Tuesday, November 6

Sneek Peek: The Neem, Melaka

Did I mention H O L I D A Y yesterday? Oh yeah I did, *smiles*. The story begins when a friend of a friend of mine found a hidden place for holiday, and told my friend who told me about it. To cut the long story short, I went there last two weeks and what looked like an ordinary old house in Melaka, seems to be far from ordinary. So here's a sneek peek of my room @ The Neem, a boutique hotel in Melaka.

A four-posted bed with 'kelambu'. In case you didn't know, kelambu is a mosquito netting, used in the ancient Malay houses. It was more popular in days where Ridsects and Shieldtox didn't exist. The chalet that was given to me is the 2nd smallest of all 4 chalets, but it is fully equipped with a TV, fan, and aircond, this room is very spacious indeed.

Not only that, in each room there is a nicely decorated and clean toilet. The whole resort may have a old feeling, but the toilets are modern and takes care of our daily "needs" comfortably!

There's also "The Lobby" which was used to be the living room or main hall of the main house. Spacious, filled with old cabinets, sofa, and tables, the lobby is filled with old photographes and decorations which makes you feel as though you have transported back in time.

Wanna know more about The Neem? You can check out Rachel Kokonutz blog post here. Otherwise, stay tuned for my upcoming blog post complete with review on the whole resort. =) There's more about The Neem to come!

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