Tuesday, April 23

PRU13: Drama of The Year

"I am standing here today to support our beloved PM. This is all for my country, and the best Malaysian Prime Minister ever," Michelle Yeoh, 2013.

The statement above triggered public backlash and bashing spree has emerged over the weekend. I thought it was just a minor issue of  Michelle Yeoh, a celebrity originated from Malaysia to voice out her support to the government and also to the Prime Minister. But I was wrong, the issue was never minor to the public, especially on these sensitive times. The General Election is about twelve days away, and campaigning has been very livid.

Now, Michelle Yeoh is labelled as traitor, gold digger, crony, idiot, stupid, disgrace to the community, and some even wanted to boycott her. The support to the Prime Minister creates a huge impact, that it draws the community to hate her. I personally don't see anything wrong with her supporting the government, yeah, it's fine with me. She has the freedom and the intelligence to choose whichever she finds right. Anyway, If you ask me, I don't really feel Michelle Yeoh is any icon for Malaysia. What's the point of looking up to her like an idol when all you see of her is during a 30-second advertisement? If she's all noble and wanted her best for her country, how come she never supported local movies or drama? I've never seen her at any community events (non-branded events) or local screenings. So tell me, what is this "all for my country" bullshit all about? She has the means and power to educate, inspire and boost local talents, but I never think she did that. 

 If you see the whole picture, you can feel the hatred of the rakyat towards the government. But, is the government at fault for everything that happens?

Every move that the Prime Minister take to approach the rakyat, was met with public backlash. I seriously think he should fire his publicist. He is the only Prime Minister I remembered singing songs, do advertisements, put up huge banners and active in Facebook and twitter account. But is he a good, Prime Minister? or the BEST, as claimed by Michelle Yeoh?

Najib is an experienced politician. He is an intelligent man, with powerful connections, otherwise how can he stay so long in the corridors of power? The problem with everything that he does, people see him as an annoyance. The Prime Minister & family, in society standards should seem like a respectable icon, the symbol of love, stability and solid leadership. But from Tan Sri Najib family, we couldn't see that! His wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, has been a laughing stock to the public, mainly due to her beauty, and her impeccable saving habits that could buy her Hermes bags, and diamond rings. If you ask my opinion, I would suggest that our Prime Minister and his wife to hire a proper publicist. I will give one example for the once most-hated couple in the world, David & Victoria Beckham, who now emerge as one of the strongest, most influential couples.  

How will 5th of May be? 
Will the public bashing ends after that?

There's only 12 days to go, and day by day many absurd things pops up like, how an Indonesian maid or Bangladeshi workers can vote as well. I, can only pray that everything will go on smoothly. Let the Malaysians do the voting, other citizens, please stay away.

by MsXeROz

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