Sunday, April 14

My Astro Music Award 2013

It has been a long time since I attended an event. Have not been active at the social network world. But then today I had the opportunity to attend an award show. This, marks my first time attending a music award show, fuh, am really anticipating the artists here today. I've always thought award shows are pretty boring and I would always switch channels whenever it is aired on TV.

So far, the atmosphere here at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil is being heated up by the crowd and hordes of fans. The stage, although looked miniature, is really colorful! Ah, I was I had a place near the stage so i can smell and shake the artists hands!

The show officially began at 7.30pm. It was indeed a fun-filled event, hosted by 4 MyFM DJs. I was seated quite far (free seats), and has decided to enjoy the performance and so forth. Artists who came, are quite a handful of them. The stars with the loudest cheers are of course Ella (S.H.E) and Wilber Pan.

As I mentioned, I was seated upstairs with a clear view of the stage. But i was only equipped with my handphone, which obviously does not capture good photos of a concert, so please dont expect to see a clear view of the artists. hehe... It was a 3 hours 30mins event, and as soon as the clock ticks 9.30pm, I am already restless. My buttocks started aching, sore back, thirsty, and sleepy.

The show was kick start with a bang! with singing performance and dances, and of course the 2012 "HIT" song, Oppa Gangnam Style. Artists like Wilber Pan and Ella were the highlight of the show. I was also astounded by some of the strong vocals of the night, *sorry* forgotten the names. As I am Chinese illiterate, kindly forgive my lack of knowledge in Chinese music world.

The show ended with glitters. There were too many glitters that we basically cant see the stage and artists by the end of the show. Overall, I would say, an award show is tiring to watch, and the "kick" isn't the same as a concert. Nonetheless, it is a good experience for me. Thank you Astro & Wern for bringing me to an event show. I hope more superstars will turn up next year! Definitely will look forward for more XD


Henry Tan said...

wow but so far away.. i think i would prefer watch on tv. =p

Chuen said...

wow the setup is really nice :D

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Henry, TV and live do have difference. Besides seeing the artists live, the audio is also superior.

Yes Chuen, the stage setup is really impressive!