Monday, November 5

Breaking Up with fats!

Ohai everybody!

I am kinda slow in my updates - the h o l i d a y mood has arrived. Besides feeling sluggish and lazy. I am trying my best to kick start my self-improvement programme - Look Good, Feel Good. Well most of my 'bestest' of my best friend would have known the trigger factor by now but I'm still not gonna publicly announce it yet.

Now as I mentioned in my previous blog post, I realized that you can only feel good about yourself if you look good. So from today onwards, I'll direct myself to share tips on how I feel good, at the same time make myself look good. Not only that, cries echoed on my ears that I should start loosing weight. Well, why can't I be a fatty?? Lydia Shum looks good although she's a plus size right? Adele is big too and I'm no where near Adele's size!

But living in denial is also bad for health. Your mind can also blind you for a short period of time. So from today onwards I VOW to cut down on rice and sugar. I'll be a tasteless person =.= so please don't blame me if I become even more sluggish! 

So peeps, I can hear yells of glory of my mom, dad, bf, sis, sis's bf, koko and jack in my imagination after seeing me declaring WAR on fattiness. Lol, as usual I exaggerate a lil. 

Today, I wanna breakup with my boyfriends:-

Boyfriends of my lifetime - Sausages, French Fries, Nuggets and Chicken Wings....

Morning lovers - Fishballs Fishballs and more Fishballs...

 My love potions - Kopi O / Teh O/ Milo O

The ICE of Life - Ice Creams!!!

Heavenly Cakes - Crepe Cakes T_T


Malaysia's Best Food - Nasi Lemak!

Weekends Must Have - American Breakfast

My favourite - Iceology Signature Black Ice!!!!!

Shit! After posting these photos, I'm feeling even hungrier!
I don't even have a diet plan. I only have a BREAKUP plan for now.

And I don't have the confidence that my breakup plan will work?
I need support~~!!!!!

Deepest Love,
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