Thursday, April 18

Iron Man 3 - Advance Booking My Tickets with TGV Cinemas

I know I'm a little "slow" in catching up with the latest movies and television dramas. But nonetheless, this time I am not going to be any slower! Iron Man is one of my favourite movie, all thanks to Robert Downey Jr for his portrayal of this magnificent romeo-superhero. I had missed out on Nuffnang Movie Premier contest, which ends today 3pm. *Pulls hair* But nothing is going to stop me from watching Iron Man 3.

Thought-provoking, full-blasting, fast-paced trailer like this give me no excuse to NOT watch Iron Man 3. So, I took the effort to do my advance booking with TGV Cinemas. Anyone can book. You do not have to be a VVIP or whatsoever.

Requirements to book are as follows:-

1) A functioning Computer/Laptop with internet access.
2) Your mobile phone by your side.
3) Credit card (not required if you have online banking accounts)

All it takes was a few clicks and a sms, and ends with an email notification.

Steps as follows:-

1) Go to TGV homepage
2) Click on the poster of your desired movie (normal or 3D)
3) Select your desired cinema--> confirm the movie title --> Select date and screen time
4) Select your seats
5) Confirm the amount of money to pay and select method of payment.
6) Pay and confirm.

Mission complete! Yeah~

So, this is so gonna be a movie date @ TGV Cinema, Setia Walk. Can't wait for next Thursday to come! I hope I won't have to leave the cinema in disappointment. *fingers crossed*

p/s: I did this post for fun. This is NOT a paid advertorial haha.. Wait up for my review next week OK?



Chuen said...

I'm excited for this too! :D

Unknown said...

This is gonna be a blast!!! One of the highly anticipated movie of the year... apparently not for me alone! Woo-hooo!!!