Wednesday, November 21


Get Married For WHAT???

Earlier this week I had a chat discussion with a friend of mine. The topic, as mentioned above is about marriage. According to him, (yes he's a guy), marriage is unnecessary but all the girls just wanted "the paper" aka Certificate of Marriage. And so he asked me, is the paper so important? (after finding out that I'm getting married). To be frank, I never thought about it, the cert or whatever things about marriage. I just want to get married, to get married, (do you get what I mean?). I had thought of having kids, quitting my job and be a good wife, but that's another part of marriage altogether and it doesn't justify why I want to get married. Hmm...and so I start to ponder.

My answer would be... I want to get married because wedding seems fun. With all the dresses, make up and gorgeous hairstyles, surrounded by people that you love. Sounds fun, and it is like moving one step above after dating for so long

But then when the budgeting and costing comes into the picture and you'll see that every gorgeous brides are expensive ones. And when you look at your bank account and you can already imagine you belong to the society of ugly brides hahaha. So there's no diamonds or pearls to adorn me, and I also realized that I am unwilling to spend a fortune on my wedding. Then there's some people who said ,"its only once in a lifetime. Make it worth it.." and I want to agree but I cant afford to agree. If it's once in a lifetime I would opt for something prim and proper. It's not worth ended up in loans and financial crisis. But anyway some would say the guy side have to pay all and I dont need to fork a single cent. Lol then after marriage he will be totally broke and I have to nurse him back to wealth is it?

But Gao Wang Tsim (from L'escargot) taught me that problems that can solved with money isn't problem so, I won't let monetary issues bring me down!!! *turns into a green muscular being called Incredible Ling and tear the banks apart*

On the other note, is it true that girls get married for "the paper?". Coz my boyfriend is not rich, not extraordinarily handsome (he's just good looking at certain angle LOL) and doesn't own property. I don't see the point of marrying him just for "the paper". And on the other hand, "why do guys get married for?"

**********another issue***********

My dad hates coming to my house because I have a small fridge. Lol. Hate is a strong word to use but yeah, he hates my small fridge and asks me to get a bigger one because when he comes here he wants to put so much food like one whole pork, fish, prawns, crab, sotong, and many many more. Ok I exaggerate. So should I buy a bigger fridge? If I don't then will I be deemed as not filial? If my parents come and secretly buy me a fridge, then am I not filial as well? @.@

I dont have plans to change my fridge at the moment, hence no allocated budget. There are few things that I would like to have at my house, in priority order:-
• bed
• dressing table/ chest drawer
• air cond for my room
• a two door fridge
• new stove
• Flat screen 40" TV with home theatre system.

Fridge is like 3rd from my home list and I haven't add in "Things I Must Buy Because I Want" list.

Life sucks. And is even sucker when you know there's no bonus next few months! *turns into green freak monster Incredible Ling again*

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cklim said...

I think these days people with modern thinking, probably won't mind so much with this, whether having ceremony or not. Personally I am ok, after all this is husband & wife matter, others shouldn't interfere much. Anyway, whatever your plan is, I have prepared an Angpao in £ for you in any occasion..take care, good luck ;)

Blur Pei said...


I'd thought the same way as you.
In another way, if we marry guy not bcoz of he is handsome or rich, then why 'the paper'?

In a lawful way, women get insured, as guy can't get another 2nd official wife. When things can't get rights, then this shd be a way to ease a woman with kids.

lets say.. what a guy could get when divorce, what about the equal aspect of female & male...

*crawling heads* I also dono how to answer...~ so many 'if'

well, just get the paper! Happy for you~