Wednesday, December 26

Merry Christmas 2012

Just a gust of wind, and 2012 has come to an end. Despite always complaining and dreading about my lonely time working, I do have to admit that time passes really fast.

One thing for sure that the world didn't end as per speculated by the pro-doomsday people. We all didn't die on 21.12.12. A good thing for sure that everyone truly enjoyed the Christmas celebration!

This was the first year of Christmas celebration that me and XerOz did not have any celebration. T.T Our usual friends who usually organize parties are busy dating. By end of yesterday the climax of my Christmas is.... watching The Hobbit in TGV SetiaWalk, Puchong.

Now that Christmas is gone, the next thing to look forward to is...

Our R.O.M..hehe...

XeROz and I will be legally tying the knot this Sunday!!!
I wish myself a beautiful wedding and a happy marriage life thereafter. ^^
If I am not happy, please recognize this topless man here, and help me give him a BIG SMACK.

So from now on, for his own safety, he has to treat me good *YEAH!!*
Deepest Love,

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