Monday, December 3

Cousin Wai's Wedding @ Hong Kee Restaurant, Cheras

Wedding bells are ringing again! Just a brief update on an unforgettable wedding last night. Cousin Wai is actually Jian's cousin, and he held a small wedding banquet with family members only at Hong Kee Restaurant, Taman Connought Cheras. His dinner is held on the 2nd floor, whereas the ground floor was catered to walk in customers.

From a glance, this restaurant looks neatly decorated, but honestly, not really suitable for a wedding ceremony. The three tiered cake was an eye-catcher, but upon approaching closely, we can see defects on the cake (as though the cake has been toppled before). Furthermore, you can see that the cake is not supported by cake tier (pillar) but the restaurant's glasses =.="

The whole 2nd floor was blocked with pillars/partition and it has a super small stage which is able to fit 2 adults. and beside the stage was a large screen with a mini karaoke set.

The floor / banquet manager wasn't really helpful at all. We have to request for additional chairs last minute because despite pre-requested a larger table with 12 chairs, the restaurant gave us normal table with 10 chairs and ended up we have to squeeze!
 I was told that the food was worth about RM850/table for a 9 course meal. Taste wise was acceptable, except that my table was served with a rotten fish. This was my worse experience with pomfret! For your info, my favourite fish is pomfret, but I have never, in my entire life eaten a pomfret that taste so horrible before. The fish isn't fresh, and the flesh of the fish became squashy when you pick it up. Worse! it taste like tofu with fish smell. *YUCKS*

So we told the banquet manager that the pomfret have some "problems". We requested him to have a taste, he look at the fish on the plate doubtfully and said "I will inform my chef" and cousin Wai actually requested for a new plate of fish for us. Unfortunately, the new plate of fish never arrive!

I didn't snap any food photos because I didn't expect it to be so 'memorable' but I will always remember the fish!!!!

This place may be recommended for small functions, but I wouldn't recommend anyone to have their wedding dinner here.

Till then XD

See ya!

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FiSh said...

RM850 per table with not so good food is kinda regretful... hmm

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