Tuesday, April 23

PRU13: Drama of The Year

"I am standing here today to support our beloved PM. This is all for my country, and the best Malaysian Prime Minister ever," Michelle Yeoh, 2013.

The statement above triggered public backlash and bashing spree has emerged over the weekend. I thought it was just a minor issue of  Michelle Yeoh, a celebrity originated from Malaysia to voice out her support to the government and also to the Prime Minister. But I was wrong, the issue was never minor to the public, especially on these sensitive times. The General Election is about twelve days away, and campaigning has been very livid.

Now, Michelle Yeoh is labelled as traitor, gold digger, crony, idiot, stupid, disgrace to the community, and some even wanted to boycott her. The support to the Prime Minister creates a huge impact, that it draws the community to hate her. I personally don't see anything wrong with her supporting the government, yeah, it's fine with me. She has the freedom and the intelligence to choose whichever she finds right. Anyway, If you ask me, I don't really feel Michelle Yeoh is any icon for Malaysia. What's the point of looking up to her like an idol when all you see of her is during a 30-second advertisement? If she's all noble and wanted her best for her country, how come she never supported local movies or drama? I've never seen her at any community events (non-branded events) or local screenings. So tell me, what is this "all for my country" bullshit all about? She has the means and power to educate, inspire and boost local talents, but I never think she did that. 

 If you see the whole picture, you can feel the hatred of the rakyat towards the government. But, is the government at fault for everything that happens?

Every move that the Prime Minister take to approach the rakyat, was met with public backlash. I seriously think he should fire his publicist. He is the only Prime Minister I remembered singing songs, do advertisements, put up huge banners and active in Facebook and twitter account. But is he a good, Prime Minister? or the BEST, as claimed by Michelle Yeoh?

Najib is an experienced politician. He is an intelligent man, with powerful connections, otherwise how can he stay so long in the corridors of power? The problem with everything that he does, people see him as an annoyance. The Prime Minister & family, in society standards should seem like a respectable icon, the symbol of love, stability and solid leadership. But from Tan Sri Najib family, we couldn't see that! His wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, has been a laughing stock to the public, mainly due to her beauty, and her impeccable saving habits that could buy her Hermes bags, and diamond rings. If you ask my opinion, I would suggest that our Prime Minister and his wife to hire a proper publicist. I will give one example for the once most-hated couple in the world, David & Victoria Beckham, who now emerge as one of the strongest, most influential couples.  

How will 5th of May be? 
Will the public bashing ends after that?

There's only 12 days to go, and day by day many absurd things pops up like, how an Indonesian maid or Bangladeshi workers can vote as well. I, can only pray that everything will go on smoothly. Let the Malaysians do the voting, other citizens, please stay away.

by MsXeROz

Thursday, April 18

Iron Man 3 - Advance Booking My Tickets with TGV Cinemas

I know I'm a little "slow" in catching up with the latest movies and television dramas. But nonetheless, this time I am not going to be any slower! Iron Man is one of my favourite movie, all thanks to Robert Downey Jr for his portrayal of this magnificent romeo-superhero. I had missed out on Nuffnang Movie Premier contest, which ends today 3pm. *Pulls hair* But nothing is going to stop me from watching Iron Man 3.

Thought-provoking, full-blasting, fast-paced trailer like this give me no excuse to NOT watch Iron Man 3. So, I took the effort to do my advance booking with TGV Cinemas. Anyone can book. You do not have to be a VVIP or whatsoever.

Requirements to book are as follows:-

1) A functioning Computer/Laptop with internet access.
2) Your mobile phone by your side.
3) Credit card (not required if you have online banking accounts)

All it takes was a few clicks and a sms, and ends with an email notification.

Steps as follows:-

1) Go to TGV homepage
2) Click on the poster of your desired movie (normal or 3D)
3) Select your desired cinema--> confirm the movie title --> Select date and screen time
4) Select your seats
5) Confirm the amount of money to pay and select method of payment.
6) Pay and confirm.

Mission complete! Yeah~

So, this is so gonna be a movie date @ TGV Cinema, Setia Walk. Can't wait for next Thursday to come! I hope I won't have to leave the cinema in disappointment. *fingers crossed*

p/s: I did this post for fun. This is NOT a paid advertorial haha.. Wait up for my review next week OK?


Wednesday, April 17


Happy Photo for Today: Rabbit Earrings

Price: RM22 for 2 pairs
Where to buy: TeeToo from Kenanga City Mall, KL

Why it makes me happy?
Because it is so cute!


Tuesday, April 16

Wedding Day is Coming Real Fast!


My last blog post caused me a little embarrassment because I have become RUSTY in blogging. So boys and girls, monkeys and elephants, listen to me. Always practice doing something that you like although you feel you have in born talent doing it. Don't be like me...

I'm a rusty girl,
In a dusty world,
Life is rubbish,
Smells like a fish!
(random weird poem by me)

Back to the main topic. Actually I am in a pretty good mood today! Except the fact that, I almost slammed into the car in front of me on my way to work, because of 1 aunty who doesn't know how to corner properly! BUT, almighty and courteous MsXeRoZ (intended self praise) will not let the aunty to ruin my good mood.

