Friday, November 30

My First and Last Experience At Bridal Fair

I have lots of stuff to update kekeke but I was so busy and tied up with stuff I dont know where to start updating about!

Basically things are circling on my wedding preparation. I have not formally announce our wedding, but hey, YES, me and XerOz are tying the knot soon! So, as reluctant as he was (he hate crowded places), I forced him to go with me to the Bridal and Banquet Fair at Midvalley on 25th November (last Sunday). I did not manage to snap photos of the fair because it was such a H O R R I B L E experience!!! You have no idea how walking into the Bridal Photogallery Section, which was about 80% of the whole fair and you see blood-thirsty looks upon the faces of the sales persons. They are so scary keep asking you to sit down and see their albums. As in YOU MUST SEE OR ELSE YOU WILL REGRET YOUR WEDDING. Blablabla. I really dislike such place! Worse than pasar malam. At least pasar malam is crowded but people can look and buy at ease.

Worse part is that when they ask you snap wedding photos already or not, if you say Yes, then their manners changed and asked "Which bridal shop did you engage? The photos nice or not? Come look at our photos and compare.." =.= LEAVE ME ALONE PLEASE!
And if you say No, then immediately they shove you to the nearest chair. Wtf!

So I walked so fast as though a horde of zombies chased after me. All I wanted to do at the Bridal Fair is to choose a nice banquet hall for my simple wedding. My top priority was to visit O group, as I previously had attended some friends wedding there and was impressed, but my excitement balloon burst when the sales person isn't too excited to entertain me. It was all written on her face and voice tone. All she did was make some phone calls, told us about deposits and said "Now fashion is lunch, not dinner" and blabber about her lunch promo RM999++. Then we quickly walked away.

The positive encounter is with T group of restaurants. T group  has a great and hospitable team. So the person in charge actually explained to us in very detailed manner. They are actually already quite booked up for Sept- Dec 2013 weddings. On the down side of T Group is the value of money offer only worth it if I have a minimum of 30tables. I don't. *sad*

At this moment, I still prefer a small scale, private wedding where I know who are the guests are so that we all can have fun together. What is the point of having a wedding banquet where neither of us knew who are our guests are?  Im thinking of just about 20-25 tables max. And you know how congested it is nowadays to have wedding banquet in KL, there could be more than one bride and have a sharing hall. (which I am doing everything within my power to avoid).

So I stopped by at V hotel, and was delighted at the hospitality and honesty of the sales team. They could cater my wedding at my budget, and provide me a private ballroom and only require a minimum of 20 tables booking. It's like a dream venue come true but too bad, I'm not making the call for this. XeRoZ family are the hosts so I just have to go with the flow... Nonetheless, I also have received feedbacks that hotel food sucks! On a random note, I wonder why everybody has to make the disgusting look on their face when mentioning about hotel food? Hahaha its just so funny that I had to refrain myself from laughing out loud when i see the persons face. Lol. Hope she's not reading my blog now lol!!!Yes, I know hotel food are generally bad (unless you opt for the higher priced-package). Rest assure that I am also using up my HP and MP energy to make sure the food is good for all my guests. I know we can't satisfy everyone but we are trying our best to make this ONE HEAVEN OF AN EVENT a memorable one for us both.

Yups, more to update until we made a decision and drop the bomb! Haha. Yes, I am praying so hard that XeRoz family can make the decision soon so that I won't have to go the next Bridal fair!! *scary*

Muacks all!

Deepest Love,
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