Tuesday, December 31

Salary Increase Letter: Increase in Cost of Living

It is a happy new year, but.... 2014 seems to be filled with uncertainty and increase in cost of living seems very prominent. It is forecasted to be the year where everything increase but, not your salary.

 This is a letter penned by Mr. Kenny Tan which I find useful, straight to the point, simple and direct that can help us explain our life as an employee. I hope all bosses can "jaga" (translation: take care) of us employees and lets survive the upcoming years together!


My new year resolution 2014 is to earn more, enjoy more, and then make some humans.  save more money.

MsXeROz (2013)

Friday, December 27

MY Astro Chinese New Year 2014 Song - 梦想动起来

Jingle bells fades away and now it's time for us Chinese to await Chinese New Year! Yippie! My Astro has also released their 2014 Horse Power Chinese New Year Theme Song, which literally entitled (I direct translate) Dream Moves (but it actually means Move Your Dreams).

visit TianChad.com for more upclose and personal photos of the artists of the MV

First, I have to claim that I am chinese illiterate, but I really enjoy this song. The melody is pleasant, soothing and at some point creates some surge of inspiration. The music video (MV) is beautiful. Overall, this 2014 CNY Song from Astro is very modern, unlike the typical traditional CNY songs which is normally always (I have list down below):-
  1. Red Color themed. All of the singers + backdrop are 90% red.
  2. Location: some chinese temples.
  3. Old Singers
  4. Loud, blaring DONG DONG QIANG music.
  5. Kid dancers with two hair buns (like Chun Li) in red costume, again.
  6. Some lion dance or dragon dance in backdrop.
  7. Songs with lyrics like "hong bao" and "chai shen" or  "xin nian lai, xin nian lai".
(let me know if you have any typical CNY song style that I missed out)

The unique point of the MV was the cup tapping choreography. To me, it was lovely. But there's some slight confusion here, the idea of cup is creative, but how does it relate to Move Your Dreams? It was supposed to be a CNY Year of The Horse Song, but I don't remember any horses (if there is, it's not significant enough). How does the beautiful lot of new houses related to Chinese New Year, and most importantly, I can't recall the faces of the artists involved in the MV.

I can't spot the ever beautiful Lenna Lim! I keep seeing AhBeng (Jack Lim) only! Haha.. 

I love the ending scene, where people taking kitchen utensils, abacus and counting money. These are sights that relate to Chinese culture; we cook a lot for CNY to prepare a sumptuous feast, we count our fortune and money. Overall, I like this song and the MV. Just that, the MV should integrate more CNY "feel" to it.


Let us all MOVE OUR DREAMS for 2014!


Thursday, December 26

MsXeRoZ Cannot Finish Her Ice!

I'm so ugly I know! But today is the first time in my life that i bought a shaved ice and the taste is so weird that i cannot make myself to eat another bite! Basically as I'm writing this, i still have 3/4 cup full of shaved ice. 

Everyone who knew me will know that I love everything ice! I love ice kacang, snowflakes, chatime drinks and icecreams! 

(This delicious looking photo is captured by TianChad) 

Today, i saw a new beverage in Chatime called Pineapple Froz (RM6.90). I ordered this because pineapple ice seems to be special, and i had pineapple shaved ice before from some other outlets. But with my first mouth, it tasted like pineapple tarts filling. There's pineapple husks in the ice too! The froz also is too sweet to my liking. The whole thing tasted so weird. The 3 of us can't finish it!

*pulls hair* 


Tuesday, December 24

Delivery Made Easy With FoodPanda

Have you heard of FoodPanda?
I haven't heard of FoodPanda until someone told me about it. Foodpanda is a food delivery portal, where they have several merchants/restaurants collaborating to provide home delivery services. So, out of curiosity, I went to have a look at the website.

It works just like any pizza delivery services. Just the difference is that we have more food choices (because FoodPanda has various restaurants to choose from). First, all you have to do is to select a LOCATION, choose a RESTAURANT, place your ORDER, and Food is ON THE WAY

FoodPanda seems to have a wide range of restaurants (which do not normally provide delivery services) to choose from. I am attracted to order, and what more, the new customer's coupon available at the home page tempts me to place and order.

