Friday, February 8

NTV7 Lucky Bowl Strikes 2013 Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year is always a meaningful celebration for all chinese. Every year, Chinese New Year will be a gathering time for friends and family. Our days and nights (especially) will be filled with group activities - singing, playing games, drinking and gambling, and also... watching television ^.^

Just like previous years, NTV7 have prepared us double celebration goodies by airing Lucky Bowl. With aplenty casts of local celebrity, Lucky Bowl has a lot to offer on the 1st & 2nd day of Lunar Calender. Lucky Bowl consists of two parts; each telemovie is about 2 hours long, with a comedic and fantasy storyline. How do I know all about it? Well, I was honored to be invited by TianChad to be his plus one for this red carpet event last week. *HONORED*

Lucky Bowl, has the ability to multiply items which were put into it. Hence, two families were feuding due to the jealousy and the greed to own the bowl for themselves. Many years passed and the existence of the bowl were forgotten by its own rightful owner. As Chinese New Year approaches, three siblings from kampung came to "STEAL" the bowl.

Part 1 of Lucky Bowl tells about the hilarious adventure of the siblings in their expedition to steal the bowl. Starring Adrian Tan, Debbie Goh, Frederick Lee, Aenie Wong, MiaoMiao and Lawrence Wong.

Karena and Adrian

Debbie & Frederick
Aenie, MiaoMiao and Lawrence
MiaoMiao & TianChad makes a matching couple, yah?
Jack, Me, Kyo & TianChad
Me (MsXeROz) & TianChad
Happy MiaoMiao New Year!
Whole cast of Lucky Bowl

This is one telemovie I'm looking forward to! Can't wait to see how does the storyline flows to~

Stay tuned to NTV 7 for the Part 1 & 2 of Lucky Bowl. 8.30PM
Date: 10th & 11th February 2013

Pictures taken from TianChad (Sky Arts Photography). Visit his blog for more details and information on Lucky Bowl Premiere Screening! Check it out HERE.

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Ayuni said...

Good story with implicit moral values.....Every year, I'm waiting for NTV7 for their own CNY movie as it carries lots of moral values....