Monday, February 11

11 Feb 2013: PSY in Barisan Nasional CNY Penang Event

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! Barisan Nasional leaders celebrated Chinese New Year in Penang this year. A much publicised event with the appearance of PSY aka Gangnam Style (RM2million performance controversy), the rowdy crowds gathered the much awaited event.

Today's event highlights two things: The popularity of Najib (BN) and the popularity of PSY. Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak, personally introduced PSY's performance, he asked the crowd "ARE YOU READY FOR PSY?", and the crowd burst into yells of "YESS"
"ARE YOU READY FOR BN?" He asked again, this time the crowd yells "NOOOO"

(PSY more popular than BN, LOL)

Check this video out:-

Despite numerous public backlash on wasting RM2 Million of tax payers' money to fund the special performance by PSY (who is famous for his Oppan Gangnam Style), PSY did appear after all! 

News also emerged that PSY declined the Prime Minister's offer to "lou sang" together. Hence,  PSY refusing himself to be made a tool for the politicians. PSY proved that he's not a "sai" to Malaysians. *RESPECT* He's just a performer, making money for his performance, and do not want to get involve in anything beyond that!

Penangites must be really happy for a FREE PSY show today! 
Thank you Na Ji~



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