Saturday, January 5

Badminton Is Fun!

Here's how I spend the 1st Friday of 2013. And this also happens to be my 1st time holding a badminton racquet in 7 years!

I never liked badminton! I never had liked badminton. Why?  Main reason is the high speed case to hit the shuttlecock.  Secondly is the neck ache, Thirdly is the right hand ache. Hahaha... Very typical of me, I am basically anti-sports.

But not today...
I enjoyed every "reply" I managed to make (not many though).
I enjoyed picking up the shuttlecocks. (many, many times).
Most importantly, i enjoyed every sweat that flow on my skin. (credits to Rachel Koko for teaching me how to enjoy a dip in my own sweat)

My hands are shaking as I'm typing this post using my phone. Tomorrow I will rise with an arm aching XD

What a fun night!!!!


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