But first, I decided to explore around the website. Is this all authentic? One must not trust everything on the internet. You can have my money, but give me my food! *wave fist*

So I randomly chose a location, and wow...it must be nice living in Mont Kiara area. They have Chatime delivery, Bulldog English Pub and Restaurant and many more. FoodPanda also have ratings, so like all common sense, the more stars an outlet has, means it is highly recommended! 

I'd like to have a Chatime too! But how do we order? There's so many Chatime drink flavours and topups! Can I order what I want from FoodPanda?

So I clicked into the selection page again, and WOAH... FoodPanda even have pictures for the Chatime Beverage, and if not mistaken the price is just the same. All we need is to fulfil the requirement of minimum order of RM20 and delivery fees of RM4 to order Chatime. Seems reasonable though! If only my office have Chatime outlet that provides delivery services, then we can order Chatime for meetings, instead of serving the boring chinese tea!

I just noticed there's a "Chat Now" function. (I didn't notice it earlier). This is really helpful, if we have enquiries before ordering, then we can get clarification from FoodPanda immediately. 

Not only that! FoodPanda have 7 Eleven delivery services too! *AM IMPRESSED*
So, now those living in Mont Kiara do not have to out to buy beer and peanuts for some football game or party. Just online and order! Beer and peanuts will be on the way! 

So, I am all impressed already. I shall place my order tonight! I selected the location, and to my disappointment there's only 3 restaurants available at my area - Papa John's, Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza and Sarpino's Pizzeria. How I wish I have Kenny Rogers or A&W at my location. So, I ordered Papa John's. I haven't tried the Papa John's nearby my house. My experience with Papa John's Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka was a good one. So I shall give Papa John's a try.

To start ordering, I registered a FoodPanda account. In which they promised, Fast Delivery, Price Promise and Exclusive Discount

 I ordered Fabulous Combo 2 - Best Seller. It was quite convenient, as the ingredients were described clearly. I'm very particular about this because I don't take beef.

After selecting, we proceed to checkout and arrived at Delivery Address and Payment page. The Delivery Address form is quite messy. So I emphasized my FULL address at the comment section (which was supposed to leave any comments, such as, in case you are allergic to certain ingredients that you must inform the restaurant). I don't want my delivery guy to lost his way.
I want a happy delivery man + happy pizza! 

Payments can be made via Paypal or Cash On Delivery (COD).

p/s: I forgot to screenshot my payment page, so this is a mock one.

I ordered at 5pm from office. and before I arrived home, the pizza from Papa John's have arrived! Yeay! So I am welcomed by the aroma of freshly baked pizza upon arriving home. 

FoodPanda also provides small change. Initially, I was worried because where am I to dig exact change. Thankfully, the delivery guy brought small change. 

So, I opened the pizza enthusiastically.


Why Papa John's pizza look so ugly one!

On the positive side of it, the pizza was still warm, and tasted good (despite the messy look). I've had a good dining experience in Papa John's Melaka, and the pizzas were served more elegantly, neat and looked mouthwatering. This one I had yesterday made my eyes squint! 

Overall, I find FoodPanda quite good as a food delivery hub. It was my first time ordering, so far, the experience is OK despite the limited choice available at my area.  I wish there's more outlets in Subang/Puchong area so that whenever I have guests over for celebration or meetings, then I can just order out without fuss.

Hey, it's Christmas tomorrow! Anyone having party? I saw this Morganfield's Christmas Specials, so if you are ordering this, invite me for party too!!

Have a great culinary experience this Christmas!



Friday, December 20

[Movie]The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) with Dolby® Atmos™

Yesterday I was honoured to be a part of Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) Media Get Together Event. What's a Media Get Together Event? It's like a gathering-lah, where we get to social around with everybody from the media -magazines, newspapers, and bloggers. I've grew up watching movies from GSC, and to see and meet the people who runs the cinema, I never expected them to be such cool bunch of people. We happily ate and drank, had great laughters and it was so happy to meet the friendly managerial team of GSC. Thanks for letting me attend as TianChad's guest. To cut the long story short, we were also given a brand new movie experience with Dolby® Atmos™ 

"Dolby® Atmos™ introduces powerful new listening experiences for the movies, with sound that truly envelops you and allows you to hear the whole picture. With Dolby Atmos, filmmakers can now precisely position and move sounds anywhere in a theatre—even overhead—to heighten the realism and impact of every scene." In my words- WOAH! The new Dolby Atmos really impressed me. The speakers were choreographed perfectly to sound as though you are moving along with the scene in the movie. Speakers were places around the hall, and above you. 

