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Sharifah Zohra Jabeen Syed Shah Miskin: The Art of Speaking (and Listen!)

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So here I come again as an opportunist blogger. AHEM *clears throat* Not for this case. As a person who is known for my straightforward characteristic, I cannot help myself from thinking, and voicing opinions about this incident.

Here's a summary of the incident which I am going to share my views about. (It is all over the web, just "google" Sharifah Zohra and you have tonnes to read about). If you don't bother reading the tonnes of news and blogs out there, just stick to my summary here: -
Note: I only saw a portion of the clip of the forum, not the full forum.

SUMMARY: During a forum in UUM, a student, Bavani KS was speaking very loudly in the middle of the hall, with a list of questions on Bersih (mass gathering/public demonstration), free education from pre-school to the first degree (which was being implemented in other countries, examples given by Bavani). And meanwhile, one of the panelists, Ms. Sharifah herself, stood in front of Bavani, trying to interrupt the questions from Bavani. While Bavani was pausing for breath, Ms. Sharifah took the microphone stand away from Bavani, preventing her to continue further, said a very loud and firm LISTEN for eleven times! and said let me speak for another 7 times. Despite being shaken, Bavani shook her hands, and then Ms. Sharifah started talking about respect. After talking about respect, Ms. Sharifah said she does not have the obligation to reply Bavani's questions, due to her bad attitude. But, continued to reply Bavani's speech, and starts to bash Bavani with "if you are not happy with Malaysia, what are you doing here?", implying that the people are happy with the government's arrangement, hence, if she's not happy, she ought to move to other country. Then Ms. Sharifah speaks about animals and their problems, and commented about Bavani's lack of education. Not too long after that, Bavani flashed a smile and exited the hall, with Ms. Sharifah wishing Bavani, best of luck in the future.

Let me gently describe how I feel when I watched the clip.
  1. Bavani have a very high pitch voice, and she was full with nervousness. Her public speaking skills were quite bad, with very arrogant-like gestures (hands raised up when asking questions), as though challenging the authority.(This, she needs to improve herself. A charismatic speaker is one that convinces with words and convincing, yet humble body language).
  2. But, above all, I listen to her points and was impressed with the issues she bring forward. She did her homework. 
  3. Then, Ms. Sharifah again and again trying to shut Bavani up, and I raised my eyebrow when she took the microphone away. And I taken by surprise when she repeated LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN so maaaany times (11x). Then she started talking, initially I thought she was the emcee because she was down there, rather than on the stage. Then when she started to "reply" Bavani, her replies were of insults-like, intimidating Bavani, and also the animals came out as well. (Animals have problem), which, practically, never reply any of Bavani's question and unrelated to context. It is a no wonder that this incident became a public uproar.

Of course, I dare not to challenge Ms. Sharifah (because of her high inteligence and a degree holder, fuhyoh). I am also not here to defend any one of them. I'm writing this, because I am ashamed by the audience in the forum. When Bavani speak, they yell and applaud. When Ms. Sharifah bashed Bavani, they applaud. This is why, again and again,  I feel the society is SICK. Oh, please don't get me wrong, I do not oppose people with different thinkings and opinions. It is true, that some of the audience may side with Ms. Sharifah, and some, with Bavani. But people, no matter which side are you on, you have at least the very intelligence to distinguish RIGHT and WRONG. BETUL atau SALAH, with reasonings, of course.

This scenario also tells me that some people, just love trouble; creating trouble, or making it worse. When they sense trouble brewing, they purposely go stir and make things worst. Here's another experience I have encountered, which I would like to share:-

Man A exited a taxi without paying, and Taxi Driver rushed out of the cab to chase after the man. Man B (passer by) had tarpau'ed his food and saw the chase. Man C was another passerby who passed by the area. Taxi Driver pulls Man A, demanding for his taxi fare. Man A pushed Taxi Driver. Taxi Driver fell down. Man B puts down his food on the roadside, and rushes to Taxi Driver and started hitting him. Man C came as well, all 3 men started hitting Taxi Driver. Taxi Driver runs to his taxi, with a bloodied nose,  and then Man C continue walking, while Man B took his food, and left for home. Man A, B, and C did not know each other.

So, am I wrong to say the society is sick? 3 vs 1. and We all know who is morally right. But what's the point of being morally right, when the majority is morally wrong? Good vs Evil, and good always win? Sorry people, that is not always the case.

Hence, when I see the audience clapping and cheering at the speech of Ms. Sharifah when she was speaking about shark-fin's problem, dogs problems, cats problems, my heart was really aching. How can you cheer for a such STUPID statement coming out from the mouth of the self-claimed degree holder? Furthermore, it is a forum, and a very professional conduct should be practiced. Rather than giving feedbacks and sharing opinions as in what forums usually are, I find Ms. Sharifah getting carried away with her speech of animals and as though she's rallying for supporters.

Well, I did not intend to critisize anyone but I guess I just did. Told ya that I'm a very straightforward person XD. Anyway, I do have to apologise if my write-ups offended any persons or animals.

Here's a quote that I want to share:
“Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.”
Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790);
Politician, Writer, Scientist


Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

both are loud speakers...but personally speaking..we should let other finish or at least balance it out by giving a gentle gesture to end the conversation. and what with the animal having problem now?? i still dont get it how a 'so called' highly educated are giving this kinda examples. ..another note---what is wrong with the crowd?? applauding as a hobby? geez...listen listen listen..hahahaha

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Hi Devi,
as a professional speaker, I believed Ms.Sharifah could have give indication to Bavani to end her speech, or humbly tackle her points. A forum is where we debate or discuss. It is very rude, especially to say "when I speak, u listen". This words are commonly used by dictators!