My wedding invitation card is ready! Ta daaaa... This is for my Melaka Wedding Dinner- which will be held in Tropicana Grand Ballroom & Banquet in Melaka Raya. The wedding invitation cards are provided by Tropicana (5pcs/table) and since they engaged a Puchong-based company to print, so I directly collected the cards.

Choosing a wedding card is no easy task. Well, some people had to make choices to please the elderly. Some people wants it classy and elegant. So what is my story behind the selection of this card? This is how it goes. There are a few elegant designs which were hot-picks, and I didn't want mine to be so commonly used. Then there are some traditional designs which I don't really like. So I listened to my heart and choose a cartoon one, despite my dad told me earlier, to choose a plain one. Sorry papa! After all, how many people here still keep wedding cards as souvenirs? Well, with that thought in mind, in decided to go for this design, which is the one I liked best. (I begin to suspect myself that perhaps I chose this design because I feel the bride is cute like me XD)

I know that many people has had great weddings with Tai Thong (Tropicana Grand Ballroom is under Taithong) and there has also been bad feedbacks too. I chose Tropicana, not because it is cheap. (Not cheap at all compared to Melaka standard), but because the person in charge Ms. Lizz Wong managed to convince me to like her with her bubbly, sincere personality. So here I hope, Lizz won't disappoint me in presenting a beautiful and meaningful event for my big day. *bows* However the outcome may be, I will be blogging my experience with them. So, wait till October ends ya!

So far, everything is pretty much settled, except for my actual day wedding dress. My skintone, short body, big hips make it  difficult in selecting the ONE dress to rule it all. 

Blur Photo Alert. If you want to see a clear, smooth image, please view using your mobile phone. hahaha..
I am  still working hard on it and will make my bookings end of May. Here's some wedding dress that I have tried with Lovely Gown. Su Pei from Lovely Gown is another kind person I have met throughout my wedding preparation process. I will write more about her after my pre-wedding photos are ready! (p/s gonna be long wait, because it's a DIY thing, we have barely edit the photos).

Stay tuned! Drop me a word of encouragement if you think my blogging skills aren't Rusty~

P/S: I make the photos smaller because people complained about my blur photos. What to do, using mobile camera mah! T_T

MsXErOZ muackzzzz...

Sunday, April 14

My Astro Music Award 2013

It has been a long time since I attended an event. Have not been active at the social network world. But then today I had the opportunity to attend an award show. This, marks my first time attending a music award show, fuh, am really anticipating the artists here today. I've always thought award shows are pretty boring and I would always switch channels whenever it is aired on TV.

So far, the atmosphere here at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil is being heated up by the crowd and hordes of fans. The stage, although looked miniature, is really colorful! Ah, I was I had a place near the stage so i can smell and shake the artists hands!

The show officially began at 7.30pm. It was indeed a fun-filled event, hosted by 4 MyFM DJs. I was seated quite far (free seats), and has decided to enjoy the performance and so forth. Artists who came, are quite a handful of them. The stars with the loudest cheers are of course Ella (S.H.E) and Wilber Pan.

As I mentioned, I was seated upstairs with a clear view of the stage. But i was only equipped with my handphone, which obviously does not capture good photos of a concert, so please dont expect to see a clear view of the artists. hehe... It was a 3 hours 30mins event, and as soon as the clock ticks 9.30pm, I am already restless. My buttocks started aching, sore back, thirsty, and sleepy.

The show was kick start with a bang! with singing performance and dances, and of course the 2012 "HIT" song, Oppa Gangnam Style. Artists like Wilber Pan and Ella were the highlight of the show. I was also astounded by some of the strong vocals of the night, *sorry* forgotten the names. As I am Chinese illiterate, kindly forgive my lack of knowledge in Chinese music world.

The show ended with glitters. There were too many glitters that we basically cant see the stage and artists by the end of the show. Overall, I would say, an award show is tiring to watch, and the "kick" isn't the same as a concert. Nonetheless, it is a good experience for me. Thank you Astro & Wern for bringing me to an event show. I hope more superstars will turn up next year! Definitely will look forward for more XD

Wednesday, April 3

An Afternoon with Bunniey

Sometimes, the little things we do in life that brings up a beautiful moment that is irreplaceable. Just like how Bunniey (last time named Bunny) spend the last weekend with me. It all began because Bunniey was really stinky and I had to desanitize his cage, then I thought of making him cheer up by letting him roam free. I never thought that Bunniey could BITE every wires and stuff that crosses his path and he made me so angry!

So I locked Bunniey in my room, and I laze about, resting. There's nothing for him to bite in my room. The only thing he can do to annoy me is to pee or shit on my bed. With that in mind, I lay on my bed occupying it so that he would not dare to come close. So there goes Bunniey roaming around, hopping and flop as he like. Then when I was not looking, he sat beside me, breathing fastly and ended up cool down beside me.

So I looked at Bunniey, "hi, can i have a photo with you?" and unexpectedly Bunniey nodded (actually he was breathing really fast that his head moved and looks like he is nodding).

Ah... Life is so great with a cute pet... Do you talk to your pet?