What about The Secret Life of Walter Mitty?

It's a lovely story, about Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller) who has a very, superbly mundane life. He worked at the same place for 16 years, no wife nor girlfriend, and has to take care of his aged mother and a wacky sister. He has the tendency to "zone out", by his wild imagination of how he would like things to be. He wants to be great, but he couldn't, so he lets his imagination do all the great things that he fantasize about. Until one day, he found that his job is in jeopardy due to a lost photograph film (for his magazine), and he went on an adventure of life to find the lost film by hunting down the photographer, Sean O'Connell (Sean Penn). 

In the beginning, I thought this will be a lame comedy. But when Walter goes for an adventure, I begin to love the plot. I loved, the uncertainty, the little pinch of bravery that he could muster, and the journey to various places. To some, this may be an impossible fiction story. Yes, it is. But I love the essence that what this movie tried to show. I loved the scenery, and maybe it's all thanks to Dolby® Atmos™ that I was truly immersed with the scenes and sights of the sea, mountains, volcano eruption, sharks...fuhh.. 

And by end of the day, I realised that there's two places that I would want to go... GREENLAND AND ICELAND. 

(Photos from Internet - This is Iceland with the erupting Mount Eyjafjallajökull
(Photos from Internet) This is Greenland's Town of Nuuk
Life is so beautiful!!!! Check out the trailer

Let's live life to the fullest!

Wednesday, December 18

Buying A Home

I know that buying a home is like a dream. And this dream seems to be so faraway, for the prices of property escalates faster than you sneeze. I was one of the lucky few, who had bought a home two years ago. The decision to commit was never a difficult one for me, as I knew what I had wanted all along - A Place To Call Home.

I never bother to blog about my house. Mainly because I am embarrassed that my house is small and bare and I do not want people to think I'm bragging as well. But so many years have passed. And I have began to realise how can I not blog about such an important moment of my life!

There are few simple steps to own a home:

a) Newly launched or Subsale?
b) How much money do you have in hand?
c) How much commitments do you have? (credit card, car loans, PTPTN etc)

a) Location and affordability is very important. 
b) Be hardworking, call the agents to view the house!
c) Ask questions! (parking allocation, maintenance fee, size, previous owners/tenants)
d) Ask for discounts!

a) Prepare loan documents (IC, Bank Statements, EPF Statements etc)
b) Engage a lawyer for S&P

4) PAY
a) After you pay off the 10% downpayment (for subsale house), you have to wait for MOT (tukar nama hakmilik).
b) Then you need to also allocate, legal fees & stamp duty.
c) After that you need to go TNB, TELEKOM, SYABAS, INDAHWATER, Majlis Perbandaran to for name change and application of services.

So how does my house looked like?

My Bedroom 

Red Buttockz 's Room

Fluffy and Bunny's   Guest Room

My Kitchen

My Utility Space
The only good thing about my place is I had aplenty of sunlight and wind, because it is a corner unit. I also have iron grills with the purchase of the house.

Minor tweaks are done here and there because I have no money.  We rearranged the wiring for rooms and added in fan hook. So, this means every room has a ceiling fan!

and a wall lamp.

I also made a full length 5" wardrobe cabinet for my room. Then my room became even smaller LOL..sigh~

The happiest moment I had was to choose cute toilet bi-fold door. 

Besides those basic fans, and lightings to buy. Every new home need curtains too. My mother in law sew curtains for me. It's really troublesome, because we took wrong measurements and have to keep alter. I had many hiccups along the way to get this home ready, but now thinking about it makes me treasure everything that happened even more.

