Thursday, January 3


It is already 1:27am and I still haven't fell asleep. Today I went for my first Tui Na massage, which I really want to share my experience here but let us keep that sharing for some other time.

Just as I thought I could relax and watch Episode 9 of Friendly Fire (new TVB drama about love, justice and comedy) XeRoz and his brother popped out of no where! No actually I was chased by a huge bee from Wern's room so I rush to the toilet and bathed.

What an adventurous night, I wonder what happened to the bee? I hope it have left Wern's room otherwise as she is sleeping, the bee might build a hive on her buttockz haha then the next morning she would have a bee-hived buttockz like Niki Minaj!

Sleep sleep sleeeppp... Writing craps even makes me awake. Perhaps next time I should write some horror story to frighten myself to bed. LoL!


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