Thursday, February 28

Wahhhh I'm So Pretty!

Self-Declare Pretty

I really like this photograph. It was a random shot, when I was walking to the car as the sun sets. This was taken on the way to Astro Chinese New Year Dinner... Oh La LA~~~  Ulala~~

Pretty = confidence + angle + good photographer!

p/s: Photo credits to Sky Arts Production.


Wednesday, February 27

MsXeRoZ's 2013 Chinese New Year with Chua Family

Chinese New Year come and go every year.... And besides how much Angpao we all get, to be frank nobody really bothers about this festival anymore. To me, this years Chinese New Year will be the most memorable one for me, for it will be my last Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner with my family.

No, I'm not dying yet, I'm will be getting married. In Chinese culture, girls who are married are considered to belong to their husband's family. Hence, this will be my last year having cleaning, decorating and having reunion dinner with Chua family.

So, how does the Chua family celebrates Chinese New Year? 

Our celebration evolved gradually. Of course, the most fun of the Chinese New Year happens when I was younger, especially before Akor Akien got married. Akor Akien used to be the leader in making Chinese New Year cookies and delicacies - such as Kuih Bahulu, Kuih Kapit, Pineapple tarts and sometimes nyonya kuih. The children will follow her around, in case there's spare for us to eat. nyehehe...But then, after she left, no more cookies were made in my kampung house. #sadstory

Well after making cookies, all of us will wash up the kitchen, car porch and wait for the reunion dinner. Our home chef is Aunty Irene, and my mom usually acts as her assistant. They would start preparing cooking materials from 6am. (cutting, washing + marination). What's my role, you ask? I am usually in charge of sweeping the floor, mopping and wash toilets. My sister, Wern is my helper.

Next comes the home decoration part. We used to buy additional decorations for kampung, but nowadays, we prefer to cut costs by DIY. After all, some decorations can't be reused (especially those Chinese Zodiac ones).We don't usually decorate much, because later after CNY, it's troublesome for others to remove the decorations. 

As the clock struck 6pm, everyone of us have to bathe and wear clean, fresh clothes and prepare for our sumptious reunion dinner. Before dinner, the food will first be served to pray, and seek blessings from God. This is where all the good food like chicken, duck, pork, fish, prawns, vegetables and a soup comes. Our reunion dinner has become simplified over the years, there's no more abalone, fish maw, scallop, or sea cucumber (due to the price) for the reunion dinner. Instead, during the 2nd day of Chinese New Year, we will have a BIGGER reunion dinner when all my aunties and cousins come to visit.

After that we will linger in the hall, then wait for my Grandpa to call to help him with his Angpao. It was a fun experience because us, kids was so excited helping grandpa to package his angpao. He will instruct us to put RM2, RM10, RM50 and RM100 into red packets. At the same time, we all prayed we can get RM50 or RM100 angpaos on the next day. Anyway, we usually only get RM10. At most RM50 from grandpa for being good kid.

After helping out with the Angpaos, my mom and Aunty Irene will start preparing fruits for prayers. When my grandma was still around, she will be in charge of this department. My grandma was a pious Buddhists, and she was really particular with tradition and prayers. Fruits are also to be wrapped with a red, decorated paper. Usually we prepare pears, oranges, pomelos, pineapples, and apples. Each tray has to fit 5 small fruits or 1 big fruit. Why so? Seriously, I dont know. When grandma was around, we prayed the whole night. As in, everybody CANNOT go to sleep before praying (compulsary), and incense have to be replaced every 1 hour until morning. I don't remember staying up all night, so I must be the one snoring away while grandma took care of the incense. But nowadays, we don't practice that anymore, we just pray, then go to bed.

Praying session starts at 11pm. So, while waiting for praying, we will have minum session. *kekeeke* while watching TV. Gambling has never been a Chua family tradition. Seriously, over my 26 years of Chinese New Year there, we never had gambling sessions. We play cards, but never involved money. Our favourite card is usually UNO. Days passed and children grew into adults, nobody seems to be interested in cards already.