Among those major issue is: The upstairs toilet leaked, and my whole toilet ceiling board were soaked (with toilet water from upstairs! Ewwww)

My dad drilled the wrong place (exactly at the water point) to fit my shampoo tray! The tiles were cracked and my room toilet was flooded. Had to get my emergency plumber to come and rescue the whole thing. Thankfully, there's some spare tiles left outside by the ex-owner!

After everything was almost fixed, we moved in our old furnitures 


I used back my old fridge and washing machine.

The whole 6 months process of buying feels like hell. Imagine being so BROKE. Imagine SPENDING HOURS to paint the house (especially ceiling). Imagine your BACKBONE, NECK AND ARM ACHING!. Imagine SCRAPPING THE RUST off  (until your hands got blisters) the iron grill before repainting a new coat wahliao thinking about this make me so geram. Why my bf so yimchim ask me scrape all the rust out wtf!

But a home is like a beautiful rainbow. It gives you an unexplainable happiness just by looking at it.


It gives me peace and tranquillity. My rabbits are happier too. They are the house owner while, we are their slaves.

Another advice I would like to give all new home owners is spend more on a good sofa. My sofa already sink after 2 years. (Don't go to those non-branded shops, or furniture hub operated by foreigners. Quality of goods cam haram only)

I know that now it takes half a million Ringgit to own a place to stay. And with all the price of daily necessity increased, owning a home seems like an impossible mission. Have faith and keep finding. There's a place for you out there, waiting to be discovered by you!

Don't give up!


Monday, December 16

Malaysia Toll Rates Hike! Minister say "Don't Use If You Are Not Happy (with the hike)!"

So this is Malaysia, the land of glory. In Malaysia, everyone has to be happy, those who are unhappy, can go screw themselves up  not voice up their unhappy opinions on the Government policy. Of late, our beloved Government has been bringing up Bad News (short form BN) to the nation.

First was the sudden increase of petrol, happened a few months back. The petrol rate of RM1.90 per litre has increased to RM2.10 per litre.

Second was the increase of sugar price. Sugar is one of Malaysians staple kitchen ingredients, and the price of sugar has increased from RM1.50 (if I am not wrong) to RM2.84. Increase of sugar price actually will cause a nationwide increase of food. But our government says increase of sugar price will NOT affect the citizens. I've checked my daily lunch expenses and they lied.

Chicken rice increased from RM5 to RM5.50
Seafood noodle increased from RM6 to RM6.50
Claypot Chicken Rice increased from RM6.50 to RM7.50
Hot barley drink increased from RM1.40 to RM1.60

Third, the increase of assessment in KL city. KL residents suffered heart attack after receiving "Notis Penilaian Harta 2014" where their home value increased 150% to 200%, this means the assessment fee also doubled for them. Again our government said, increase was necessary to upgrade and maintain the city's infrastructure. This increment was for the citizen's benefits.

Fourth, electricity tariff increase by 2014. Again, the government reiterated that the electricity tariff increment was so minuscule that it won't affect users. We shall see again next year. I'm sure, prices of goods will increase as well due to the increase of electricity tariff. Almost everything in our daily live requires electricity. Moreover, commercial units are using more expensive rates plus, increase in assessment, will definitely trigger the price increase which will affect the end-users like us.

Fifth, Toll rates increase. One of our genius minister by the name of Datuk Seri Abdul Wahid Omar says that highways are built for those who are willing to pay. So those who are unhappy with the hike, shut up and drive.

Sixth, public transport fee increase as well. I have yet to check out the new rates so, I shall refrain from commenting now. The new LRT and MRT lines have yet to be completed and yet, the fees are already increased!

So? What's next? I haven't mention the G to the S and T yet.

We already have a plateful of hikes and increases. Somehow to full for me to chew already! Our government seems to be very cold blooded. Instead of understanding the citizen's hardship to even put food on table with all the price hikes, they just brush away our problems with these statements:-

Price of sugar increase, don't use sugar! Sugar is bad for health.
Price of petrol increase, use public transport! Help reduce pollution.
Assessment increase! That's the problem when the land value increase.
Electricity increase! Don't use electric!
Toll increase its fee! Don't use highways!

So ministers, if chicken price increase, then don't eat chicken. Price of rice increase, don't eat rice? Water rate increase, don't bathe is it? 

