Friday, February 8

Great Ideas For Travel Destinations

A great family vacation destination is one that has activities the whole family can enjoy together while at the same time providing a space for much needed relaxation. The ideal vacation spot allows the family to have a fun time and return home refreshed and renewed. Here are four great family vacation destinations:
1. The Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, attracts families due to its unique physical characteristics, such as its rock formations, gorges and ridges, and the great variety of activities that families can do together. With stunning colorful vistas and a rambling backcountry, the Grand Canyon often leaves visitors speechless. 
 Families can enjoy hiking, rafting and a ride in the Grand Canyon Railway. Grand Canyon Village, one of the most popular gateways to the park, is close to lodging, shopping and dining. In-park lodging at one of the hotels can get pricey, but there are campsites available for those families that prefer it. More adventurous families can also purchase permits to camp out in the North Rim backcountry, which is less popular and therefore less crowded. Peak season for the park is spring, summer and fall.
2. Nantucket
A popular family vacation destination during the summer months, Nantucket offers visitors beautiful beaches and waterfront activities as well as hiking, biking and many cultural activities for the whole family. Families can visit the Nantucket Whaling Museum or the April Daffodil Festival and children can take drama classes at the Theatre Workshop of Nantucket. Families can choose from a variety of Nantucket hotels  including classic hotels, cottages, lofts and inns, each offering a variety of amenities to suit the different needs of the guests. 
 Peak season falls during summer and visitors to Nantucket can find better lodging rates during the off-season, sometimes up to two-thirds off of peak season prices.
3. Williamsburg, Virginia
This small Virginia town is full of family-centered activities that are sure to delight all members of the family, no matter their age. For a truly unforgettable experience of hands-on activities and historical reenactments, families can visit Colonial Williamsburg; for cooling down during the summer months while having some fun, there is Water Country USA; for some screaming roller coaster rides, families can join the fun at Busch Gardens. There are many hotels and inns around the Williamsburg area, so families are sure to find one that fits their budget.
4. Chicago
Though most people do not think of large cities like Chicago as family vacation destinations, Chicago actually has many attractions for the whole family including the Shedd Aquarium, Lincoln Park Zoo, the Field Museum and the rides at the Navy Pier. There is a vibrant restaurant scene and the Magnificent Mile for shopping. Visitors can choose from high-priced hotels catering to the business class to more economical alternatives in warm B&Bs scattered throughout the northern neighborhoods of Chicago.
These great family destinations all boast a variety of activities for the whole family to enjoy, as well as different lodging options to suit both the taste and budget of each family.

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