Friday, March 22

My 2010 Birthday in Phuket, Thailand

 I was clicking through some old photos in my hard disk drive and to my amazement I have found some really super ugly, but meaningful photos of my 2010 Birthday Celebration in Phuket.

It was a quiet surprise, because I had thought, that the holiday trip was lovely enough as a birthday gift. It was my first trip overseas with my friends.
 It was also my first time having a BREAKFAST CELEBRATION. 

 I still remembered the scenario was quite fishy, because my then-boyfriend (now husband) called my sis to accompany him to toilet or somewhere. *FISHY*

My surprised look + touched.
I looked really ugly. Let me explain my ugliness, back then, I didn't know how to pose, that is why I'm ugly!

I throw away the spectacles already! hahaha...

This is another epic photo showing how happy I am that my nostrils were flared. #OMGWHYIMSOUGLY!

It also amazes me why I put my hairband like this. #uglyfashion

Anyway, It was a pandan icing cake, adorned with a weird love shape. 

So, can you all tell me now? Where did you buy the cake and when did you buy? 
*unsolved mystery since 2010*

Hello? Hello???

 Answer me!!!



RedButtockz Wern said...

actually kan. i also cant remember. xD

RK said...

I duno wor~ lol