Fcked up MsXeRoZ

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Did you know that when animals passed on, they are said to have crossed the
  rainbow bridge?

Yesterday, I found out that Rambo (instagram: Bunnymama) who was struggling with some illness has left us. And in the evening, I saw this huge rainbow right before sunset. It was really beautiful, and I can imagine Rambo running, hopping and doing binkies along this rainbow bridge.

I just realised how much an animal can move a person's heart. How much my rabbits meant to me. How can humans be so cruel to animals?

I don't know how long can my bunnies be with me. One day they will grow old. I will grow old too. But every moment they have with me will be cherished. Every poop and every fur they shed, I will treasure them very much.




Saturday, December 14

Chopping Off At Hot Salon, Ipoh

Today I finally had the time to fulfill my year-long wish of chopping off my fragile locks.  I wonder how it will turn out to be?

To be updated in 1hr time..... 


Lol just in 10mins my hair is done! 

Let me introduce you to the all new Malaysian-FuzzyHead  lop ear  MsXeRoZ! 

I will always go back to Ipoh to have my haircut because the hairdresser is honest, friendly, and not hardsell to the core. My latest fav spot is Hot Salon, Taman Ipoh Jaya (same row as Billion Supermarket). 

Price: RM12 only! 

Lovely MsXerOz

Friday, December 13

How To Be Famous (The MsXeRoZ Way)

Today, I'm gonna teach you all how to be 'femes' ( to be read as famous). You see, everybody can be 'femes' if you work hard. But of course, you need to know which aspect to work hard on. Else forever also cannot be 'femes'.

To make my points clear, I have requested my sexy super model Ms. LaLa to do a graphic demonstration on how to be 'femes'. 

This is whole universe Number 1 method to be 'femes'. To be 'femes', you need to sacrifice some flesh. Tank tops and spaghetti-straps are useful attire to showcase your vivavoom figure (if you have lah). Warning: opposite effects may happen if you do not have vivavooom figure, instead the audience will be kaboomed. Girls who showcase some peeping cleavages of their goddess of mountainous valley usually get more than 100 likes in Facebook. Girls who showcase some peeping cleavages plus flabby tummy usually get "hidden" from facebook timeline. So show at your own risk.

To be 'femes', you need to wear the shortest shorts or mini skirts you can find. The more legs it exposes, the more 'femes' you can be. But of course, this comes with a condition lah, if you showcase white, silky, smooth, hairless legs, then you will gain more positive attraction. If you showcase elephant-sized legs, hairy, with cellulite, then you will definitely be categorised as 'femes' in a gross way. Show at your own risk lah!

The third trend I have just discovered lately lah, that is why I must share this tips with you all! Is that sometimes, you need to do the opposite of norm to be 'femes'. Such as wear a headscarf lah. Wearing headscarf, especially if your religion or race or weather condition did not require to wear can garner you attention. Especially if in our country, wearing headscarf is highly encouraged. So this can also make you 'femes'.

Next tips that MsXeRoZ discover within 24 hours ago to be 'femes' is to disappear yourself. Best effect if you claimed yourself to be haunted by supernatural being or something spooky then disappear yourself for about 24 hours. This works especially if you are a teenager who goes for ghost hunting activity in haunted places (eg: Vila Nabila), or a model who happened to rent a new home alone, and the home seems to be haunted. Then your disappearance can make the whole Malaysia spreading news that you are missing. This is one good way to be 'femes' also lah, you know. But be cautioned lah, after you are found and nationwide people knew how irresponsible for you to go missing without informing family you will garner nationwide hatred lah..

(p/s: I wear I didn't do anything to make this picture snowy. It's so spooky that it became snowy by itself)

But you see lah, MsXeRoZ until now also never become 'femes'. Because MsXeRoZ got no boobs to show, no sexy, hairless legs to give people see. Maybe MsXeRoZ also need to wear headscarf already. Maybe MsXeRoZ need double dose, that is wear headscarf and gone missing... Maybe like this MsXeRoZ can be 'femes'.

So how ah?
Any more other tips and tricks to become 'femes'??

MsXeROz (trying to be funny on a Friday)