) Pack 2: Astro Hua Hee Dai, Shuang Xing, AEC, Xiao Tai Yang

Registration can be done online, or just call 1300 82 3838. The above are my summary, if you need more info, kindly visit  Astro On-The-Go official website.

Now, where was I again? Oh ya! Explorer Race! Overall, it was a satisfying race, despite me not winning anything! I vow to do better next time *fire burning* For your convenience, I did a video on the exploration, I hope you enjoy it. Please forgive my noob video making skills.

MUST WATCH (i spent alot effort compiling and making this video)

At about 12.30pm, the mall was filled with people. AXN-Asia upcoming reality series, The Apprentice Asia casts were here. This will be one of the anticipated reality series as a group of highly capable, positive and competitive persons will fight their way to the top of the corporate ladder. Leaded and hosted by the no-nonsense Tan Sri Dato Dr. Tony Fernandes, who will be his apprentice?
MC Jin with Apprentice Asia's cast Nazril Idrus, Nik Aisyah, and Ng Kian Tat
We were entertained with various performances in some soft of LIVE ADVERTISEMENTS. I was pulling my hair when these performance juggle the soccer ball so well (Reminds me of my traumatic and embarrassing 1st mission in front of the Adidas shop).

The soccerball are as if glued to their fingers, that they can twist them, throw them, and it always come back to them! *AMAZED*

No event is complete without a PSY song and dance. Though PSY did not attend, his hit-track "Gentleman" was performed and it gathered a huge crowd! Every one was squeezing through to see the vibrant dance moves!

The AOTG stage at Sunway Pyramid was so magnificent that a number of artists can pop out amazingly. There's were sketch of mini clips of the programmes offered at AOTG such as local drama like this.

A mini sketch of the upcoming Wizard of Oz. Can't wait for it =)

MC Jin and partner was replaced by MC Comedy King- Farish Aziz. He was hilarious! Trying to get the audience to have a swipe at his tablet, to introduce the performances ala Astro On-The-Go apps style.

A sketch of Pearl Harbor, complete with sounds of aeroplane drones and war scene. I must say the sound system and lightings were done very well too!

There's one scene I remember vividly in my memory is the scene where the group of gladiators appear from the stage. It was a serious, sombre mood. Then suddenly the gladiators starts to dance like a ballerina! It was so hilarious that I was laughing so loud I didn't capture any photos of them. That, I would say as the best part of the performance. The mall burst in laughter like a loud, roaring lion. It was memorable!

Of course, with that humor-filled dance of the gladiators, the Kings of Comedy (Raja Lawak) from Astro Prima shows appear and tickle the audience to laughter.

Scene from the Legend of Zhen Huan

The performance were very overwhelming. Never did I thought that Astro On-The-Go was so fun. I can foresee that AOTG will expand more shows and programmes soon, due to the overwhelming response from the crowd.

There's also a mini sketch of the hit-english drama "Oh My English". Aaron Aziz appeared and the crowd roared again! It feels really cool to idolize local celebrities! I like!!!

Winner Photographs by TianChad

About 4pm, the winners of the Astro On-The-Go Live Explorer Event were announced.

Grand Prize: Joel Wong and Nur Atikah Binti Muhammad Ramlan
1st Runner Up: Khairul Anuar and Haiqal Rawlins (with AOTG subs)
2nd Runner Up: Mahadir Bin Mohamed Arifin and Nuramira Izzati
 Bonus Prize for Top Tweeting Team: Tan Hui Xin and Nor Iman
 Lucky Draw for all AOTG subs: Chia Chin Yee
 Top Tweeting Public: @syafique
Winner Photographs by TianChad
The event starts from 10am until 10pm. However, after the prize giving ceremony, I left as I felt so tired. The winners all went home happily, smiling in their sleep for 1 week. As for me, I grab my tablet and cry all my way home.  and went home exhausted.


I learnt a great deal from Astro On-The-Go, from the event and programmes itself. My favourite channel in AOTG will be RunningMan (OneHD) and Cooking shows from AFC, and Life Inspired. I am also an avid fan of Criminal Minds (Fox)

I watch AOTG using a tablet, because the screen is much bigger, and more portable compare to a PC. My house mate, he was the one who introduced AOTG to me. He watches shows using his Samsung Galaxy S3. It works pretty well too!

How to download the Astro On-The-Go apps?


Number 1: Cooking On-The-Go
I don't have a television in the kitchen, so everytime i cook, i will miss certain parts of a programme. With AOTG, i can watch while preparing meals. *Just gotta make sure I don't drop or wet my tablet!*

Number 2: Say Goodbye to Constipation and Enjoy Toilet Time!
Did anyone love to have something to read in the toilet? I do. I know its a bad habit, but I just like to have something to make me relax. Perhaps the only disadvantage of using AOTG in toilet, will be me, occupying the toilet too long!

