Monday, December 31

Happy New Year 2013!!!

Move over 2012,
Make way for 2013,
Then there's 2014,
After that will be 2015

*poem hebat ala repek*

Yahoo!!! My cousin, Rissy from Australia just posted me her New Year Fireworks from Sydney! So here I am sharing fireworks with you all!

P/s lol I add the "hearts" special effect hahahha

Deepest Love,
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Sunday, December 30

LEGALLY Married!


We (Jian and I), pronounce ourselves...
husband and wife. feels so weird! But hey! I'm starting to miss my bf!!!

Feeling tired today, time for a nice rest. Goodnight!

Deepest Love,
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Wednesday, December 26

Merry Christmas 2012

Just a gust of wind, and 2012 has come to an end. Despite always complaining and dreading about my lonely time working, I do have to admit that time passes really fast.

One thing for sure that the world didn't end as per speculated by the pro-doomsday people. We all didn't die on 21.12.12. A good thing for sure that everyone truly enjoyed the Christmas celebration!

This was the first year of Christmas celebration that me and XerOz did not have any celebration. T.T Our usual friends who usually organize parties are busy dating. By end of yesterday the climax of my Christmas is.... watching The Hobbit in TGV SetiaWalk, Puchong.

Now that Christmas is gone, the next thing to look forward to is...

Our R.O.M..hehe...

XeROz and I will be legally tying the knot this Sunday!!!
I wish myself a beautiful wedding and a happy marriage life thereafter. ^^
If I am not happy, please recognize this topless man here, and help me give him a BIG SMACK.

So from now on, for his own safety, he has to treat me good *YEAH!!*
Deepest Love,

Friday, December 21


The day has come! I walk up today and dragged my feet to work. I was thinking that well, this is the end...the last day of civilization... I was expecting a sight like this....

 The walls of the sky torn apart and the world is engulfed by hell (like Hueco Mundo). 

and everything to start falling apart....Like how Fluffy (my pet rabbit) being disintergrate into dust....

If the world falls apart, I am going to grab Bunny and hide. But I think Bunny isn't a very good companion after all, he steps on me everytime I am watching TV.

Anyway, nothing happened in the morning. The skies were pretty blue with spots of cloud. And on my way to car park, I was greeted by this red, blooming petals. I didn't know doomsday can be this pretty after all.
(p/s blur photo of the flower, I was too short and focused the sky instead)

If you have lived well, you do not fear death!


Tuesday, December 18

2012 TVB Hong Kong Anniversary Awards

(Continuation from my previous post: TVB Hong Kong Anniversary Awards 2012 Nomination List )

OMG tonight was indeed a spectacular night as I watch the anniversary award via Astro. Why spectacular? Because everything was within prediction until Best Drama 2012 was announced.

The well raved "The Confidant" lost.

Highly flavoured "Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles" lost.

The winner of 2012 Best Drama is: 


 This drama was rated as the dark horse, emerging as the biggest winner of the night. This was truly unexpected (And I was vouching for The Hippocratic Crush). Nonetheless I was really happy!!!!

Best Actress was really close and TAVIA YEUNG emerge as the winner for her role in SSSS. Although Damian Lau (as her husband in SSSS) performed absolutely well, he wasn't the winner >.<

 Instead, WAYNE LAI was crowned consecutively the 3rd TV KING for three years for his portrayal of the great eunush Li Lianying!!! I'm so bloody proud of him~! It was really a nerve wrecking moment as everyone practically talking about Raymond Lam's sure win. I was vouching for Kenneth Ma, but Wayne is also one of my favourites!

With his 3rd TV King award, Wayne join the ranks of Gallen Lo (who have 3 TV king award under his belt also). GO GO GO Wayne!!!

