Monday, February 4

Updates Updates!!!!

WARNING: This is a super wordy post (until I can upload some photos).

I know a lot people would give me the cock-eye stare. Why can't I blog at home with the UNIFI super-speed connection? You see, *banyak excuse* when I am at home, I have to do houseworks (lying), then I have to cook (lying), then need to feed FiNi, then exercise (lying).... HAHAHA. Seriously, when I am at home, I do unproductive stuff, such as playing Facebook's CoasterVille, Chefville and FarmVille 2. *winks* Occasionally, I would watch Running Man (from episode 1), and Running Man is so addictive!!!!

Those who doesn't watch Running Man should dig a hole and bury their heads inside! *joking* It's crazily funny. The Running Man that I like most is KwangSoo because he is just so ugly!!! *faints* Ok, I shall stop talking about Running Man and continue with updating what's happening in my life right now.


Let me see, from my last post is about this Ms. Sharifah and Bawani, the issue has all died down, but the joke remains circulating amongst friends. I organized a Chinese New Year Reunion Gathering Dinner on 1st of February, and we all were sharing gossips and then everybody starts interfere with each others' speeches. Then someone randomly said "Listen Listen Listen!" then everyone burst into laughter! You never knew that the word "Listen x 3" could induce such powerful effect. This, for one, we have to thank Ms.Sharifah! As you can guess, the next word to follow is "I forgive You" when you offended someone. It was hilarious!

During the reunion, someone told me that my BFF Marccus actually got married. Shocked till death! I mean, it's not that he cannot get married. But how could he marry without informing me, we are BFF!!! But I haven't seen him in years. I guess he never changed. Still the merry Ol' him. *hopefully* So i gave him a call and asked him whether he's married? And he declined la.. For a second there's a tinged of bitterness... Marccus marry also never inform me! For the record, when XeRoz proposed, he's the 1st one I informed (minusing TianChad out). Happy things are to be shared with BFFs! (all my BFF should read this and take a note to inform me when you are gettting married).

Last week also, another friend, (I guess it's ok to reveal her name here) Charmaine and Teck have good news to share! Teck proposed in a romantic ceremony and Charmaine said "I do"! Wohhoooo... Welcome Charmaine and Teck to the Marriage Club. Their proposal announcement brings me back to memories of my very own un-romantic (but meaningful) proposal. I can say that I've planned and moved very fast! Kudos to myself for such efficient planning. So now for my wedding, all I need to do is snap my official wedding photos and buy some stuffs. Then me and XeROz can shake legs until October 19th! *muahahaha* Of course, I don't think shaking legs will be in our schedule, as we havent finalise our guest lists, and our heng dai n jimuis.

Speaking of wedding plans, I've been pretty agressive. This, i have to apologise to XeROz (he never reads my blog, so i guess he wont see this public apology). I don't know about all the future husbands-to-be outside there, but this husband-to-be is very, very lazy about wedding planning. He dislikes finding his wedding attire. LOL. He felt like I'm torturing him (I feel the same way too). So the other day, we went to select my gown. I only chose ONE gown for photoshooting. *gasps* WHY only 1 gown? If follow my hearts desire, I would want 5 gowns and 3 evening dresses! But no. HAHA.. I'm still rational on this. For me, what's most important about wedding is the meaningfulness and also affordable. Me and XerOz actually do not have so much budget for a grand wedding, but we are doing our best in pulling off a proper and happy day for both of us. So, yes, 1 White Gown for photoshooting. I can imagine the photoshooting to be a challenge with limited costumes. So, let's see how i pull off this challenge! I'm not at all worried because I always had trusted Sky Arts Production's photos to produce meaningful photos.

So, let's see how it goes! *finger crossed*

Of all the days for bad things to happen, my small 1 door fridge chose to emit a horrendous stench as we are all preparing for CNY! *rolls eye* I can't describe the stench, it's from the back of the fridge, smelling like rotten eggs/corpse, and only happen occasionally. I was looking forward to buy a new fridge but since the internal is still functioning, why need to waste the money. Anyway the smell was really traumatic. We checked every nook and cranny of the fridge and there's no dead mice anywhere. So i used the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to flush the drain. And now the stench isn't that bad. Well, I guess if the smell don't go away, I need to go hunt for a fridge already! *stress!!!!*

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. MsXeRoz wishes everyone a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR and drive safe!



The M said...

ah, u got a nice header photo finally =D

The M said...

ah, u got a nice header photo finallya =D

atreyustrange said...

why don't you try to use the bamboo charcoal thing to reduce stench. hehe

cklim said...

haha boss, it's time for me to inform you i am in the club. Wedding dinner, 2 yrs later, in Dec 2014. :)