Monday, January 7

Unimates Gathering @ Fullhouse Sunway Pyramid

Here comes the 2013 University Mates Gathering!!! I believe that as everyone had known by now, gatherings are hard to come by. It is really difficult to gather more than 5 persons for a meet up or yumcha session. But this time, Tracy had the honor of organizing a gathering in Sunway Pyramid. She was pessimistic about the outcome, but yeay! It was deemed a success as we lingered more than 1 hour (as predicted) and have participants of erm..9 persons.

Good job Tracy!

Heading for gatherings are also quite stressful, especially it is this time to catch up with my peers. Some, being happily and blissfully married, while some, remained successfully single. And naturally, you tend to compare yourself with others. *emo*

But anyway, I gathered up my courage to attend the gathering, in my bright pink, dirty slippers because I forgotten that I do not have a shoe in XeROz's car. And he laughed at me all the way because it looks really "ahjumma" style.

WORSE STILL, friends look at me from TOP to TOE and speculated that I am...pregnant! (coz my top is loose, and slippers -___-")

Of course I denied! But they said "it's ok, cant announce before 1st trimester, so we understand"
Denial rejected. First time I encounter such situation! (Mischievious Charmaine to be blamed for this)
Newly wed Rosemary~!! She's glowing in bliss. And NO, I am NOT preggy. Next gathering I will wear stilletos and tight lycra dress to essentuate my curves fats (HAH!)

We also have the most kind, sporting male friend here...None other than Kien Weng.

In our next gathering, I hope to see Kien Weng bringing his other half. GAMBATTE!!! Please divorce your computer and get a REAL gf ok, bro?

And here's forever skinny Yeni (oh my her name rhymes with the adjective). So let me make her a poem:
Skinny Yeni always stay pretty,
Skinny Yeni please get marry...


A group photo worth framing for~!
So there's a total of 9 of us:
Pei Ying (not in photo), Susan, Tracy, Me, Charmaine, Irene, Rosemary, Yeni & Kien Weng (photographer)

Fullhouse is a well-known boutique cafe, but to be honest, the food and service deteriorate that we TOTALLY find their service horrible that we would like to request a refund on service charge!

The drinks are served slow. I ordered the flower-tea which used to be served in teapots and now being served in a cup. And when I asked for a refill, the serve me with another cup of warm water (MEANS NO REFILL???) WTH! Charging me RM6.90 for a cup of non refillable flower tea! OK I'll keep in mine to bring my own HOT WATER FLASK next time. That also IF I EVER BOTHER TO COME.
 Come on la Fullhouse, how much does it cost for a hot water? *tak steady langsung*

We ordered french fries and chicken nuggets. I wonder why the nuggets are sourish, and the fries...erm.. there's 9 of us and the fries even have leftover. I don't know how to describe the taste... KERAS fits the description.

Anyway, next time gathering we should find other place - am thinking of Korean BBQ, or some other place with generous refills and good service!

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