To cut the long story short, here are the lists of winners:

  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Liza Wang
  • Most Improved Female Artist 2012: Mandy Wong (YEAH!!!)
  • Most Improved Male Artist 2012: Oscar Leong (YEAHHH!!!!)
  • Best Programme Host Award: Luisa Maria Leitao  for Telling Maria
  • Most Outstanding Artists 2012: Chin Ka Lok, Benz Hui, Sunny Chan, Lee Sing Cheung, Carol Cheng.
  • My Favourite Female Character Award: Kate Tsui 
  • My Favourite Male Character Award: Kenneth Ma (YEAH!!!!)
  • Best Supporting Actress: Nancy Wu (YAHOOO!!!)
  • Best Supporting Actor: Koo Ming Wah (I was vouching for Power Chan)

So, did your favourite TVB artists emerge as winner?
I hope I can see more of Kenneth, Bosco (especially) and Elena Kong. In my opinion, they deserve to shine in good roles. ^^

Goodnight and sleep well!
Congratulations to winners!


Thursday, December 13

Facing World Apocalypse - 21 December 2012

A few more minutes, the clock ticks and marks the beginning of December 14. This ultimately means that we have six more days of life, as many believed that world will end on 21.12.2012, as per deciphered from the Mayan calender.


Self-proclaim experts have declared that the world catastrophe will begin in darkness, in the absence of light. Whole planet Earth will have endless nights, and how does this ever occur? Well, it was not explained. Using my intelligence (I admit I don't have much of that), absence of light = no sun, and why can there be no sun? (knowing that the Sun is the star at the center of our solar system) So I guess, these rumours that the Sun loses its power, which means ONE BIG HELL OF A PROBLEM with our solar system.

Alright, if it is indeed a big hell of a problem with our solar system (E.g. Sun loses power), then hell we are all doomed anyway because a SuperNova will form and we will all degenerate into dust and sucked into a freaking BIG BLACK HOLE. Death, is painless by then.

Note: The Sun is fine (as for today). Should the lifespan of Sun reaches its limit. The Sun will emit very strong heat (before supernova) to indicate that it's dying.

 The second theory revolves around a HUGE, HUMUNGOUS foreign matter in space that is bound to hit Earth on 21.12.2012. Last I check, our space is clear for now. There's a huge asteroid coming (predicted to arrive at 2040. Read more here). OK lets say its a big miscalculation and this asteroid arrived on 21st Dec. So I guess, we will extinct like dinosours.

Picture illustration from Google Image

So Planet X (aka Nibiru) that was widely said to hit Earth on May 2003 returned! And this time it is said to hit Earth again on 21st Dec. HAHHAHAA.. Ok sorry, I find it really funny.  I was not taught in schools that planets move in random that (Planets move along their orbit), and somehow a planet which is NOT in our solar system appears and of all 9 planets it could hit, it choses Earth. This is comical. Anyway if it does happen, I will die laughing.

Picture illustration from Google Image

Lastly, the moon decides that it no longer want to be ruled by Earth, and slams onto Earth. From then on, we have no mooncake festival to celebrate. Eh WAIT, sorry I forgotten that we must have all died during the collision. *SIGH* The theories on how world ends really fascinates me. Instead of triggering fear, and anxiety, I find it rather comical.

Picture illustration from Google Image

I do not deny that perhaps one day the Earth will be hit by asteroid/planet/moon or the sun. Just, like a disease/illness there are symptoms, an indication that something massive will happen.

As I am writing this blog post in the silence of the night, I could hear insects chipping, toads croaking, and my two pet rabbits are playing happily with their cloth. There's no indication, or restlessness (aka animal instinct) that tells me the Earth is doomed. I'm not an expert, nor do I possess the 3rd Eye. I can't even predict what can happen in 1 hour time (Actually I can, I see myself sleeping on my comfy bed in 1 hour time haha..). But if world is going to end, I do not want to worry myself with how does it ends, and what should I do to prevent it.

I dare say that I live with generally NO REGRETS.

If the world is in the brink of destruction, I know that everyone will be in fear. I will be worried for my parents who lived 200km away from me, knowing that they will be worried for us (me and my siblings). So please don't be worry because we will all die together and reunited again soon.

