Wednesday, April 3

An Afternoon with Bunniey

Sometimes, the little things we do in life that brings up a beautiful moment that is irreplaceable. Just like how Bunniey (last time named Bunny) spend the last weekend with me. It all began because Bunniey was really stinky and I had to desanitize his cage, then I thought of making him cheer up by letting him roam free. I never thought that Bunniey could BITE every wires and stuff that crosses his path and he made me so angry!

So I locked Bunniey in my room, and I laze about, resting. There's nothing for him to bite in my room. The only thing he can do to annoy me is to pee or shit on my bed. With that in mind, I lay on my bed occupying it so that he would not dare to come close. So there goes Bunniey roaming around, hopping and flop as he like. Then when I was not looking, he sat beside me, breathing fastly and ended up cool down beside me.

So I looked at Bunniey, "hi, can i have a photo with you?" and unexpectedly Bunniey nodded (actually he was breathing really fast that his head moved and looks like he is nodding).

Ah... Life is so great with a cute pet... Do you talk to your pet?


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