Woke up the next morning and dress up to the nines. It's day 1 of Chinese New Year! We will pray first, and then lim kopi (hokkien term for breakfast), and then we will serve our elders a small cup of tea. With this tea, we wish the elders good fortune, health, prosperity, happiness and wealth, the elders will drink up the tea and wish us study hard and success, while giving us Angpao. Angpao is really NOT that easy to get, because you have to think of creative wishes for every aunties and uncles! But this tradition too, had been simplified. Grandpa couldnt drink tea anymore, and kids =.= playing computer whole night, cannot wake up early to serve tea together and breakfast together. I really like this culture and I hope one day I can revive tea-drinking ceremony for my home, as this culture taught me respect in the family.

Next~ family visiting.  My mom side has a BIGGGGG family as well. Usually we will leave about 10am to Bukit Rambai to Mak Pendek's house (my maternal grandma). My mom is from the Peranakan ancestry, and the baba and nyonyas has alot of nick names. So I have uncles and aunties with names like Beruk, Nyampuk, Kotai, Bisu, Buruk and so on. We will meet up in Mak Pendek's house with my other uncles and visit Ahyi Nya Ai's family first. Then move to Ahyi Nya Ee's house, Ahyi Nyonya's house, then only go visit my Akim Gemuk, before heading back home. =)

Sometimes, we will also go to Tampin to visit my EePoh, Ahyi AhGuek, Ahyi Ah Hong and my cousins. My aunties in Tampin are capable of cooking FANTASTIC Nyonya dishes. This will be one of the things I will miss when I get married.

Of course, on 2nd day of CNY, my other cousins are back. Our usual hobby is laughing at each other. Did you see the family photo framed on the wall. This year we had a great laugh looking at our faces in year 2000. Hopefully, we will continue to bring laughter to the family in years to come!

When my cousins are back, we will have our lou sang to commemorate a new HUAT year! So all of us will mix up the ingredients in the bowl, and shout out fortunate words. The yee sang must also be  "lou" as high as possible to indicate HIGH fortune and achievement for the year.

Phew... the rest of my chinese new year, I will summarize as EAT, PLAY, TV, SLEEP (continue until Chap Goh Mei)...


HUAT AH!!! Can't wait for my new CNY experience next year! New role, new responsibility! How would it turn out to be? *fingers crossed!*

HUATT AHH~~~!!!!

Thursday, February 14

Valentine's Day Suicide/Homicide In Berjaya Times Square, KL

It is my first day of work since the Chinese New Year celebration. Alone at work, I was browsing for interesting topics to read and I was notified of a death happened at 11am (approx) today. It was a death (from falling from a high place) in a shopping complex in KL City Center. Well, I will not reveal the name of the shopping complex (you have to do the digging yourself), because I believe it is nothing to publicize about.

Death on Valentine's Day.

A death on this very special day associated with LOVE, and we will automatically link this tragedy as a sad ending to a love story. But is it? As this case is recent, we cannot refute the possibility of murder, or homicide. But whatever death it may be, this kind of incident will spark public interests - Why did she die? From which floor did she fell? Is the place haunted? 

  • It could be suicide. As perhaps, victim being dumped by boyfriend on this very fateful day.
  • It could be homicide. As perhaps, she was playing/arguing with boyfriend, and she accidentally fall from the railings.
  • It could be a robbery cum homicide. As we all know the upper stories of a shopping complex are quiet, and a robber wanted to rob her and she struggled and fall.
  • It could be a horror story. The victim being possessed into jumping down.

Valentine's day is celebrated 14th February of every year, and it is a romantic day. For such a lovely day to end with death, is really, a sad thing. strongly opposes suicide missions and anything related to shortening one's life. During adolescence, I understand the pressure of growing up, and with hormones raging and peer pressures. All a young person (boy or girl) deemed most important is LOVE. But young boy and girl, LOVE is important, but NOT everything in the world. Being foreveralone does not mean that you are a lesser person! *Sigh* LOVE can be found and cultured, while there's only ONE LIFE to LOVE and BE LOVED.