Number 3: Catching Up with Idols Before Bedtime!
There are peak hours where everybody in the house will book the TV. So, I usually will snuck away and catch my drama on the bed =)

Number 4: No Fear of Skipping Some Drama Parts While Doing House Chores!
To do this, you need high skills. It's recommended to place the tablet on a table or somewhere you can watch while you mop the floors in the rooms. I don't have a TV in my rooms, so this is especially handy for me.

Number 5: Working Out On-The-Go
This usually comes in handy, when my back is facing the television. This happens when I do my workout. To do this, requires high stamina and arm strength. I usually last about few seconds only.

Last but not least,
Number 6: Pet Training with AOTG. Rabbits love TV too!
Pet owners need to spend some time bonding with their pets. The same case for me here. The problem is, my pet rabbits run around and I have to keep an eye on them. I just realized that they are attracted to AOTG as well. Here's the proof that my rabbits love to watch tv too!

Live gets better with AOTG, don't you think so?

I wonder will I ever get to meet my other explorer-bloggers in future? Thanks Nuffnang Malaysia for this opportunity, I have made many new friends that day. It was indeed a happy experience! Anyone going for the Laneige In Search of K-Beauty Blogger

My future exploration is made easy with the Astro Survival Bag which i acquired last week. A sturdy bag, with compartments for tablet, purse, keys, biscuits, bottle drinks, box drinks, mobile phone and documents. This is the ultimate bag. I am now using this bag everywhere I go. 

Adventure, HERE I COME!


Friday, May 17

Between Unity and Mess. Time To Clear It Up

A few of my close friends asked me, why I had kept silent with the current political situation in Malaysia. I just shrugged them off and said "nothing much to talk about". With the look on their faces, I knew that they couldn't believe me because I always had a lot of things to talk about, may it be nonsense or sensible. Today I guess will be the right time to share with you my GE 13 experience.

GE 13 - From my perspective:
- Weeks before the Parliament Dissolved : I have voiced out discontent on the ugliness of the flags being put off everywhere, regardless of traffic safety. Flags, in this sense inclusive of all political parties contending. 

- Days before election: Got tired with the "Terima Kasih" song. Hated the radio advertisement on Red. FM about "A vote for DAP = a vote for PAS, and what cultural changes are irreversible". Even hated the television advertisement, did not bother to switch on the TV until 10pm for my favourite drama. Annoyed at the auto phone call that request people to vote BN, and also the sms notification even at wee hours in the morning. Meanwhile, facebook group, whatsapp groups are filled with info/warning sharing about BNs incompetency. The concerts organized were attractive and I bet most of the people would attend.

- On election day: Woke up really early in the morning. Excited, the voting station has a long queue already at 8am. Went home with facebook filled with "Bangla/Burmese/Indon" fake voters news. Some with photos. I started news with photos, and ignore the rest. Sooner that night, i decided not to share any news, for suspicion that some are fake.

-After election: friends were sad and angry that the opposition lost. I, am disappointed at what I believed at that time, dirty election. Friends were all fired up and ready for the Black gathering. Me? excited, but my common sense get the better of me. I decided not to go. I love my country. I love my friends and family. But I love my life more. There could be fiasco. There could be tragedy. I won't take that risk. I'm glad nothing happened, nobody got injured.

From the moment the wind of election blows to us, we have divided. Some hated the opposition, some hated the government. The problem arises when we, thinking only about "Freedom of Speech" and blah all out in the Facebook, without thinking about others. When I was young, my primary school teacher told me that "Pilihanraya adalah satu masa di mana semua rakyat menunaikan tanggungjawab masing-masing, dan memilih kerajaan negara. Undi itu adalah rahsia". Seems like everyone had forgotten to keep this rahsia and even campaign for that certain party. It's not to say wrong, I am not God to judge anyone, what I'm trying to say is, "di manakah nilai bertimbang rasa yang diajar sejak darjah satu?". Regardless on who we support, and what we like, we need to be thoughtful on feelings of others. For instance, there are people who dislike durians and "chou tou fu" (smelly tofu), and when they dislike that, you cannot force them to eat and like them like you do! People must understand that, freedom of speech applies on everyone, and you must respect people's opinion, and refrain from making offensive remarks.

We are not politicians, we don't have to do their jobs. We only read what that is provided in the internet or shared by facebook and whatsapp, but we don't actually know the truth. Do you have reliable source? Can you verify the news? Our responsibility is to vote, and that ends there. I don't agree with rallying on streets, being made as a political tool for the politicians. There is no good vs evil here. Just black vs grey. Both are  almost the same. With that said, I actually offended many PR hardcore fan, and being labelled as a BN supporter. But sorry to say, I support intelligence and reject stupidity. I reject self-centered, money making politician and welcome a true rakyat's representative who really wish to serve the country. Stupid politicians should not be allowed to rule the country. (this refers to those that create racial tension, calls the other races pendatangs or tsunami, threatens with keris, and the one that asks us to migrate if we are not happy). Fullstop.

