Wednesday, November 21

KICKass Wednesday

Fluffy's Ass
The last thing I need in this world is ... A disaster that requires monetary compensation. And I woke up when bf asked me where is his working pants which I have soaked the night before! He says there's a pendrive inside!

With 'tahi mata' still stucked between my eyelids, I rushed to the toilet and check the pockets.. O Mai God... Really there's a pendrive inside and it was dripping with water. T.T

Yeah, to make matters worst, he said in the pendrive is some company license thingy costs few thousands ringgit. My whole continent split apart. My mood and 'tahi mata' sank down like the lost city of Atlantis! Sink....sinking.......and sank.....

In my last minute attempt of taking action, I dried the pendrive and blow it with a hairdryer. Anyways, I guess it's better if I can pull the pen drive open and dry the electronic parts. Does anyone went thru this experience before??

Looking at the brightside, I'm glad that pendrive aren't made by paper. On the gloomside, why pendrives aren't made water sealed/IP69 etc?

Now all i can do is hold on to a glimpse of hope that the internal electronic parts to be dried off then the content can be saved. *pray pray*

I regret soaking his smelly pants. Should leave it smelly... Aih....I remembered just squeezing the pocket part to check if theres anything(eg: money) but ended up... Aih....

Deepest Love,
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TianChad田七 said...

Good luck

RedButtockz Wern said...

not your fault what. if so important he should have keep it in somewhere safer than the pocket of the pants on the floor. duh..