This is a community message by


KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 14 —  Visitors to the Times Square shopping complex were shocked when a woman fell to her death from the sixth floor of the complex, here, today. 

During the 11am incident, Choo Czek Yeng, 36, died at the scene of severe head injuries. 

Dang Wangi police chief ACP Zainuddin Ahmad said police were informed of the incident at 11.25am and have classified the case as sudden death. 

"The body of the victim was sent to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital for post-mortem," he told Bernama via a short message service (SMS). 

A witness (man) who did not want to be named said at about 10am, he saw the woman leaning on to the panel railing of the six floor. — Bernama

Monday, February 11

11 Feb 2013: PSY in Barisan Nasional CNY Penang Event

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! Barisan Nasional leaders celebrated Chinese New Year in Penang this year. A much publicised event with the appearance of PSY aka Gangnam Style (RM2million performance controversy), the rowdy crowds gathered the much awaited event.

Today's event highlights two things: The popularity of Najib (BN) and the popularity of PSY. Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak, personally introduced PSY's performance, he asked the crowd "ARE YOU READY FOR PSY?", and the crowd burst into yells of "YESS"
"ARE YOU READY FOR BN?" He asked again, this time the crowd yells "NOOOO"

(PSY more popular than BN, LOL)

Check this video out:-

Despite numerous public backlash on wasting RM2 Million of tax payers' money to fund the special performance by PSY (who is famous for his Oppan Gangnam Style), PSY did appear after all! 

News also emerged that PSY declined the Prime Minister's offer to "lou sang" together. Hence,  PSY refusing himself to be made a tool for the politicians. PSY proved that he's not a "sai" to Malaysians. *RESPECT* He's just a performer, making money for his performance, and do not want to get involve in anything beyond that!

Penangites must be really happy for a FREE PSY show today! 
Thank you Na Ji~



Friday, February 8

NTV7 Lucky Bowl Strikes 2013 Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year is always a meaningful celebration for all chinese. Every year, Chinese New Year will be a gathering time for friends and family. Our days and nights (especially) will be filled with group activities - singing, playing games, drinking and gambling, and also... watching television ^.^

Just like previous years, NTV7 have prepared us double celebration goodies by airing Lucky Bowl. With aplenty casts of local celebrity, Lucky Bowl has a lot to offer on the 1st & 2nd day of Lunar Calender. Lucky Bowl consists of two parts; each telemovie is about 2 hours long, with a comedic and fantasy storyline. How do I know all about it? Well, I was honored to be invited by TianChad to be his plus one for this red carpet event last week. *HONORED*

Lucky Bowl, has the ability to multiply items which were put into it. Hence, two families were feuding due to the jealousy and the greed to own the bowl for themselves. Many years passed and the existence of the bowl were forgotten by its own rightful owner. As Chinese New Year approaches, three siblings from kampung came to "STEAL" the bowl.

Part 1 of Lucky Bowl tells about the hilarious adventure of the siblings in their expedition to steal the bowl. Starring Adrian Tan, Debbie Goh, Frederick Lee, Aenie Wong, MiaoMiao and Lawrence Wong.

Karena and Adrian

Debbie & Frederick
Aenie, MiaoMiao and Lawrence
MiaoMiao & TianChad makes a matching couple, yah?
Jack, Me, Kyo & TianChad
Me (MsXeROz) & TianChad
Happy MiaoMiao New Year!
Whole cast of Lucky Bowl

This is one telemovie I'm looking forward to! Can't wait to see how does the storyline flows to~

Stay tuned to NTV 7 for the Part 1 & 2 of Lucky Bowl. 8.30PM
Date: 10th & 11th February 2013

Pictures taken from TianChad (Sky Arts Photography). Visit his blog for more details and information on Lucky Bowl Premiere Screening! Check it out HERE.