AHAHAK..Then I will get all the love in the world and plan for my 2013 Wedding!!!! lalala~*~*

What bout you? Are you worried sick about 21.12.12???

Thursday, December 6

Happy Belated Birthday, Couzie Iris!!!

I cant believe that I actually forgotten to publish this post yesterday! (Thank God I have wished her already)...

Dear Rissy,
I hereby would like to wish you a happy belated birthday and hope you are blessed with:-

H- humungous wealth
A- angelic smile
P- puppy cute eyes
P- prosperity & health
Y- yearful of adventures

B- beautiful couzies (like me, baboon & pei) that disturbs you!
I- Indescribable fun always
R- Romantic lovey dovey days
T- True happiness
H- Heavenly time with family
D- Delicious, mouthwatering food..
A- and last but not least,
Y- Your wish may all come true...

Love ya always!

Deepest Love,
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Tuesday, December 4

Kate is Expecting!!!

William & Kate during their tour to Malaysia 2012
I woke up in the morning and saw the news headlines of Dailymail - The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a royal baby!!! And so I lept with joy as though I had a baby lolz. But don't know why memories of Diana reminiscent again. Prince William is going to be a dad! Time really flies as years have passed, the prince who lived, is now a father. I am, too, getting older T.T

Back to the news, seems like Kate was barely 8 weeks pregnant and she was admitted to the hospital for a bout of acute morning sickness. Acute morning sickness, scientifically called Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) is a rare condition of severe morning sickness. Women with HG will eventually lose weight, dizzy, dehydration, headaches, confusion and these symptoms will last up to 21 weeks of pregnancy. Owww.. It must be horrendous to NOT be able to enjoy pregnancy with these symptoms. Poor Kate!

Geniuses around the world have also calculated that the royal baby was conceived during their tour to Singapore, Malaysia and Solomon Islands. Well, could it be Malaysia??? *excited* But if royal baby was conceived in Malaysia, it must be a healthy, strong baby coz mama Kate climbed the Borneo rainforests trees two months ago. Hahaha..

Anyway, Congratulations to William and Kate! Take care!!

Deepest Love,
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Monday, December 3

Cousin Wai's Wedding @ Hong Kee Restaurant, Cheras

Wedding bells are ringing again! Just a brief update on an unforgettable wedding last night. Cousin Wai is actually Jian's cousin, and he held a small wedding banquet with family members only at Hong Kee Restaurant, Taman Connought Cheras. His dinner is held on the 2nd floor, whereas the ground floor was catered to walk in customers.

From a glance, this restaurant looks neatly decorated, but honestly, not really suitable for a wedding ceremony. The three tiered cake was an eye-catcher, but upon approaching closely, we can see defects on the cake (as though the cake has been toppled before). Furthermore, you can see that the cake is not supported by cake tier (pillar) but the restaurant's glasses =.="

The whole 2nd floor was blocked with pillars/partition and it has a super small stage which is able to fit 2 adults. and beside the stage was a large screen with a mini karaoke set.

The floor / banquet manager wasn't really helpful at all. We have to request for additional chairs last minute because despite pre-requested a larger table with 12 chairs, the restaurant gave us normal table with 10 chairs and ended up we have to squeeze!
 I was told that the food was worth about RM850/table for a 9 course meal. Taste wise was acceptable, except that my table was served with a rotten fish. This was my worse experience with pomfret! For your info, my favourite fish is pomfret, but I have never, in my entire life eaten a pomfret that taste so horrible before. The fish isn't fresh, and the flesh of the fish became squashy when you pick it up. Worse! it taste like tofu with fish smell. *YUCKS*

So we told the banquet manager that the pomfret have some "problems". We requested him to have a taste, he look at the fish on the plate doubtfully and said "I will inform my chef" and cousin Wai actually requested for a new plate of fish for us. Unfortunately, the new plate of fish never arrive!

I didn't snap any food photos because I didn't expect it to be so 'memorable' but I will always remember the fish!!!!

This place may be recommended for small functions, but I wouldn't recommend anyone to have their wedding dinner here.

Till then XD

See ya!