Saturday, January 5

Why People Love Sports?

Hmm..yesterday, as I have mentioned XD I went for a badminton session (P/s All photos are captured using handphone, please forgive the blurness!). 

It is a plain fact that I have no sports talent, or interest... kekeke... I don't even own a badminton racquet. All I own erm...sports equipment is... erm... swimming suit? 

So yesterday is indeed a memorable day because it is my first time holding badminton racquet in 7 years. In my whole life, I only held racquets like ..erm...*think* erm.... less than 10 times. Not that I am proud of hahahah. Yupz, it is also my first time in The Challenger Sports Center @ Taman Cuepacs, Cheras.  This sports center is really huge, and there are many badminton courts inside.

And today my right arm is aching T_T
I don't even know whether my arm is aching due to badminton, or due to taking the buckets of water. The condition is really stressful in Ampang, as the water supply is not restored yet.

Before sports

Anyway, as much as I feel nauseated with the stench of people's sweat, it still fascinates me on why people love sports so much? 

After sports
OMG!!! Now i know why Dato' Lee Chong Wei have this look! HAHAHAHA....

Anyway, I have committed to another badminton session next week. ^.^ So lets see whether I can lose weight by playing more sports XD

Current weight: 53kg

Come on babeh... give me motivation!


Unknown said...

I'm going around the web for some read and I found yours. :) At least you had it in you to play badminton, I don't even remember the last time I played any sports! :P

Henry Tan said...

hahahahhaa i can see that the LCW's mouth on ur face only! hahaha