Tuesday, December 4

Kate is Expecting!!!

William & Kate during their tour to Malaysia 2012
I woke up in the morning and saw the news headlines of Dailymail - The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a royal baby!!! And so I lept with joy as though I had a baby lolz. But don't know why memories of Diana reminiscent again. Prince William is going to be a dad! Time really flies as years have passed, the prince who lived, is now a father. I am, too, getting older T.T

Back to the news, seems like Kate was barely 8 weeks pregnant and she was admitted to the hospital for a bout of acute morning sickness. Acute morning sickness, scientifically called Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) is a rare condition of severe morning sickness. Women with HG will eventually lose weight, dizzy, dehydration, headaches, confusion and these symptoms will last up to 21 weeks of pregnancy. Owww.. It must be horrendous to NOT be able to enjoy pregnancy with these symptoms. Poor Kate!

Geniuses around the world have also calculated that the royal baby was conceived during their tour to Singapore, Malaysia and Solomon Islands. Well, could it be Malaysia??? *excited* But if royal baby was conceived in Malaysia, it must be a healthy, strong baby coz mama Kate climbed the Borneo rainforests trees two months ago. Hahaha..

Anyway, Congratulations to William and Kate! Take care!!

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