Great Ideas For Travel Destinations

A great family vacation destination is one that has activities the whole family can enjoy together while at the same time providing a space for much needed relaxation. The ideal vacation spot allows the family to have a fun time and return home refreshed and renewed. Here are four great family vacation destinations:
1. The Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, attracts families due to its unique physical characteristics, such as its rock formations, gorges and ridges, and the great variety of activities that families can do together. With stunning colorful vistas and a rambling backcountry, the Grand Canyon often leaves visitors speechless. 
 Families can enjoy hiking, rafting and a ride in the Grand Canyon Railway. Grand Canyon Village, one of the most popular gateways to the park, is close to lodging, shopping and dining. In-park lodging at one of the hotels can get pricey, but there are campsites available for those families that prefer it. More adventurous families can also purchase permits to camp out in the North Rim backcountry, which is less popular and therefore less crowded. Peak season for the park is spring, summer and fall.
2. Nantucket
A popular family vacation destination during the summer months, Nantucket offers visitors beautiful beaches and waterfront activities as well as hiking, biking and many cultural activities for the whole family. Families can visit the Nantucket Whaling Museum or the April Daffodil Festival and children can take drama classes at the Theatre Workshop of Nantucket. Families can choose from a variety of Nantucket hotels  including classic hotels, cottages, lofts and inns, each offering a variety of amenities to suit the different needs of the guests. 
 Peak season falls during summer and visitors to Nantucket can find better lodging rates during the off-season, sometimes up to two-thirds off of peak season prices.
3. Williamsburg, Virginia
This small Virginia town is full of family-centered activities that are sure to delight all members of the family, no matter their age. For a truly unforgettable experience of hands-on activities and historical reenactments, families can visit Colonial Williamsburg; for cooling down during the summer months while having some fun, there is Water Country USA; for some screaming roller coaster rides, families can join the fun at Busch Gardens. There are many hotels and inns around the Williamsburg area, so families are sure to find one that fits their budget.
4. Chicago
Though most people do not think of large cities like Chicago as family vacation destinations, Chicago actually has many attractions for the whole family including the Shedd Aquarium, Lincoln Park Zoo, the Field Museum and the rides at the Navy Pier. There is a vibrant restaurant scene and the Magnificent Mile for shopping. Visitors can choose from high-priced hotels catering to the business class to more economical alternatives in warm B&Bs scattered throughout the northern neighborhoods of Chicago.
These great family destinations all boast a variety of activities for the whole family to enjoy, as well as different lodging options to suit both the taste and budget of each family.

Wednesday, February 6

I Am Late!!!!

This is outrageous!
This is unacceptable!!
This is despicable!!!

For I am late.

I do not know how on Earth this could ever happen! I have been late for 3 years!!! THREE FREAKING YEARS!!!

This morning, as I was driving to work, I received a msg from Koko saying that she has just left home, and whether it is possible to arrive to her workplace in 15mins. I glanced at the clock, it's only 8.09am, why does she need to arrive by 8.15am, when her office starts at 8.30am??

Then, feeling suspicious of our conversation on time, I mentioned my current time on handphone to her, and IT WAS THEN THAT I REALISED I AM SLOWER BY 5 MINUTES!!!!


To be frank, my mom always had taught me to be punctual, and I have always been punctual or earlier but this good habit had been tarnished by XeRoZ. He dawdles alot. =.=

5mins may not be a big time difference, but to me it is! My alarm is late! Arrive at work late, and everytime when I have gatherings then I am late.

and why does the handphone have a later time?? I dont know!

*note: Set to 5mins earlier already!

ok won't be late for lunch now!

Deepest Love,
Sent from my Windows Phone

Monday, February 4

Updates Updates!!!!

WARNING: This is a super wordy post (until I can upload some photos).

I know a lot people would give me the cock-eye stare. Why can't I blog at home with the UNIFI super-speed connection? You see, *banyak excuse* when I am at home, I have to do houseworks (lying), then I have to cook (lying), then need to feed FiNi, then exercise (lying).... HAHAHA. Seriously, when I am at home, I do unproductive stuff, such as playing Facebook's CoasterVille, Chefville and FarmVille 2. *winks* Occasionally, I would watch Running Man (from episode 1), and Running Man is so addictive!!!!

