Friday, November 16

One Week Of Fun-Filled Holiday!

Ohai everyone!!!
I haven't been blogging for over a week now, not because I'm lazy, but it is because I am taking a break!! (actually is an excuse for being lazy). So for the whole week, this are the things I did:-

- Back to hometown for 4D3N stay.
   (mango fiesta, and hang out with old friends, shopping and makan! Not to forget TianChad and sis brought me into the ever exclusive Banjaran Hotspring Retreats!)

- Teaching Dad how to use a smartphone. Seriously, government should set a national exam for old folks prior to letting them use the smartphones. Maybe after they pass the exam only allow them to use a smartphone. Coz I felt as though my blood pressure spiked up after teaching dad. LoL. Nonetheless, I bet it's karma. Dad wants to revenge to me for making his blood pressure skyrocket since small. Ahahaha... *karma is a bitch*

- Sleep, Eat, Play Computer
Ahh this is the ultimate relaxation package that is FREE and you can DIY this relaxation package at home. First you need to sleep, and wake up when you are hungry, eat, play computer as in games or just watch drama. Then feel tired and sleep again. Repeat the cycle, if necessary.

And to cut the long story short, I am back to work today. To cut the even longer story shorter, it is weekend tomorrow!! Hahaha!

Enjoys peeps!

Deepest Love,
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