Thursday, February 14

Valentine's Day Suicide/Homicide In Berjaya Times Square, KL

It is my first day of work since the Chinese New Year celebration. Alone at work, I was browsing for interesting topics to read and I was notified of a death happened at 11am (approx) today. It was a death (from falling from a high place) in a shopping complex in KL City Center. Well, I will not reveal the name of the shopping complex (you have to do the digging yourself), because I believe it is nothing to publicize about.

Death on Valentine's Day.

A death on this very special day associated with LOVE, and we will automatically link this tragedy as a sad ending to a love story. But is it? As this case is recent, we cannot refute the possibility of murder, or homicide. But whatever death it may be, this kind of incident will spark public interests - Why did she die? From which floor did she fell? Is the place haunted? 

  • It could be suicide. As perhaps, victim being dumped by boyfriend on this very fateful day.
  • It could be homicide. As perhaps, she was playing/arguing with boyfriend, and she accidentally fall from the railings.
  • It could be a robbery cum homicide. As we all know the upper stories of a shopping complex are quiet, and a robber wanted to rob her and she struggled and fall.
  • It could be a horror story. The victim being possessed into jumping down.

Valentine's day is celebrated 14th February of every year, and it is a romantic day. For such a lovely day to end with death, is really, a sad thing. strongly opposes suicide missions and anything related to shortening one's life. During adolescence, I understand the pressure of growing up, and with hormones raging and peer pressures. All a young person (boy or girl) deemed most important is LOVE. But young boy and girl, LOVE is important, but NOT everything in the world. Being foreveralone does not mean that you are a lesser person! *Sigh* LOVE can be found and cultured, while there's only ONE LIFE to LOVE and BE LOVED.


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KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 14 —  Visitors to the Times Square shopping complex were shocked when a woman fell to her death from the sixth floor of the complex, here, today. 

During the 11am incident, Choo Czek Yeng, 36, died at the scene of severe head injuries. 

Dang Wangi police chief ACP Zainuddin Ahmad said police were informed of the incident at 11.25am and have classified the case as sudden death. 

"The body of the victim was sent to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital for post-mortem," he told Bernama via a short message service (SMS). 

A witness (man) who did not want to be named said at about 10am, he saw the woman leaning on to the panel railing of the six floor. — Bernama

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