Those who doesn't watch Running Man should dig a hole and bury their heads inside! *joking* It's crazily funny. The Running Man that I like most is KwangSoo because he is just so ugly!!! *faints* Ok, I shall stop talking about Running Man and continue with updating what's happening in my life right now.


Let me see, from my last post is about this Ms. Sharifah and Bawani, the issue has all died down, but the joke remains circulating amongst friends. I organized a Chinese New Year Reunion Gathering Dinner on 1st of February, and we all were sharing gossips and then everybody starts interfere with each others' speeches. Then someone randomly said "Listen Listen Listen!" then everyone burst into laughter! You never knew that the word "Listen x 3" could induce such powerful effect. This, for one, we have to thank Ms.Sharifah! As you can guess, the next word to follow is "I forgive You" when you offended someone. It was hilarious!

During the reunion, someone told me that my BFF Marccus actually got married. Shocked till death! I mean, it's not that he cannot get married. But how could he marry without informing me, we are BFF!!! But I haven't seen him in years. I guess he never changed. Still the merry Ol' him. *hopefully* So i gave him a call and asked him whether he's married? And he declined la.. For a second there's a tinged of bitterness... Marccus marry also never inform me! For the record, when XeRoz proposed, he's the 1st one I informed (minusing TianChad out). Happy things are to be shared with BFFs! (all my BFF should read this and take a note to inform me when you are gettting married).

Last week also, another friend, (I guess it's ok to reveal her name here) Charmaine and Teck have good news to share! Teck proposed in a romantic ceremony and Charmaine said "I do"! Wohhoooo... Welcome Charmaine and Teck to the Marriage Club. Their proposal announcement brings me back to memories of my very own un-romantic (but meaningful) proposal. I can say that I've planned and moved very fast! Kudos to myself for such efficient planning. So now for my wedding, all I need to do is snap my official wedding photos and buy some stuffs. Then me and XeROz can shake legs until October 19th! *muahahaha* Of course, I don't think shaking legs will be in our schedule, as we havent finalise our guest lists, and our heng dai n jimuis.

Speaking of wedding plans, I've been pretty agressive. This, i have to apologise to XeROz (he never reads my blog, so i guess he wont see this public apology). I don't know about all the future husbands-to-be outside there, but this husband-to-be is very, very lazy about wedding planning. He dislikes finding his wedding attire. LOL. He felt like I'm torturing him (I feel the same way too). So the other day, we went to select my gown. I only chose ONE gown for photoshooting. *gasps* WHY only 1 gown? If follow my hearts desire, I would want 5 gowns and 3 evening dresses! But no. HAHA.. I'm still rational on this. For me, what's most important about wedding is the meaningfulness and also affordable. Me and XerOz actually do not have so much budget for a grand wedding, but we are doing our best in pulling off a proper and happy day for both of us. So, yes, 1 White Gown for photoshooting. I can imagine the photoshooting to be a challenge with limited costumes. So, let's see how i pull off this challenge! I'm not at all worried because I always had trusted Sky Arts Production's photos to produce meaningful photos.

So, let's see how it goes! *finger crossed*

Of all the days for bad things to happen, my small 1 door fridge chose to emit a horrendous stench as we are all preparing for CNY! *rolls eye* I can't describe the stench, it's from the back of the fridge, smelling like rotten eggs/corpse, and only happen occasionally. I was looking forward to buy a new fridge but since the internal is still functioning, why need to waste the money. Anyway the smell was really traumatic. We checked every nook and cranny of the fridge and there's no dead mice anywhere. So i used the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to flush the drain. And now the stench isn't that bad. Well, I guess if the smell don't go away, I need to go hunt for a fridge already! *stress!!!!*

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. MsXeRoz wishes everyone a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR and drive safe!