Friday, December 21


The day has come! I walk up today and dragged my feet to work. I was thinking that well, this is the end...the last day of civilization... I was expecting a sight like this....

 The walls of the sky torn apart and the world is engulfed by hell (like Hueco Mundo). 

and everything to start falling apart....Like how Fluffy (my pet rabbit) being disintergrate into dust....

If the world falls apart, I am going to grab Bunny and hide. But I think Bunny isn't a very good companion after all, he steps on me everytime I am watching TV.

Anyway, nothing happened in the morning. The skies were pretty blue with spots of cloud. And on my way to car park, I was greeted by this red, blooming petals. I didn't know doomsday can be this pretty after all.
(p/s blur photo of the flower, I was too short and focused the sky instead)

If you have lived well, you do not fear death!


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