Tuesday, April 16

Wedding Day is Coming Real Fast!


My last blog post caused me a little embarrassment because I have become RUSTY in blogging. So boys and girls, monkeys and elephants, listen to me. Always practice doing something that you like although you feel you have in born talent doing it. Don't be like me...

I'm a rusty girl,
In a dusty world,
Life is rubbish,
Smells like a fish!
(random weird poem by me)

Back to the main topic. Actually I am in a pretty good mood today! Except the fact that, I almost slammed into the car in front of me on my way to work, because of 1 aunty who doesn't know how to corner properly! BUT, almighty and courteous MsXeRoZ (intended self praise) will not let the aunty to ruin my good mood.

My wedding invitation card is ready! Ta daaaa... This is for my Melaka Wedding Dinner- which will be held in Tropicana Grand Ballroom & Banquet in Melaka Raya. The wedding invitation cards are provided by Tropicana (5pcs/table) and since they engaged a Puchong-based company to print, so I directly collected the cards.

Choosing a wedding card is no easy task. Well, some people had to make choices to please the elderly. Some people wants it classy and elegant. So what is my story behind the selection of this card? This is how it goes. There are a few elegant designs which were hot-picks, and I didn't want mine to be so commonly used. Then there are some traditional designs which I don't really like. So I listened to my heart and choose a cartoon one, despite my dad told me earlier, to choose a plain one. Sorry papa! After all, how many people here still keep wedding cards as souvenirs? Well, with that thought in mind, in decided to go for this design, which is the one I liked best. (I begin to suspect myself that perhaps I chose this design because I feel the bride is cute like me XD)

I know that many people has had great weddings with Tai Thong (Tropicana Grand Ballroom is under Taithong) and there has also been bad feedbacks too. I chose Tropicana, not because it is cheap. (Not cheap at all compared to Melaka standard), but because the person in charge Ms. Lizz Wong managed to convince me to like her with her bubbly, sincere personality. So here I hope, Lizz won't disappoint me in presenting a beautiful and meaningful event for my big day. *bows* However the outcome may be, I will be blogging my experience with them. So, wait till October ends ya!

So far, everything is pretty much settled, except for my actual day wedding dress. My skintone, short body, big hips make it  difficult in selecting the ONE dress to rule it all. 

Blur Photo Alert. If you want to see a clear, smooth image, please view using your mobile phone. hahaha..
I am  still working hard on it and will make my bookings end of May. Here's some wedding dress that I have tried with Lovely Gown. Su Pei from Lovely Gown is another kind person I have met throughout my wedding preparation process. I will write more about her after my pre-wedding photos are ready! (p/s gonna be long wait, because it's a DIY thing, we have barely edit the photos).

Stay tuned! Drop me a word of encouragement if you think my blogging skills aren't Rusty~

P/S: I make the photos smaller because people complained about my blur photos. What to do, using mobile camera mah! T_T

MsXErOZ muackzzzz...


Blur Pei said...

Hi pretty~
Keep up posting your blog,esp your wedding preparations. =)
share your hard works dear.
Hope to hear more from you~

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Hi Pei Pei,
Ya I hope I have the inspiration to keep sharing =)

Yuh Jiun said...

Congratulations!!! Can't wait for your wedding day :D rmb post up more pictures!!

Xue Ren said...

congratz!!! can't wait to see your wedding updates and close up of your wedding dress! :D

Blur Pei said...

Nicole, Picture will do~
there is a wording:
"a picture says a thousand words"