I would say kudos to the PR social media team, as they have achieved to portray Najib is evil and Anwar is good. I find it really funny to read my friend's comment "Anwar is our only hope. He is the next Prime Minister, otherwise nobody else le". And a group of them seems to agree with that. I won't say them wrong, they actually may have a point. Someone once told me, last resort, you fight poison with poison, and perhaps this could be it.  

This GE13 proves the SPR incompetency. The whole SPR should be revamped. When I was at the polling center, the officer on duty cannot even make up his mind to allow self-printed sheets to be used for registration. Hence causing so much delay. The younger SPR officers (wearing grey T-shirt with SPR tag) sat under the tree, leaving the senior (quite elderly) ones to coordinate the crowd. I am utterly disgusted at this kind of Malaysian-attitude. And this is what I oppose. The elections are held 5-years once and these people can't take their job seriously! Even the volunteers PACABA registration should be upgraded. Make it like a serious job to do, e.g. submit resume, go for selection process and all. PENS should be provided to "X" the ballot, not pencil. SPR have 4 years time to increase voting efficiency, reduce queue time, and get rid of the messy indelible ink. Serbuk kunyit (turmeric powder) can be a better and cheaper indelible stain than those ink. 

Thanks for reading.

Bear in mind comments are being moderated because I don't want to be caught under Sedition Act, or Evidence Act if you post a racist/offensive/seditious comments. Comments like "Yoh! MsXeROz is Ace" is allowed at all times. *winkz*

MsXeROz loves Malaysia!

Saturday, May 11

I Am The Unstoppable Explorer!

Everyone was busy about the 13th General Elections, and I think I am being quite random on blogging about being The Unstoppable Explorer. But heck! Because of my unstoppable-ness, I've decided to post this up anyway!

Check out my UNSTOPPABLE story as an UNSTOPPABLE EXPLORER here!

I had to stab myself to stop my self from making a 27,625 hours length video on how UNSTOPPABLE I am. So, after sharing with you one of my UNSTOPPABLE story, I guess you wonder, what makes me UNSTOPPABLE after all?

If I think I can, then I can!
Then I will have the passion, the positivity, and will-power to strive through!

To be a basic explorer, you need COMMON SENSE.To go further than that, you need to apply wisdom, and intelligence for survival!

The last, and most important key characteristic is to be RESPONSIBLE. An explorer must be responsible in ensuring the safe of themselves and others too! Love your life!

Challenges as explorer? Gah! We, explorers not internet explorer attract challenges like how a magnet attracts to the north and south pole!

During my last trip to a small island, as I was having my romantic dinner by a hut, located right beside the seaside. It was the most delicious dinner I have ever had!

Suddenly! The whole island blackout! And it's not even an election period!  I had chosen for a weekend getaway in a secluded island without internet and television! Little did I expect there will be no electricity too! 

 On the positive side of it, the dinner turned to a candle light dinner.

On the bad side of it, this is what we see with our naked eyes. Pure darkness. So we played with our toys. Which was quite fun, initially!

Until the battery died, and we are back to this sight!

So I went to the beach and stares at the sand.

And then I realised my sister and her boyfriend were playing with their DSLR drawing wings on me.

How did we overcome the long, dark night? We used our laughter! Laughter heals almost everything. And of course, with the battery in our smartphone, we managed to kill boredom with a pinch of Facebook time.

This also makes me think about, what will be the MOST ESSENTIAL GADGET for travel? Mobile phones have limited screen size, and you hurt your eyes from squinting.

What gadget allows you to phone, but has functions more than that? Yups, I came to a conclusion that a tab will be the most essential gadget for an UNSTOPPABLE EXPLORATION.

This also means that IF, i get stranded in a dark island again. I will definitely enjoy a peaceful night of a TV show! Not only that, a tab has built in camera, with photo editing software, and we can facebook or instagram alllllllll the way~~~~ WoooHooo!

On the other hand, I also list down 3 of the explorer must-haves items:-

The ultimate must-haves for an exploration. Smelly explorer are air pollutants!

Explorers need to walk a lot! Sometimes you need to climb and use up all your muscles. Don't ruin your travel with pain! Counter it before it counters you!

Explorer talks, walks and rarely drinks enough water. Prevent cracked lips and smile a confident smile! You don't wanna ruin your travel photos with stiff smile, right?

Astro On The Go revolutionize the exploration. After a hard day of physical exploration, I can unwind myself with my favourite program and Best Of Astro on bed.^.^ Best of all, whenever I'm on the go, I can watch my favourite Running Man on One HD~!! This variety show really makes me laugh until I am at the brink of passing out!

Life is a never ending exploration. Don't you think so?