Thursday, December 6

Happy Belated Birthday, Couzie Iris!!!

I cant believe that I actually forgotten to publish this post yesterday! (Thank God I have wished her already)...

Dear Rissy,
I hereby would like to wish you a happy belated birthday and hope you are blessed with:-

H- humungous wealth
A- angelic smile
P- puppy cute eyes
P- prosperity & health
Y- yearful of adventures

B- beautiful couzies (like me, baboon & pei) that disturbs you!
I- Indescribable fun always
R- Romantic lovey dovey days
T- True happiness
H- Heavenly time with family
D- Delicious, mouthwatering food..
A- and last but not least,
Y- Your wish may all come true...

Love ya always!

Deepest Love,
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