Friday, March 22

My 2010 Birthday in Phuket, Thailand

 I was clicking through some old photos in my hard disk drive and to my amazement I have found some really super ugly, but meaningful photos of my 2010 Birthday Celebration in Phuket.

It was a quiet surprise, because I had thought, that the holiday trip was lovely enough as a birthday gift. It was my first trip overseas with my friends.
 It was also my first time having a BREAKFAST CELEBRATION. 

 I still remembered the scenario was quite fishy, because my then-boyfriend (now husband) called my sis to accompany him to toilet or somewhere. *FISHY*

My surprised look + touched.
I looked really ugly. Let me explain my ugliness, back then, I didn't know how to pose, that is why I'm ugly!

I throw away the spectacles already! hahaha...

This is another epic photo showing how happy I am that my nostrils were flared. #OMGWHYIMSOUGLY!

It also amazes me why I put my hairband like this. #uglyfashion

Anyway, It was a pandan icing cake, adorned with a weird love shape. 

So, can you all tell me now? Where did you buy the cake and when did you buy? 
*unsolved mystery since 2010*

Hello? Hello???

 Answer me!!!


Thursday, March 14

Wedding Preparation (The Slow and Steady Way) Part 1

Ohai everybody!
It has been quite a long time since I ever updated. I could not even update a single word when I am in office because every time (just realised) that I blog, then my internet will be cut off. The feeling? To be honest, quite annoyed at it. Being cut off from the social world is a cruel thing for me. I'm talkative, noisy, active and love reading stuff over the internet. Because of  this, my blogging activities plummeted, and I am deprived of my social needs. *sombre*

As I have make known since December, I am getting married this year! *happy* At this moment, I am not really busy or stressed up. I knew I have always wanted to get married (Who doesn't?), and I knew that wedding needs planning, and I have always wanted to get married at age 26 (unachievable, I'm already passed that age). I don't know about couples out there, but for me, there's nothing embarrassing to make known your desires to get married and have kids. If the guy is the one who will settle down, I am sure one day he will settle down. If you got a guy who still plays hard, then you have got to culture him to settle down, or just wait until he matures. Patience is virtue anyway..

Jian and I have been together for 7-8 years, and he has always been a stable guy. Our relationship have bumps but naturally stable too. We plan to get married, and when we broke news to his parents, I mentioned that I need a year. And at that moment the feedback I got was "WHAT! Why so long? Go see date and choose and get married-lah". Just in case you didn't know what "see date" means, let me explain further:-

Chinese, are highly superstitious, especially when it comes to wedding and death. So, normally, Chinese couples will choose their wedding date (not as they like) by consulting a master (sifu) from Chinese (Buddhist/Taoist) temples or associations. We have to bring our lunar birth dates and time. With the lunar birth dates and time, the sifu will open his "Datetionary", and see whether these two birth dates (of bride and groom) matches or not. Chinese believe that if birth dates matches, means the couple are harmonious with each other, while if the birth dates clashes then misfortune will happen. When birth dates clashes, the master will inform the bride and groom's family to do some additional steps like prayers/offerings/donations to ward off the negative effects. Some even more superstitious believer would even bring whole family birth dates to consult the sifu. As a normal practice, sifu will provide 3 auspicious dates (sometimes 4), why so? Because weddings are highly competitive lately, the dates given are for the couple to seek their wedding banquet availability and so forth (There's quite some stuff to coordinate before finalising the wedding date!). I was given Sept, Oct and Dec 2013. And I chose the October 19th (which is also Jian's birthday, and 1st anniversary of the day he proposed- Yes, this bf of mine proposed on HIS BIRTHDAY *sweat*

So that makes up 1 year for preparation! *HAPPY* How did I go about after that? Stay tuned for more updates!